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The FESIG Meeting Video Links, Part 3: FESIG 36th - 50th Meeting

Most meetings have been recorded and there are many pictures and diagrams to be organised and posted in a Members Resource page if we can have volunteers to help out Crystal in the admin.

50th FESIG with Robest Yong

Published on Mar 18, 2018

The 50th FESIG Meeting commenced on the 7th March 2018 with the chair Crystal introducing award winning Inventor, Robest Yong Han Aun, Malaysia's Innovation Ambassador. He presented his inventions, to begin with, his earliest one, the rubber stamps, making them in 5 mins, then his blind man's mobile phone. He showed how a blind man can use a touch phone to send text as fast as anybody else. He then showed his phone apps. How do they know which button to touch? His innovation is just a sticker with holes punched or embossed. He introduced the Blind man's 'Waze App' on locating places. He stressed that innovations must be simple and cheap to be beneficial to most. He demonstrated how simple innovation can be with a good example like tying a rubber band as coaching to the young. Then he went on to present his wife, Teng Yu M-Mein's award winning innovation. He talked about how the aborigines of the rainforest of Malaysia get unclean water to consume. His wife having noticed how this wasn't good for them came up with great idea… watch the whole video to find out. Pardon the technical hitches of background loud scratching noise, that seemed to come from Robest's and Crystal's locations. Stephane sneaked in some glimpses of his work. Thanks to co-chair Fraz's quick action, this video turned out not so bad after all. This 1st session then adjourned to the 2nd one where Anthony Zender speaks.

50th FESIG Meeting with Anthony Zender

Published on Mar 28, 2018

Crystal introduced Anthony Zender, the 50th FESIG Meeting 2nd speaker, a Milab (military abductee) Kruger Super Soldier, who works as a professional fighter after a Military career in the US Marine Corps in this reality. Anthony said he had some spiritual experiences in the course of his training and duty, having his awakening experience and when that happens they are constantly observing and monitoring him. When you're involved in a MiLab programme, you'll understand that reincarnation is very much part of it. Alien technology will be much understood and used. At 6years old, he was taken to a secret deep underground military base (DUMBs) in Texas where they start the 1st grooming for being a super soldier. They put implants and inject Milab abductees with the Predatory Pathological Artificial Intelligence allergens . Operation Green Star – special forces group that abduct people and taking them to the DUMBs and turn them into super soldiers. He said co-chair James Rink is also involved in the SSP as a super soldier. A lot of memories are being wiped out, a tight watch on keeping things under wrap. But he's starting to remember a lot nowadays. He started doing mission for the Secret Government since 16 years old. He's still active doing missions but he actually doing good things. It took him 8 years to research to know what's really going on. They do have technologies to heal people like in the movie Elysium – they're for real! The weapons that he carried are not of this world…he remembered seeing cybernetic enhancements that's called a quantum break. He remembered the 'Trip Chair' that erased memories, referred to as 'Brain Cleaners' as well. But these memories can be retrieved as it's retained in the soul. The solar table where they can take the consciousness out of our bodies and put it into other bodies… part of his mission is exposure for disclosure. He talked about the Templars. Vatican is about to go down and the Templars will take back – the Restoration of the Republic. The Light is winning; the New Earth is here.

49th FESIG with Andrew Murray

Published on 28th Feb, 2018

The 49th FESIG meeting started promptly on 7th Feb 2018 with Andrew Theodore Murray, an inventor, researcher and activist on the regeneration of nature and alternative energy. Since young, he realized that the physical vacuum is the primary energy source of all observable phenomena and could be coupled to as a means for electrical power usage. Studying physics, chemistry and biology, he performed experiments both in the private and public sectors. Andrew presented with the Sustainable Living Road show, across the United States on advanced solutions to antiquated agriculture techniques, hydrocarbon consumption and transportation methodologies. He engineers plasma reactors which reduce harmful pollutants and the development of propellantless propulsion systems, space coherence accumulators, the non-weaponization of space. He collaborated with Unified Field Theory pioneers, such as Dr. Elizabeth A. Rauscher, Dr. Stoyan Sarg, John Hutchinson, the late Guy Obolensky, Elizabeth Donovan and Nassim Haramein. Andrew contributes in Non-herzian wave mechanics EHD & MHD Material science, Bio-mimicry Water science Vacuum oscillations, Unified field Theories Astrophysics, Dusty plasma physics, Nuclear waste remediation Biological negative entropy Cymatics. Andrew serves to merge modern technology practices with culturally holistic and cosmos themed protocols to help generate self-sustaining prosperity for current and future generations. He discussed the recent investigation of various means of producing co-efficient performance metatropic system technologies, using different means, and the cold currents with Elizabeth, the Co-Chair, who said it's called the quantum battery and talked about the insulators of Graphene and the Neodynium magnet. He talked about the plasma discharge. Listen on to their discussions.

