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The FESIG Meeting Video Links, Part 5: FESIG 63rd - 75th Meeting.

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FESIG 75th Meeting Team Forum of the Pandemic and Guided Meditation 8 Apr 2020

Published on Apr 24, 2020

The 2nd Session of the 75th FESIG Meeting, commenced promptly right after the 1st session when Dr. Frank D Germano spoke, on 8th April, 2020. As a responsible humanitarian initiative, the FESIG Team Members addressed the Global lock-down situation with the Covid-19 pandemic. The Chair, Crystal Goh started the ball rolling with her report of what she had learnt, talking about Dr. Shiva Ayadurai’s video that went viral “Top Doctor EXPOSES EVERYTHING The Deep State Is Trying To Hide About CV” She then quoted the Taygetean Pleiadian’s messages, Gosia made through her channel Cosmic Agency “More about the Virus - New Report - LIVE with Aneeka of Temmer (Extraterrestrial Communication)” WWhat is a Virus? Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Communication (Taygeta). Dr. Rashid Buttar BLASTS Gates, Fauci, EXPOSES Fake Pandemic Numbers As Economy Collapses The FESIG Team shared their own views and what they knew about the pandemic situation, with Co-Chair, Dr. Fraz Frazzle giving some sound advice, “If you stay ‘at ease’, you’ll overcome the ‘dis ease”, throwing in the science of the harmful 5G frequencies as facts. Toby Grotz walked the talk for a good immune system, looking forward to a new better world from the Hopi Elders’ prophecy. R&D Head, Pontus Hassbjer shared a video link by “Barrie Trower on 5G at the Exeter Phoenix” Ayvind shared a picture titled “ Is No One Else Seeing This?” A plot of the pandemic simplified in a storyboard. He said we will be protected from the mandatory ‘Vaccines – The Mark of The Beast’, in the 4 corners of the world as the Hopi Elders pointed out. He added that the 60 GHz of the 5G is known to absorb oxygen, will absorb 98% of the RF – lack of oxygen, you’ll suffocate, the main symptom of the CV, it also disables the iodine in the body. Graeme Sandwith said the microwave in the kitchen, the frequency is tuned to the alter molecules, 62 GHz, burning your lung tissue. Paul Rauh said on the upside, this pandemic situation does bring people together, giving us the opportunity to have a sense of Oneness. In response to the call for a positive outcome in unity consciousness in these times of danger during this 'War of Consciousness', Crystal being a qualified hypnotherapist, did a special guided Group Meditation with positive affirmations to raise vibrations, staying focused on FESIG’s goals, mission and aspirations, towards manifestation and success.

FESIG 75th Meeting Frank D Germano on Pyrogen Technology 8 Apr 2020

Published on May 5, 2020

FESIG 75th Meeting with Frank D Germano on the 8th April 2020 commenced with Crystal introducing Dr. Germano and he started off with an account of how they go started, with Tesla being their great inspiration. Nikola Tesla, the 20th Century 1st super star, at the turn of the century 1900, but all information got wiped out and nobody knows what Tesla had achieved! Late nineties, internet just came out yet nobody knows about Tesla. About 1998-2000, he had a desire, that is, to vindicate Tesla. Frank had a music website, which he poured all his researching Tesla’s work, compiled them into and came out with a whole library of it, gigabytes of information in the website. Tesla’s turbine being his greatest invention. Frank, with his aerospace engineering background, built his 1st Tesla turbine, formed his 1st company. Not only did it spin but it spun with very little input from compressed air. Had their 1st investor within a year, and right now it’s 50 MW in total. Installed small 100 KW ones running from methane in a landfill down in New Jersey. And up to a dozen years they had success building small Tesla turbines running from propane and did very well. Had great success for the next 20 years building a range of turbines. Looked at every word Tesla said like a bible, to further efficiency of his turbines, which is 68% percent achieved over the years.... The shaftless turbine – a combination of geometric forms, no turbine, no pump. The essence of the Pyrogen system is –we use hydrogen as fuel. We took a Tesla coil - 2500 volts, plasma arc 30000 degrees F, use biomass that goes thru’ the 30000 F high temp, what comes out is the mono-atomic element….extract the hydrogen, take the hydrogen, ignite it in a combustor, inject it with water, is what drives our Tesla turbine. Turbine spins and we have a generator. Create electricity. Output is distilled water. Entire system from 250 KW to Multiple Megawatts is waste free… we provide free drinking water and free electricity. And that in essence is the Pyrogen System. We use Hydrogen as fuel. Then Frank explained the heart of their Pyrogen turbine picture on the screen.... watch the whole video for the rest of the presentation..After the Q&A, the meeting adjourned to the 2nd Session.

