About Us

True Vision of Peace is an initiative by a team of visionary mentors who have united their professional backgrounds, spiritual insights, and passion to serve humanity. We are beyond political, religious, and geographical boundaries.

Our Vision

By exposing deception, revealing new Truths, bringing together other Humanitarian Initiatives and sharing our pooled knowledge, skills and resources, we pave the way to unite and synchronize global events on our trade mark TVoP 555 W.A.R.E.S. i.e. Save Our Water, Save Our Air, Save Our Rainforests, Save our Earth and Save Our Souls to turn this planet around into a better world to live in!

Our Mission

True Vision of Peace provides tools, skills, and knowledge for humanity to liberate itself from all kinds of ignorance.


True Vision of Peace aims to end ignorance, to awaken God's creation, to claim freedom, and to empower people with knowledge of the Truth with Love.

Our Work

True Vision of Peace is working directly with individuals and organizations who passionately care about protecting all forms of life on our precious planet Earth. We are raising global awareness through vocational training, workshops, international gatherings, and the following objectives:

  • True Vision of Peace will campaign to influence decision-makers in governments, multinational corporations, and global financial institutions to heal and preserve the land, sea, and air;
  • True Vision of Peace will strengthen personal and collective transformation of society through education of spiritual truths to call for divine intervention;
  • True Vision of Peace will repurpose investors, corporate executives, elected officials, and stakeholders to serve humanity;
  • True Vision of Peace will utilize websites, publications, media coverage, and films to expose and to eliminate deception, therefore, transforming the way that we see and relate to the world;
  • True Vision of Peace will create awareness and will promote green culture to foster a social change within key institutions and local communities;
  • True Vision of Peace will establish new paradigms to awaken humanity to the "true" reality, empowering us to move forward, beyond ignorance.