48th FESIG with Ileana The Star Traveller

Published on 9th Jan, 2018

The 2nd Speaker of the FESIG 48th Meeting is Ileana, a Star Traveller and ET contactee who visits various worlds learning about ET races and helping humanity on their evolutionary path in life. Ileana taps into the Super-consciousness universal field and TRANSMITS the soul records held at the Divine Source. The Star Traveler's website and Youtube Chanel: Awakening Cosmic Reality Show. Illeana started the talk on what happened to her since childhood. Autoimmune system had been altered, so she had to work on the energetic field to heal herself. ET contact on the Andromedan Council. Part of Disclosure is how you create a world that's clean, with free energy; we need sustainable solutions – looking out to the future generations and be good stewards to the Planet. This is where Martin Burger comes in to fund these safe communities with his new Cryptocurrencies… Heal through food and plants ourselves. ETs live for thousands of years, as they live naturally like this. Holographic technologies had been around for 80 years in the secret space program! Illeanna showed pictures of the Holographic Medical Pods! Open bed MRI pods with Bio Mimetic gel that will prevent burns and scarring, The Portable Meditech heals and rejuvenate on location. Use only off planet and Underground bases. Laser Laporoscopic surgery can be done remotely anywhere in the world, so we don't need a doctor on site. Illeanna was in the Secret Space Program with Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate on the Mars Bases, so she saw how these medical pods were used on people to heal their SSP Assets. These techs can also be used for physical regression as well. They have replicators to even replicate precious metals as well. – been done on Mars and the Moon and off planet. She applauded what Martin is planning to free the blockade of the stuck alternative technologies with his crypto coin funding and so we can build these communities! She calls out to people to support FESIG in these endeavours. Crystal asked when the SSP will be shut down soon, where are these advanced techs going to? Illenna said it'll go to the healing centres, that also charged big money unfortunately. Scientists ought to get together to self replicate these technologies. Elizabeth Donavan said it's possible to replicate it and even better without the SSP! And that's why FESIG's is here to bring this together. James Rink said a doctor from UCLA has a card that will heal . Radionics and scalar type techs also available. Please watch the rest of it for more details. See Ileana's videos here.

48th FESIG with Martin Burger of Blue Eagle Inc.

Published on 5th Jan, 2018

The 48th FESIG Meeting,3rd Jan 2018, the 1st Meeting of the New Year 2018 kicked off with the Chairman of The Foundation (a FESIG new Initiative), Martin Burger, CEO – Founder of Blue Eagle Inc., Octan Resources Inc.& Blue Energy Canada Inc. He brings abundance! When the block-chain cryptocurrency hit the $10K mark, it became the natural evolution, populated by the brightest, the most resourceful, creative and passionate people. The Vision: There are more than half a million of scientists and creatives supporting inventions, progress and solutions, should be acknowledged with equity & ought to be Foundation Members. The Gift: TVoP/FESIG embodies the essence in targeting the airdrop - to a very select group of people & anybody who has had 10 years or a lifetime of service. We're going to start gifting $250 million dollars worth of Energy Innovation Coins!! He gets to play Santa Claus! His goodwill gesture – an invitation to join a very special community (The Foundation) of like-minded people just like all of you here. The Technology: Martin's close associate John Milewski had redesigned the Tom Bearden's motionless electric generator called MEG, in about a year we'll be able to provide 5, 10, 20 KW with that hand held device of free energy! We'll launch our energy innovation coin, we'll raise $250 million; the coin will also be backed with a $45 million US dollar treasury note, and then the equity of all of these innovations. We're starting with presenting four technologies initially, 3 of them energy related. One of them is a very exciting solution in nuclear waste scenario. The Visionary: Martin is very confident it will be successful. He said, when he makes a choice, it's done, A choice has, in cosmology, a divine aspect imprint. The Visionation Principles are quite simple but very powerful and unique in the sense that all the molecules in the universe acknowledge your choice from your divine aspect! And so the vision part is unique – the coin will take the Crypto ICO blockchain technology to a whole new level that'll be much more greater in depth, with longevity and valuation. This will be a very valuable coin. …..please watch the rest of the video for more details! A well-attended meeting with almost 20 present, Martin speaks 1st on Abundance, to be followed by Illeana, The Star Traveller for Disclosure!