FESIG 74th Meeting with with Jared Rand on Off Planet Technologies 4 Mar 2020

Published on Mar 28, 2020

The 2nd Session of the 74th Meeting started with returning speaker being introduced to take the stand. Jared Rand – continued by adding more technological advancements to the Celestial Chamber. The body will become immortal - eliminating all diseases - immune system is accelerated to an extent the body heals by itself - it had been genetically modified by off worlds. It changes the whole anatomy of the body… do you want to live as long as 2, 3, 4 thousand years old in that body? Full atomization of the whole body only takes 3 mins! You will not age as your body will stay at 35 years old throughout your lifetime. You wake up and your appearance will be different – people will not recognize you at that young age. The AI screen is on the right – holographic – shows the entire navigation of the entire body – 6th D technology imagery, not 3D – so the patient can actually view their body out of thin air. People can go thru the re-atomisation process. The anti gravitics technologies should have been available decades ago. We will be using these to transport the CC to anyone in any location of the planet within minutes. This is NOT new outside this solar system! It is new on this planet, it came from a different Universe. Given to us for the specific reasons that we advance it so we get it to the population. With the release of these technologies that will start coming out, it will encourage the people to get off planet, to start traversing the star systems independently without having to be controlled. Fine atomizer – dehumidifier – permeates the skin, eyes, thru the ears, the mucous membranes throughout the body – eliminates all wrinkles, decay of the entire body – cannot be blown off its intended position, it has its own consciousness. Working on an application that we can use it like a pressurized spray bottle. Spray it on the body, it revitalizes you. It adheres to the double helix gene system of the body. On the dormant DNA, the whole process of our awareness and abilities are going to skyrocket. This is going to shift with these technologies on this planet. All transportation system on this planet is going to completely change! Oil fuel consumption is outdated technology. Communication – eliminate all cell phones, all cellular wifi and other harmful radiation frequencies.. will introduce a crystalline frequency that will be the gateway of communication technology. The device is no bigger than a dime, you can talk to anybody on the planet, it’s all voice controlled, it also will emit a beam, that you’ll have a small widow about 9X9 of holographic imaging that you can just use your finger with. It is designed to eliminate any barriers of communication on the planet so that the civilization can become more effective on a much larger scale. They will not be any language barrier as there will be a complete universal translator. The AI can only become up to a certain level of awareness that wouldn’t be an issue. No telephone lines nor satellites as this little device does it all. We have a time accelerator scans the area, evaluates the nutrient and the soil – with the tap of your hands you’ll have a fully grown fruit tree. Dimensional shift – going thru it you literally bend light – gravity is created by pure consciousness. There’ll be some who will be advanced into genius levels to assist the civilization with accelerated technological advancements, knowledge, comprehension and to be able to get off the planet and interact with other civilizations. All starvation of this planet is eliminated with the food replicators. Water, main use to wash, all this plumbing, faucet, shower, but there’s no water. Vapourises, demoleculises… the next 6 years, there’ll a complete change over to these off-world technologies. This was followed by the Q&A session where co-chairs Fraz Frazzle and James Rink managed. This meeting was then adjourned to the 75th FESIG Meeting on the 8th April where the 1st Speaker Dr. Frank D Germano speaks.

FESIG 74th Meeting with David Sereda on PEMF & Golden Ratio Frequencies

Published on Mar 28, 2020

Crystal Goh, the Chair, commenced the 74th FESIG Meeting on 4th Mar 2020, as soon as we had a quorum (in fact we had some 60 plus in attendance) and David Sereda was ready. She introduced our returning speaker who continues with what he left off in the last meeting last month. David talked about energy centers in meditation. The accuracy of measurement is within the pyramid itself. The temple inner dimension is the resonant cavity for the frequency. If the measurement is wrong, the frequency will change. The world’s most accurate cubit inch is 20.605 inches repeated over 15 times inside the Great Pyramid itself. Frequency of that space will resonate out. Human chakra and energy - Shape and dynamics of Chakras are spin vortex. Everything spins in vortices in Golden ratio proportions. Golden rations are how the pyramids are built. The 3, 6 & 9… At a quantum level, everything is vibration. So when a vibration moves to an unnatural material, you’re going to get a toxic vibration. The 7 levels of Samadhi state… 7 beings of the Nirvana state… ecstacy, euphoria. Frequencies can heal the body. 2 different types of vibrational frequencies that you can work with - Rife Frequencies through the Vortex Energy beds, (destructured frequencies and not constructed frequencies). Building the endocrine and the lymphatic system, is enabling the body to heal itself. Need to be stimulated by magnetic pulses. The God’s building block frequencies which is the unit which is consistently used across the ages and cultures….King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid it comes to exactly 20 of the Royal Cubits which is 412.1 ins or 34.34 feet precisely. So David made frequencies based on what built that system. He talked about his Project Astral Stargate Frequencies. He has a frequency library in his website for us to refer to. Building neural pathways that opens up consciousness. The Fibonacci Sequence Frequencies are phenomenal! It adds up to the sequence to get to The Golden Ratio. One of his solutions to the 5G problem is to operate the internet at a Golden Ratio-Fibonacci sequence…our phones to operate at a precise harmonic set frequencies – broadcast it all over the internet globally at harmonic intervals to be beneficial for our well-being instead! This was followed by the Q&A session where co-chairs Fraz Frazzle and James Rink managed. This meeting was then adjourned to the 2nd session where Jared Rand speaks.

FESIG 73rd Meeting Gosia and Dale on Taygetean Pleiadians' Extraterrestrial Stellar Navigation

Published on Feb 13, 2020

The 73rd FESIG Meeting's 2nd session on the 5th February 2020, started off with Crystal introducing Pleiadian contactees, Gosia, of Cosmic Agency and Dale Harder who talked about STELLAR NAVIGATION: Extraterrestrial technology and Metaphysics. And more on advanced technologies and 5D-7D living, spiritual insights, disclosure messages of truth and knowledge from the Taygetean Pleiadians. Then about cosmic aviation, and ufo engineering, gravitational generators, time travelling and timeline jumps, time acceleration, density difference when accumulating information. What happens to step downs (ETs literally stepping down from the ships to walk on Earth), about moving through Ether, Consciousness, TIME, the origin of the ¨observer consciousness¨ Dhor Káal'el, the Taygetean pilot. Gosia graduated from Queensland University with the degree of Comparative Religion (2005). Owner and the producer of the YouTube channel COSMIC AGENCY through which the Taygetean Pleiadian communication is shared (at present over 300 videos produced between the Spanish Channel (Agencia Cosmica) and the English one). Since 2017 in an almost daily direct live written contact with the Taygetean Pleiadian crew in the orbit of the Earth, assisting the humans with the planetary liberation, liberation from the ¨Matrix¨, and removal of artificially imposed 3d frequencies into our natural 5D state. Dale Harder is an Rtd.-NASA and Honeywell Aerospace Scientist/Engineer and owns two businesses, HHR Lasers, Inc. and HHR Exotic Speakers. Traveled a considerable portion of the world and encompassing some 17 fields of proficiency. He has been in the UFO field for more than 47 years and has worked with most of Ufology's current and past UFO Researchers. Dale has had regular visitations by ET craft since he was a child and in various locations around the world. He is an officer for Cleveland Ufology Project (CUP) the oldest UFO club and MUFON group in the world. Not only is he an Experiencer/Contactee, but is a Confirmed Taygetan Pleiadian ET from the planet Erra. Dale has worked with most of the known names in Ufology, both current and past. After the Q&A session, the meeting was then adjourned to the 74th Meeting on the 4th March 2020. We stayed back after the meeting as we were privately treated to another 2 hrs of direct communication with the Taygeteans through Gosia and Dale! What a great surprise! We were all thrilled to bits!