FESIG 47th Meeting with Kevin Hay of Vancouver Island Ormus

Published on 27th Dec, 2017

The 47th FESIG Meeting held on 6th Dec, with the 2nd speaker Kevin Hay, of Vancouver Island Ormus, being a returning speaker for the 3rd time was graphically showing us the picture testimonial of his Vancouver Island Ormus healing benefits (on his scalp with a huge gash that healed within 12 days!) and hammering home his workable M.A.G.I.C.: Mechanical Alternating Gyroscopic Inertial Compression device - which operates same way as a hydroelectric dam does even though it's just a simple and small device that people can make themselves. When Kevin finished his presentation, the Chair, Crystal made a panel session of discussions with Kevin, Marina and the key FESIG members and attendees, calling upon the scientists to recruit Marina's assistance to help them solve their equations. There was alot of excitement when Marina pulled out her drawings that correlate with Kevin's schematics of his blueprints - this being the 1st time they 'met' (spontaneous validation!) and they were both elated! Click here for Kevin Hay's website http://vancouverislandormus.net/. Kevin shares his thoughts and amazing work for free on his Facebook page.

FESIG 47th Meeting with Marina Jacobi 6Dec17

Published on 7th Dec, 2017

The 47th FESIG Meeting commenced with 1st speaker Marina Jacobi, author of The Harmonic Reactor and Nanotechnology, introducing to the audience how she came about to be doing this special unique work of bringing scientific information & solutions from the higher dimensions with the message of connecting within to spirit to be in equilibrium for success. She explained how she got to write her books, the Harmonic Reactor and Nanotechnology. She expounded on the Constructive Elements and all concerning the nature of creation; all of the energetic force is modulating and merging with each other and is changing is own structure like a new structure; every structure of the Nano particle is by itself an entire Universe; Nano Technology is Fractal; the particles of the human evolution & future technologies. Crystal the chair, happily concludes that with Marina on the FESIG scene, lends a great support to FESIG's emphasis for scientists to connect within for success, as this is indeed a platform where Science meets Spirituality!

FESIG 46th Meeting with Michael Brown on the Water Activator

Published on 30th Nov, 2017

The 46th FESIG Meeting commenced on time on the 6th November, 2017. Michael Brown speaks in this 2nd session. He named his company Blue Lotus because all Life comes out of the water. Michael is a water researcher, health activist involved with NC Conservationist, Tesla Technology, quantum energy solutions, vortex water treatments, art vortex liquid light shows, solar improvements, sustainable micro-climate homes. For the last 15 years he had been going to people's homes and learning first hand ...what works. We must learn again what water is and respect it. We believe the vortex provides the possibility to transform man-made electromagnetic radiation back into the natural health flow of ether. Find out more from Michael's website: http://www.thewateractivator.com.

FESIG 46th Meeting with Tom Paladino of Scalar Healing

Published on Nov 18, 2017

The 46th FESIG Meeting kicked off promptly on time on the 6th November, 2017. This is the 1st of the new format of FESIG Meetings - the 2x a month is now being consolidated into once a month, although there are 2 speakers in a meeting so we can still churn out 2 videos in a month as before. The Chair, Crystal introduced FESIG and then the 1st speaker, Tom Paladino. Tom researched and harnessed scalar energy, aka the Creative Strength, also known as prana, chi, radiant energy, zero point energy, qi, orgone, eloptic energy. He developed a technique using scalar energy that will transmute pathogens quickly and painlessly. He has developed a remote treatment process whereby he is able to administer the scalar energy reverse-phase angle harmonic of a pathogen, thereby causing that agent of infection to disassemble or fall apart. Scalar energy operates at the quantum level and is capable of disassembling all types of pathogens thus eliminating the causative agent of disease. He said over the past 5 years he had perfected a technique that he can easily break apart a pathogen, a virus or a bacteria microbial fungus with scalar energy. The difference between pathogenic and probiotic bacteria was explained. Energy is fundamental. It does 3 healing modalities daily: 1. Eradicate 400,000 species of germs. 2. Balance the 7 chakras, balance the brain waves. 3. Assemble or form micro nutrients, amino acids and anti-oxidants in the body... everyday for 15 days. Fraz the co-chair gave a testimony of his healing.

FESIG 44th Meeting with Patrick J. Kelly on Free Energy Devices

Published on Oct 5, 2017

The 44th FESIG Meeting started at 7.30pm BST on Wed 4th Oct. with the renowned Patrick J. Kelly, one of the pillars of the study of exotic free energy internationally, speaking, continuing from where he left off at the 42nd FESIG Meeting. Please view our 40th & 42nd FESIG Meeting recordings to catch up with his earlier presentations that continue on with this one. He started off with Les Brown's pyramids and related devices. He then described Charles Flynn's' Circuit, the Robert Adams' effective Motor/Generator, followed by the "Thestatica" Machine Designed by Paul Baumann. Reference: NOTES: FESIG3 Patrick published the book titled "The Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices" (more than 3,300 pages!) and keeps it up-to-date.

FESIG 43rd Meeting with Mark MacCandlish - Secret Space Program and the Fluxliner

Published on Sep 27, 2017

The 43rd FESIG Meeting started at 7.45pm BST on the 20th September 2017. Crystal, the Chair, introduced Mark the Speaker. after doing the rounds of the meeting procedure. Military-aeronautical Illustrator Mark McCandlish made images of classified projects for the military-industrial complex, especially a drawing of a top secret project that he wasn't supposed to know about - a story of intrigue, secrets, and technology. Detailed information on the history, physics and technological mechanisms regarding faster-than-light travel, antigravity, and zero-point energy. The Speaker, Mark McCandlish is an internationally-recognized artist, specialized in aviation and conceptual art within the defense and aerospace industries, serving the needs of many of the top American corporations in this regard. Having had literally dozens of UFO sightings since 1966, Mr. McCandlish has spent most of his life trying to discover the science believing there is a plausible answer to interstellar flight without violating the currently-accepted laws of physics. He feels certain that this carefully protected technology has been co-opted by an as-yet-unknown group, and the sequestration of this technology has provided that organization tremendous leverage in world politics, finance and international conflicts over the past five decades.

FESIG 42nd Meeting with Patrick J. Kelly

Published on Sep 13, 2017

The 42nd FESIG Meeting on the 6th September, 2017, started off with Crystal introducing part of the FESIG Music Video team from Spain (comprising of 3 Germans, 2 Americans, 1 Bulgarian, 1 Venezuelan & 1 Brit) prior to getting Patrick Kelly started with his presentation. Patrick immediately started off with a disclaimer that this presentation is not to be taken as encouragement to construct anything shown or discussed here as it is for information purposes only. He started off with the Denis Sabourin Generator, commenting of how the inventor assemble the device and how it works… as with the other devices. Followed by Mr. Wilson of Texas who made a self powered wooden flywheel generator for the car. Then Terou Kawai's Electric Motor – a ring of magnets, Alexkor Aerial System, the Joe Cell technology, The Elmer Grimes 1961 Patented Design For Large Scale Extraction Of Water From Air, The Chas Campbell Generator, The Homopolar Or N-Machine Of Michael Faraday, followed by the some of the 43 devices he prepared to present. Please watch the recording for the details. Patrick will be continuing with the rest of the devices in his next presentation. Dr. Fraz Frazzle co-chaired this meeting with Crystal. This is the public part of the 42nd FESIG Meeting…as we continued with our private meeting after this recording. We're hoping Mark MacCandlish will confirm to speak about the SSP (Secret Space Program)Flux Liner and related technologies in our next meeting on the 20th of September. . Please be on the look out to join us in our live meetings.