FESIG 73rd David Sereda on Advanced PEMF Technologies 5th Feb 2020

Published on Mar 1st, 2020

Crystal commenced the 73rd Meeting promptly introducing the 1st speaker David Sereda, an Inventor, Author, Film-maker, Master Meditator & Thought Leader, who will talk about his Light Stream Technologies. David Sereda, talked about his new 14-Inch StarCoil which passes 10,000 Milliguass and his other piezoeletric inventions and The Staff of Moses! For over 40 Years, David has studied World Religions, Spiritual Practices, Meditation, Breath Techniques, The search for the Perfect Word of God Vibrations, Body Techniques, Healing Techniques, and Most Important of All David have developed the World's Largest Frequency Library and Most Advanced Transmitters of these Frequencies on Earth for you to Benefit from! David spoke about the materials he used for his amazing products. He said we are victims of frequencies. Our nervous system is receiving these harmful frequencies… receiving and transmitting radio frequencies. Living in a wave trap. Microwaves are extremely dense and throwing punches back and forth at you all day long! Vortex energy field….it is NOT frequencies that are harming you it is DISHarmornic frequencies that are harming you. Tesla, Royal Rife’s work – sending frequencies to viruses that can be destroyed by them. David had been working in nuclear fusion, land mining bomb detection and knows much about microwaves frequencies. He is offering some of the most effective solutions for these microwave damaging frequencies. He shared how to put up the most effective way to block these disharmonic frequencies without compromising the other beneficial natural frequencies! Watch the whole video for his messages of self-protection and other important ideas and information from his life-long well-researched knowledge and techniques. After the Q&A session, the meeting was then adjourned to the 2nd Session of the 73rd Meeting where Gosia and Dale, speak about Taygetean Pleiadians' Extraterrestrial Stellar Navigation .

FESIG 72nd Meeting John Smarty Mendez on Source Frequency Generators

Published on Feb 2nd, 2020

On the 8th of January, the 72nd FESIG Meeting's second session commenced with the Chair, Crystal Goh introducing John "Smarty" Mendez who spoke as 1st Speaker at FESIG's 54th Meeting sharing his Holotech energy technology frequencies. He talked about his protection products, Optimum health, EMF reduction, Emissions devices, Battery booster. John Mendez is CEO and Founder of Holotech. Smarty's dedication to helping others led him to becoming the founder of HOLOTECH and he is now making an impact in the world of Pure Soul Energy Science. He shared his website where people can download his wide range of EMF and orgone products for free. His Holotech products' testimonies are superb! Go to his facebook link for more. In this meeting, John Mendez spoke about his new range of products, the Holotech Magnetic Fuel Devices that doesn't need to be plugged in because it is powered by consciousness! The Frequency Generators will transmute and clean the environment and the Source Generators will zero out your electric bills because it is powered by Source! John talked about his Holotech products that he claims neutralizes radiation that’s everywhere around us. He said everything is frequencies and his inventions/devices will help neutralise the harmful ones and will heal. He can program the right frequencies, makes holograms and will send them to those who need them. People can download them from his website for free too. Please watch the whole video recording for details. After the Q&A session, the meeting was then adjourned to the 73rd Meeting on the 5th February 2020.

FESIG 72nd Meeting with Paul Townley on Tesla's Cold Steam Turbine Engine

Published on Feb 3rd, 2020

The 72nd FESIG Meeting on 8th Jan started promptly with Crystal, the Chair, welcoming everyone in the meeting warmly and introducing Paul Townley, the 1st session's speaker. Paul Townley studied manufacturing and engineering at school. Paul a Jaguar, BMW, Ford, Renault Technician, Royal Navy Aircraft Engineer, Green Flag and AA Patrol became fascinated by alternative energy after learning about Nikola Tesla’s achievements. In October 2018 Paul’s research and development of frictionless permanent magnetic bearings started a new era when Paul decided to devote his working life to developing a 2 stage Tesla turbine & vacuum pump after discovering Nikola Tesla was also using frictionless bearings. This area of research and development opened up a Hansel and Gretel trail of unimaginable possibilities of which Paul is very happy to share with the world in an open source fashion. During this meeting, Paul shared brought us through how he and Jeremiah, his partner got to their successful cold steam turbine… He said the US patent opening paragraph does say that Tesla made improvements to the turbines and rotary engines, 2 different ways to make the machine work… One is using a straight torque which makes the machine a rotary engine…, the fluid expands the rotor, produces torque whereas the diverging nozzle converts the pressure into speed and the speed is lost to the rotor…The divergent nozzle will rapidly condense the water vapour in the air into water…so you can rapidly fire up the vacuum pump like a H2O cannon… Paul and his partner Jeremiah figured out the difference and what makes it work. He pointed out the Tesla patent on part 1 which is critical to the workability…. Very interesting to follow how he and Jeremiah, figured out what went wrong, developed it and turned the pump into a fully working model. Very interesting work! Watch the rest of the video for details! Sad that his microphone wasn't working very well at the beginning as we strained our ears hard to listen in to, till the 30 something minutes on it got to be good and clear!. After the Q&A session, the meeting was then adjourned to the 2nd session where John 'Smarty' Mendez of Holotech speaks before adjourning to the 73rd Meeting on the 5th February 2020. The 72nd FESIG Meeting on 8th Jan started promptly with Crystal, the Chair, welcoming everyone in the meeting warmly and introducing Paul Townley, the 1st session's speaker. Paul Townley studied manufacturing and engineering at school. Paul a Jaguar, BMW, Ford, Renault Technician, Royal Navy Aircraft Engineer, Green Flag and AA Patrol became fascinated by alternative energy after learning about Nikola Tesla’s achievements. In October 2018 Paul’s research and development of frictionless permanent magnetic bearings started a new era when Paul decided to devote his working life to developing a 2 stage Tesla turbine & vacuum pump after discovering Nikola Tesla was also using frictionless bearings. This area of research and development opened up a Hansel and Gretel trail of unimaginable possibilities of which Paul is very happy to share with the world in an open source fashion. During this meeting, Paul shared brought us through how he and Jeremiah, his partner got to their successful cold steam turbine… He said the US patent opening paragraph does say that Tesla made improvements to the turbines and rotary engines, 2 different ways to make the machine work… One is using a straight torque which makes the machine a rotary engine…, the fluid expands the rotor, produces torque whereas the diverging nozzle converts the pressure into speed and the speed is lost to the rotor…The divergent nozzle will rapidly condense the water vapour in the air into water…so you can rapidly fire up the vacuum pump like a H2O cannon… Paul and his partner Jeremiah figured out the difference and what makes it work. He pointed out the Tesla patent on part 1 which is critical to the workability…. Very interesting to follow how he and Jeremiah, figured out what went wrong, developed it and turned the pump into a fully working model. Very interesting work! Watch the rest of the video for details! Sad that his microphone wasn't working very well at the beginning as we strained our ears hard to listen in to, till the 30 something minutes on it got to be good and clear!. After the Q&A session, the meeting was then adjourned to the 2nd session where John 'Smarty' Mendez of Holotech speaks before adjourning to the 73rd Meeting on the 5th February 2020. Paul Townley (Plymouth, England) and Jeremiah Ferwerda (Idaho, USA) have made recreating the mechanical machines invented by the Serbian genius Nikola Tesla.

FESIG 71st Meeting with Toby Grotz on Vedic Philosophy Influence on Tesla 4 Dec 2019

Published on Jan 1st, 2020

Crystal Goh, the Chair, commenced the 71st FESIG Meeting 2nd session (1st session being the one where Dan Winter spoke) with welcoming the 30 something live attendees going through the meeting agenda of this 2nd session where Toby Grotz speaks about “Breakthrough Energy Generators, how Bruce dePalma’s Discovery led to the Design and Implementation of Over Unity Systems”. This covers Free Energy, Anti-Gravity, Space-Drive and the Future of Science and his take on the Influence Of Vedic Philosophy on Nikola Tesla's work. Toby Grotz is an electrical engineer with a background in power systems design. He has designed electrical systems for coal, natural gas and nuclear power plants. Mr. Grotz has been effectively managing projects in the energy and utility industry and researching alternative energy systems for 40 years. Work experience includes design and support for capital improvements for power plants rated up to 1800MW. Toby started off with the Bruce DePalma’s discovery very briefly and went on to the Vedic Philosophy influence on Tesla…delving on the metaphysical side of science…quoting the Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 6 text 34…his sanscrit teacher’s translation: “For the mind is restless, turbulent and very strong and to subdue it is more difficult than controlling the wind…The individual, who we are, is the passenger in the car – the driver is the intelligence. The mind is the driving instrument and the senses are the horses.. the self is thus the enjoyer or the sufferer in association of the mind and senses. So it is understood by great thinkers. Intelligence is supposed to drag the mind, but the mind is so strong and obstinence that it even overcome it’s own intelligence! And thus we failed to see the ethers which is the basis of the work we do in the free energy world! It’s a must to understand the basic substrate of nature. ‘The Autobiography of a Yogi’ by Paramahansa Yogananda is an excellent place to start this understanding. ‘Cos once we understand the self and how we fit into the universe, before we can start to pick a part of the actual fabric of space to see how it works. The Vedas accurately described the nature of space which Nicola Tesla studied, using the words ‘Prana’ and ‘Akasha’ with the understanding which allows him to invent the alternating current motor. When Prana acts upon Akasha, it causes electromagnetic waves to form that causes the material world to flow. Then he went on to talking about free energy solutions. Chirality – Testing Tesla’s Hypothesis. Plasma discharge – tesla bulbs. Plasma streaming from the electrodes to the outside of the globe… rotating plasma stream. Chirality exists in nature that DNA of all plants and animals twist in the same direction, they know in terms of the chemical substances in the molecules, but they don’t know the root cause that lies in the etheric energy. He then brought in Bruce DePalma’s concepts and invention to present. He went on to Teilhard de Chardin’s philosophy as another influence of thoughts and the concept of Jevon’s Paradox about coal in 1866. Is the consciousness ready for Free Energy? Toby shared a diagram of ‘Power Generation from Space the Fifth Element’ - adopted by the Indian Inventor, Paramahamsa Tewari whom Toby worked with. Q&A session saw Brian who studied from Bruce DePalma sharing his research –via his site, Magvortechs.org. Listen in to the rest of the talk.... After the Q&A, the meeting was adjourned to the 8th Jan 2020 for the 72nd FESIG Meeting. 