FESIG 41st Meeting with Elizabeth Donavan

Published on Aug 24, 2017

The 41st FESIG Meeting was held on the 16th August, 2017. FESIG alternative energy scientist Dr. Elizabeth Donavan presents papers professionally with her deep knowledge and experience in the field! She did a superb presentation during the 38th FESIG Meeting, and in this 41st meeting she presented some of the most amazing insights on Genetic "reshuffling" eliminating defects and preventing diseases. Age reversal with transmutation of radioactive contamination inside the body, or poisonous elements into harmless ones. Transhumanism becoming obsolete. She talked about the hard science of the Bearden Provisional Patent, also explained the workings of the Heisenberg Compensator. How the genetic probabilities can create a 'shuffling effect' that can eliminate defects and correct for genetic corruption, bringing about the rejuvenation process (The negative time domain reverses everything) and decontaminate nuclear wastes or accidents. Big Pharma will be obsolete, and so will Big Oil, Weapon Technologies and Nuclear Energy! Enormously extended lifespans - IMMORTALITY? Yes! It's within our grasp! There had been reported deactivation of nuclear weapons. We believe there're Breakaway Societies or Breakaway Civilisations that are helping humanity by deactivating these devastating weapons! Transhumanism is obsolete! Humanity's creative energy is something that cannot be replicated! It is very sought after! Human life will have greater value. Elizabeth will present 'Planetary Engineering" in her next talk at FESIG. Please be on the look out to join us in our live meetings.

FESIG 40th Meeting with Patrick J. Kelly

Published on Aug 4, 2017

The 40th FESIG Meeting was well attended by some 17 FESIG members, with full attention to the presentation by the renowned Patrick J. Kelly! Patrick is one of the pillars of the study of exotic free energy internationally! He authored an eBook with 26 chapters and published the book titled "The Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices" and keeps it up-to-date. This work has become the 'school standard reference manual' for free energy scientists, researchers, developers and students alike! He basically explained various designs of free energy technologies, with his feedback as to the usability and efficiency of each one. Pick any model and build it yourself! Patrick covered some of the following with others to continue in another presentation:- 1. Magnet motors - moving drive magnets: Kundel, Don Kelly 2. Magnet motors - Electronic shielding: Flynn 3. Magnet motors - Linear path: Anthony and Adreas 4. Magnet motors - High Power: Diduck magnet motor 5. Magnet motors - Robert Adams motor 6. James Hardy: water jet motor/generator 7. Lawrence Tseung Magnetic Frame 8. Thane Heins Transformers.... etc. The meeting was chaired by Crystal Goh & Fraz Frazzle.

FESIG 39th Meeting with Gordon James Gianninoto & Janet Stanley

Published on Jul 21, 2017

The 39th FESIG Meeting commenced after attendees got into the Zoom Room to get to know each other first so the Chair started the last meeting report and introduced the speakers, Gordon James Gianninoto & his wife Janet Stanley who had space craft and ETs in their dooryard, and in their house. Millions of people around the world have heard her descriptions of visitations with extraterrestrials and her relationship with her 100% human unselfish extraterrestrial Zeta hybrid children. For more than 20 years they have lectured widely on the approach of Planet X, Poleshift, and the aftermath including open contact with benevolent ETs and dimensional or frequency change for Earth. Gordon spoke of ET contact, telepathy, psychic experiences and visions as he describes how we are about to experience Pole Shift – the crust of the planet separating from the core and reattaching that will probably happen in Aug, Dec 2017 or April 2018! He spoke about the real scientists of the galaxies with their propulsion systems. He said we are in the Sagittarius Galaxy and NOT the Milky Way! Gordon has been on over 700 broadcast including his own radio shows, satellite, shortwave, and internet radio stations with between 20 and 50 million listeners. FESIG members joined in the conversation and this meeting was then adjourned to the 40th Meeting on the 2nd Aug with Patrick J. Kelly, renowned author of 'A Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices' speaking.