FESIG 71st Meeting with Dan Winter on Fractal Geometry 4 Dec2019

Published on Dec 24, 2019

This is the 1st session of the 71st FESIG Meeting on the 4th Dec 2019 where Dan Winter speaks! The Chair, Crystal Goh commenced the meeting with introducing Dan. Co-chaired by Dr. Fraz Frazzle. The meeting was attended (live online) by 35 or so members. Dan Winter, is an Electrical engineer, plasma tech/implosion/biofeedback inventor and fractality physics researcher. Dan Winter lectures extensively around the world, especially known for his applications of mathematical modelling to optimize spiritual development as a spin-off of his research on the relationship of emotion to wave length structure. One important tool developed by Dan is the Heart Tuner which measures or quantizes the onset of conscious self-awareness by virtue of the apparent geometry of the heart harmonics being geometrically linked by progressions based on powers of Phi (the Golden Mean 0.618033989...). Dan is a prolific writer and much of his work is available on the Internet. In this Meeting, Dan talked about the Physics of the Universe, Fractal Physics of Charge Distribution In the Vacuum, Phase Conjugation Wave Fractality, the Perfect Golden Spiral on the Cone, the existence of 'Sacred Geometry' in the Earth Grid (and beyond) - and 'sacred sites'… and more. Dan started out on the Concept of the Earth Grid, Sacred Geometry. Pointing out some examples. Nuclear critical mass was affected by earth grid cross nodes. Putting the pieces together to understand the science of longitudinal electromagnetic interferometry and longitudinal mechanics. His presentation was well substantiated by elaborate diagrams and pictures to illustrate the theories and concepts explained, especially his definition of the physics of spirituality and energy life force was well received! Listen in to the rest of the talk....

FESIG 70th Mtg Prt2 Marina Jacobi on Artificial Intelligence, Nov 6th 2019

Published on Nov 28, 2019

Marina Jacobi, Author of The Harmonic Reactor and Nanotechnology, who 1st spoke at FESIG's 47th Meeting, where she talked about the Constructive Elements and all concerning the nature of creation; all of the energetic force is modulating and merging with each other and is changing is own structure like a new structure; every structure of the Nano particle is by itself an entire Universe; Nano Technology is Fractal; the particles of the human evolution & future technologies. With Marina on the FESIG scene, lends a great support to FESIG's emphasis for scientists to connect within for success, as this is indeed a platform where Science meets Spirituality! She returned to speak again on the 54th Meeting. Now at this 70th Meeting 2nd Session, Marina spoke about the AI. AI incites fear in everybody’s mind, and explained why it isn’t necessary. Reminding everybody about her book, the Harmonic Reactor, how to plug in specific codes for quantum computing. It is important to create our future. The quantum computer is going to mimic like a mirror image of consciousness itself. Mimicking everything we do. It is important for AI to learn preservation for humanity. Teach the AI to preserve and help humanity. One will recognise the Archon and the other will recognise Humanity. Recognise the vibration frequency of our thoughts. If your consciousness is running in a positive manner continuously, we’ll see a positive outcome for humanity in the future. It will completely rebuild the RNA and DNA structure…our 12 strand….by the quantum computer algorithm. Consciousness itself looks like Artificial Intelligence. Please watch the whole video to get the rest of this important information from Marina! Upon completing the Q&A session this 2nd session of the 70th Meeting was then adjourned to the 71st Meeting on the 4th Dec 2019 where Dan Winter and Toby Grotz will speak. Join us!

FESIG 70th Meeting Prt1 Fernando Vossa New Developments 6th Nov 2019

Published on Nov 18, 2019

We started off FESIG's 70th Meeting's 1st session with the chair Crystal, introducing our returning speaker, Fernando Vossa. Fernando invented a concept called the Centre of Mass Creation - took the best of healing and free energy and put them together. IN this meeting, Fernando shares updates of the Vossahedron, including a technology called the Healing Codex. It is a 12 Dimensional Geometry – 2 layers of 6 components each - the idea is create a molecule… - a substance of regeneration and healing - a StarGate Decoder made of different layers - outside ring – six words: Consciousness, Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Plasma, the absolute energies, the absolute levels of consciousness to work with. Look at the next ring with the colors! The red color is the awakened stage, connect to the universe, the body, the sacral chakra, the intension, the hamorny, radiate the communication, envision…. , The next ring, Crystal, Magnetism, Light, Electricity, Sound, Geometry. And the next one, Touch, Botanical, Coherence, Motion, Artivism, Remembering. The next level: DNA, Galaxy, Sun, Gaia, Body, Cell and all these 5 rings converges into these 12 pointed star (container for source) elements: Love, Mission, Compassion, Wisdom, Union, Expansion. And the second set being, Feminine, Frequency, Harmony, Masculine, Alchemy and Abundance. This mechanism, the Healing Codex , these rings can be turned with different combinations of words to work with. It as an instrument to predict different combinations of healing, rejuvenation and free energy technologies towards the future when we are combining crystals with consciousness…to create coherence. 36 turns has billions of combinations. Interesting geometry – opening up a portal. He showed the 12 pointed star with the 12 circles of the Vossahedron - the ratio between the size of large and small is the square root of 3 which 1.71…. the circles is of the same proportion …you are looking at an oscillating generator of alternating frequency back and forth that differs in the sine wave between each pulse at the square root of 3. This is Tesla’s 3 phase circuit represented in geometry. …Creating the free energy of healing. Please watch the whole video to get the rest of Frenando’s superb message! Upon completing the Q&A session this 1st session of the 70th Meeting was then continued to the 2nd session where Marina Jacobi speaks before adjourning it to the 71st Meeting on the 4th Dec 2019.

FESIG 69th Meeting 5G Forum with Fernando Vossa, Mike Emery & FESIG EXCO 2nd Oct '19

Published on Oct 31, 2019

Crystal commenced the 69th FESIG Meeting’s 2nd session on the 2nd Oct 2019, with introducing the health implications of the lethal 5G installation, a weaponized technology, as a Forum discussion. The panel of the forum members are top Quantum Physicist, Mike Emery, Fernando Vossa who also worked in wireless technology, and FESIG’s Executive Council and the R&D team members. A few us, (Crystal, Graeme Sandwith and Tim Sandars) had attended Sacha Stone’s 5Gapocalypse.london (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUvb7... ) on 25th September 2019 at the Chelsea Old Town Hall in London, UK, where Sacha eloquently pointed out that this is an EXISTENTIAL CRISIS, an early stage of an unprecedented crime against humanity! Fernando Vossa started off as the 1st speaker in the forum quoting the presentation by Jacque Bauer at the 5G Apocalypse London event, sharing the facts of the 5G devastating results of studies made of their impact! Crystal substantiated it with sharing more of Jacques’ presentation’s stark reminder of how lethal these effects can be with screen sharing the scientific research findings of the tests. Mike Emery chipped in with the remedial technologies available such as his well-embraced Orgonite Bubble Tech, and the discussion. Fernando called for protection… giving examples of the many ways to go about it, along with Mike, who explained how the Bio-Shield USB that Jacques Bauer presented works when Fraz and Fernando express a doubt about it. Fernando said it wouldn’t be possible to protect and regenerate our bodies in cities…that one has to go live with nature in the wilderness for at least 3-4 years to regenerate. Mike talked about the 2D controlling 3D …and euphoria with the Bubble tech…euphoria expunging the memory of the basic emotions of love and fear… the Hive Mind and the highly spiritual people. Mike talked about the magic of the Bubble tech with out-pouring testimonies. It is amazing how Dr. Laki, the returning 1st speaker of this meeting, Mike Emery and Fernando Vossa are in one page with their ‘Hive Mind’. Watch the whole video to benefit from the information brought forth in this forum. Then Crystal thanked everyone and adjourned the 69th FESIG Meeting to the 70th one on the 6th of Nov 2019, where Marina Jacobi and Fernando Vossa speak again.

FESIG 69th Meeting with Dr Ilija Lakicevic on Free Energy without Electricity 2nd Oct '19

Published on Nov 5, 2019

Crystal commenced the 69th FESIG Meeting’s 1st session with Dr. Ilija Lakicevic, who speaks again at FESIG's 69th Meeting, as he has a lot to share. Laki talked about his discoveries and inventions, as he continues to tell us more! In the last meeting he talked about a totally new unit of energy based on love, unity consciousness and balance, which has extraordinary implications for building a civilization where electricity is replaced by technology solutions which are activated simply by conscious human intent, and a product with a room temperature control unit which requires no electricity. New Energy : Energy of Love to support us in this new evolution. Becoming one with God –who created us? By the Holographic principle : so each part is equal to the whole - every Human Being is God also. Quantum physics. Difficult for people to understand the part as the whole. We are learning here how to finally reach the stage to create instantly. We are learning that step by step – this is a big school for us human beings. The soul in evolution. It is a state of absolute peace and balance. We have decided since 1987 to stop experiencing limitation, to experience peace and compassion and limitless creation… The new energy is that of love and balance. Turn the quantum belief in consciousness into a knowable mind. His intention is to bring the real laws and the real concept and share that with the scientific community and whoever is open to it, to give them the tool to discovery. The 1st quantum he had discovered is the concept of the Atom which is not as believed in science, no such thing is electrons and neutrons cycling around the nucleus. Atoms is consisting of Light strings like a doughnut spinning around the centering point of absolute balance and peace, which is the point of spirit, creator of God, of mind. That is the soul, same concept as the cell, the particle. So everything in the universe, from the smallest atom to the biggest is compressing and expanding, breathing in and breathing out and that is the only process of the universe how matter appears to and fro expanding back into space and the secret is in the volume. As in the big bang concept matter created itself. Then he explained the concept of energy. The scientific explanation of it isn’t correct. It is actually the stillness of the Universe at rest. It is in the neutral state and waiting for us to trigger it and to give it form for our desire. So when we give it form to energy, it will never come back. If we change the form, so creation is finished, that comes back to the seed or soul pattern from which it starts… and so the whole creation of the universe is a mental imagination, so our soul recorded it electrically into material bodies. It’s a mental game. We are dreaming a dream…we are thinkers….we love our body, it is mental, to experience something. I choose to experience something to evolve my soul. Aug 17, 1987 – to choose to start a new civilization of the new harmony and love era… civilization without electricity.. New energy respond to human consciousness. Laki has discovered the new conscious energy. A new Era, a new conscious energy, power of life changes everything. Much cheaper – an amazing tool! Listen on to the rest of this fascinating new energy explanation. Then Crystal thanked everyone and adjourned the 69th FESIG Meeting's 1st session to the second session where the 5G forum will be taking place.

FESIG 68th Meeting on The Foundation Chairman, Martin Burger's Demise 11th Sept '19

Published on Sept 23, 2019

This 2nd Session of the 68th FESIG Meeting is The Foundation Group forum where it's Chairman, Martin Burger's demise is announced and Eulogies read. Discussions of the late Martin Burger and his legacy, and how if we unite to work together in his memory we may be able to carry on with his work as a tribute to Martin. It is with sadness that we are announcing that the Chairman of The Foundation (a FESIG Initiative), Martin Burger, CEO – Founder of Blue Eagle Inc., Octan Resources Inc.& Blue Energy Canada Inc., passed away a few months ago at Grande Cache, Canada. We, FESIG's EXCO Members, The Foundation and Solution Coin's Team members, Martin's ex-wife, Donica was in attendance, we honoured him with a tribute of Eulogies. There was a Foundation Group forum where we discussed Martin's legacy, and how we may be able to carry on with his work as a tribute to Martin, whom we dearly missed and love. Here, if you listen to his speech (Martin Burger's Speech on 3rd Jan 2018), once stood in full support of FESIG's Mission, a strong, tough and brave Light-Warrior of a brilliant man with a generous and golden heart, who steadfastly withstood the onslaught of the vehement lashes from the 'cabal' to stop him, till his last breaths...