FESIG 38th Meeting with Elizabeth Donavan

Published on Jul 9, 2017

FESIG 38th Meeting on the 5th July brought many insights into the realm of free energy development from our esteemed top scientist Speaker, Elizabeth Donavan! Elizabeth Donavan is well qualified in electronics, statistical process control, statistical quality control, designed different consumer grade items for various companies. She's into Arduino programming, and is self-taught in CAD and 3D printing, majored in physics and chemistry. Consulting on various topics, including alternative energy, she talked about the politics of suppression of knowledge, philosophy and technology. She did a superb presentation of an outline of a selection of different energy and propulsion technology! She talked about free energy from the middle ages to the 19th Century, Legends in ancient times, Alchemy or Cold Fusion? Bessler Wheel in the 18th Century, John Keely in the 19th Century, Nicola Tesla, 19th & 20th Century, Clark Maxwell –Free Energy from the vacuum. Cover Up begins 20th-21st century… 7000 Patents classified till today. Corporate government octopus classified many energy inventors as terrorists, Homeland Security act is used to harass Inventors. You might kill the inventor BUT not the idea. You can suppress it but you can't kill it! Now they are going open source thru' social media. Exodus of Inventors to friendly countries. Then she assessed The Technology - The Trout Turbine – The Searl Effect Generator (SEG) - The Karl Shaeffer Steam Generator – Marcus Reid's & Laser Hacker's Crystal Cell – The Atomic Hydrogen Process – The Carbon & Nickel Fusion Systems - Defkarion Hyperean Reactor – Tom Bearden's Energy Collector – Charles Flynn Transformer – Implosion Transformer - Tesla Switch – The Floyd Sweet: Vacuum Triode Emplifier… Then she went onto Anti-gravity devices. Fraz Frazzle commented on certain devices whilst complimenting Elizabeth on her deep knowledge and experience in the field! The next talk that Eliza will do will be about health: 'A Practical Regeneration' Look out for it!

FESIG 37th Meeting with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot

Published on June 23, 2017

The 37th FESIG Meeting was held on 21st June '17. Kerry talked about the 1st whistleblowers from Mars, such as Henry Deacon, Brian O'Leary, the Free Energy activists and inventors. He indicated that a lot of the whistle blowers are misleading people, unfortunately, but those who aren't probably disappeared after speaking out for awhile. Miles Johnston of the Bases fame in the UK also joined us contributing some superb input on the scalar waves technology in line with the conversation with Kerry and the black goo that he researched on. Scalar wave technology's positive and negative debate was attempted here, the long wave and short wave of which creating vortexes, used as military weapons. ACIO's Monarch Solutions was brought up by James. Discussions like this are so valuable – in a roundtable of whistle blower investigative journalism comparing notes for truth! Kerry testified from her findings that indeed super soldiers' mission is to defend the sacred grounds and Humanity as that's their job! And that the SSP Secret Space Program is legit and is dualistic too… Then scientist Elizabeth Donavan explained that Bearden's Scalar technology for healing does actually work as it was tested so. Etienne 'connected' to some information on the Blackgoo… asking the good Blackgoo for the location of the corrupted one so he and his Orion Swat Team can work on the protection front.

FESIG 36th Meeting with Stephane Fyfe & FESIG Forum Panel

Published on June 10, 2017

The 36th FESIG Meeting was held on 7th June '17. Adrian showed up just for 15 mins before it started but dropped off just before we started. As Stephane Fyfe came back to FESIG after taking some time off, Crystal got him to speak about his latest update on his devices, whilst Scientist Elizabeth Donavan prompted a dialogue with him on 'the process'. James Rink then gave a great preview introduction of Elizabeth, who will be speaking on 5th July. Christian Lettner did a great presentation of his work on the properties of each metal...Fraz Frazzle joined in with his knowledge too - what a useful mini workshop all can learn from! Piotr Ficner (our Zoom Host) shared some amazing developments on the Free Energy trends with sites and pictures! The FESIG EXCO regulars, Crystal, James Rink, Fraz Frazzle, Ron Crystal, Christian, Piotr Ficner, and others joined in on a panel discussion. Despite the scheduled Speaker's no-show yet again, and still not getting the long awaited Skynet info, this meeting turned out to be an interesting mix of updates along with very important information (not to be missed!), after all!

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