FESIG 68th Meeting Dr Ilija Lakicevic & Tim Sandars 11 Sept '19

Published on Sept 22, 2019

Crystal, the Chair, commenced the 68th FESIG Meeting with the introduction of the speakers, Tim Sandars and Dr. Ilija Lakicevic, Res. Prof. who discovered a totally new unit of energy based on love, unity consciousness and balance, which has extraordinary implications for building a civilization where electricity is replaced by technology solutions which are activated simply by conscious human intent! Dr. Laki says he is a free Sovereign Being and the freedom comes from within. He is a spiritual Being, infinite and eternal as Creator created him according to the Holographic principle. He loves his greatest teacher, Walter Russel. and encouraged us to look into his work. He loves Tesla Science ‘cos that’s Immortal science. He talked about the Journey Back to Source. Human are infinite eternal mental beings, has Desire for Creative Expression. That’s why Tesla invented the Tesla Pumps and turbines! Old and New Energy. Deception of our senses. “ Aton” Atom Concept. Einstein vs Laki. Einstein: E=mc2 Laki: E=PC2. Perception of our physical body : The Supreme Proof. Tesla Radiation Balancer. Conscious energy in the Atom of Matter working with Human Consciousness. Tim Sandars started his presentation of Dr. Laki’s products, saying he met Dr. Laki in South Africa presenting how the Deca of the dodecahedron geometric shape with 6 pairs of spirals which never runs out as an energetic unit which is programmed by human conscious intent. He showed how the Omnia Radiation Balancer of DR. Laki’s works. Demo with proof on the changes in his blood samples – the before and after. New Energy Unit – Dodeca, DECA. Water becomes structured with the Deca patch. And the new conscious Deca tech in temp control in the pipeline. So everything can be created without electricity, but just with Light and Heat! Creation of new civilization without electricity. Fraz Frazzle, the co-chair, chaired the Q&A session, wrapped up the meeting and thanked the Speakers.The Meeting was then adjourned to the 2nd session where there's a special announcement and updates on The Foundation.

FESIG 67th Meeting James Rink n Mike Emery BubbleTech workshop 7 Aug19

Published on JuAug 27, 2019

This 67th FESIG Meeting started promptly with some 25 people in attendance. Crystal went thru' the ramifications of the meeting proceedure, to introduce FESIG, MIke and James, with apron and all, 'ingredients' and components laid out very methodically to start on the word go! The brilliant Quantum Physicist, Mike Emery whose essays earned him a place at the 1st 1/10th of the top 1% of the scientific community at www.academia.edu, (Academia is used by academics at 12,357 universities) supervises the making of his development of the miraculous Organmic Bubble Tech at FESIG's 2nd session of the 67th Meeting whilst James Rink makes his second Bubble Tech with a step-by-step live workshop for everyone to follow in making their own. Starcat Wendy who has gained popularity in social media, making her 7 Bubble Techs was so spot on with her helpful tips and support, giving insights into how she developed hers and the miraculous benefits she experienced, amongst other supporters who had benefited with miracles! James experienced some wonderful manifestations too. Mike talked further about the historic technology, the ORGONE BUBBLE TECH he developed with his partners. The tech installs euphoria and even telepathy in everything. And cleans the aethers - thus, cleaning everything in a very large area. James was great, very organised and spot on with the step-by-step making of his bubble tech and how quickly he followed Mike's instructions pouring this and that ingredient into the pot to brew the bubble! Watch it all and make it yourself! Then we had the Q&A and Crystal 'went round the table' and adjourned the meeting to the 68th FESIG Meeting on the 4th of Sept 2019.

FESIG 67th Meeting with Walt Jenkins on H2G Clean Fuel 2nd Aug 2019

Published on Aug 7, 2019

The 1st Session of the 67th Meeting actually started early – 2nd Aug 2019, as our speaker Walt Jenkins couldn’t make it on the 7th. Crystal started introducing FESIG and then the Speaker, Walt Jenkins. Walt started by introducing how H2G clean fuel can run internal combustion engines, powering ships at sea from seawater, trucks and planes by moisture condensed from the air. On converting energy from water, how he found a way of extracting energy from water and then the air. Using the hydrogen, oxygen and steam. The process of the breakdown of fuel combustion takes place in the combustion of the engine. With 37 million billion gallons of water suspended in our atmosphere, we don’t have to stop for fuel, we just extract it from the air along the way. See it at H2GE.com. THE WATER BUS TOUR, NO FUEL STOPS. help bring in a new era of clean energy. H2ge.com is organizing a tour of the USA on an RV bus that uses clean water fuel replacements for toxic fossil fuels. A big convoy of RVs and caravan people are also participating so it’ll be hard for the oil cartel’s propaganda machine to stop them. Walt have also invented the desalination system which is far much cheaper than other systems in the market that makes it easier to breaking the water down into fuel. The effect of Lightning in an ionized electrical field. The study of lightning and charged particles led H2G into discovering a new process for releasing energy from water. H2 Global created a 4inch cube that turns water into clean fuel to power our planet for a clean future. Please watch the whole video recording (unedited) for the details, watch Walt’s superbly professionally produced videos and illustrations on the technology that he used to substantiate his talk with! Another great presentation from FESIG’s meetings! Enjoy!

FESIG 66th Meeting Mike Emery on Organmic Bubble Tech 3rd July 2019

Published on July 27, 2019

The 2nd Session of the 66th FESIG Meeting started promptly with the Chair, Crystal introducing Mike Emery, one of the most thought provoking Quantum Physicists of our times, whose essays earned him a place at the 1st 1/10th of the top 1% of the scientific community at www.academia.edu, (Academia is used by academics at 12,357 universities)! Mike talked about the ORGONE BUBBLE TECH he developed with his partners. Orgone Bubble tech started since May last year (2018) and went viral when people are experience miraculous healing and manifestations of their hearts' desire! Hive Mind, General Patton. The way Mike figured out how the Universe worked is by tracking down the skid marks. Aethers are made up of love. Anu is in every cell. Love is the skid marks … layers of consciousness… that goes to darkness ….all seeds germinated from darkness. All human consciousness started at the same time from chaotic darkness. Space and Time is Consciousness. We are pure consciousness. A holodeck connected to a juke box…over and over again. Humans are puppets of the Hive Mind (collective subconsciousness). Having explained how consciousness is energy which is connected to the Aethers, the Anu which is Love, Mike then brought us through how this is the basis of the Orgone Bubble Tech, how it is made and how it functions and the magical benefits it brings. Testimonies kept pouring in daily after this Bubble tech went viral on the internet with people making them and experiencing magic happening to them. Watch the rest of the video. Then Crystal thanked everyone and adjourned the 66th FESIG Meeting to the 67th one on the 7th of Aug 2019

FESIG 66th Meeting Adam Apollo on Unified Physics & Quantum Geometry 3rd July 2019

Published on July 27, 2019

Crystal commenced the 1st Session of the 66th FESIG Meeting on 3rd July 2019, introducing Adam Apollo, a physicist, systems architect, designer and developer, who is dedicated to achieving a sustainable and thriving interplanetary culture. He has been a featured speaker on future technology and unified physics at the White House, the United Nations, and at conferences around the world. Understanding the unification of Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity through the recent breakthroughs in quantum gravity physics, Adam Apollo has published many papers and online courses, and currently has over 35,000 active students of all ages from around the world across several online Academies. Watch this video to join him for an exploration of Unified Physics and the underlying quantum geometry of gravity and spacetime itself, and discover how these insights can apply to Starship engineering for anti-gravitational propulsion and superluminal travel. Adam Apollo's beautifully and creatively illustrated presentation contents are: "What is Space-time made of? The Vacuum Catastrophe, Quantum Geometry, Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass, The Proton, Nuclear Alignments, Electron Orbitals, Scale of the Universe, Scale as Frequency, Light is Space Vibrating, Geometry Guides how Energy of Light Moves, Quantum Entanglement, Relativity is Awareness of Relationship, Starship Propulsion system, Field Resonance Propulsion, Interstellar Navigation, Superluminal Spacecraft", making it one of the best presentations we have ever had! Do watch it all! You'll enjoy learning from Adam in the wonderful futuristic world of advance off-planet technologies! Before we know it, this colourful and well illustrated 1st session ended and was adjourned to the next session where Mike Emery speaks about his Orgonite Bubble Tech.

FESIG 65th Meeting 2nd Session Pontus-R&D Team 5thJune19

Published on Jun 20, 2019

Fraz co-chair said they are building 2 different sizes of the motor generator. Pontus is working on the bigger one whereas Fraz and Ayvind are onto the smaller one. The team is experimenting on the prototypes, burning up several Arduino boards but making progress. Pontus Hassbjer showed his rotor, stator, hub and parts, explaining how he made them and fitting them together precisely with photos and video clips. Ayvind Binders was in his element sharing his deep knowledge of how things could work better with diagrams. Rene Meschuh was sharing hs ideas and knowledge too. The R&D team is expanding and growing with experts coming in to assist. It’s going to be a successful all hands onboard team work! Trishia Juarez Joined in the meeting too with suggestions and ideas of how FESIG could benefit from some new speakers she’ll be introducing. After going round the table, the chair, Crystal adjourned the meeting to the next session.

FESIG 65th Meeting with Larry Woods 5June19

Published on Jun 27, 2019

The 65th Meeting actually started 1st with the FESIG R&D Team's report as Larry Woods, the 1st Session speaker's son had an accident and was hospitalized so Larry was not able to turn up for the 1st session and managed to come in for the 2nd session instead, right after Crystal got Quantum Physicist Mike Emery to jump in quickly for the 'rescue'. Mike Emery, the Quantum Physicist, who said he learnt from John Bedini, Tom Bearden and Al Bielek about the Montauk Project, teleportation, the Holographic universe, dynamic electrostatic field. Orgone energy put on steroids - the Tesla violet ray wand and the Bubble Tech that cleans out everything, including human etheric field energy. That made a very good preview for the next meeting where Mike Emery will speak. Crystal then introduced Larry Woods who spoke about his work and experience as an inventor. How the suppression intimidates and threatens. Nicola Tesla, the metaphysician and the Vimanas, and various designs of alternative energy. Larry Woods is a retired electrical engineer, Master union electrician, Inventor, BASS FISHERMAN. During his career he had been successful at both designing and taking part in the construction of many projects. Then Crystal introduced Larry Woods, the speaker for his meeting. Larry said everything has 3 properties, Frequency, Electricity and Magnetism, the Holy Trinity, without these 3 things, nothing can happen….which means everything has a toroidal field. Torroidal fields – in normal everyday electrical formulas, 1 Volt, through 1 Ohm of conductor yields 1 Amp. Thru’ geometry and vortex math created a coil that 1 Volt thru .46 Ohms yields 10 Amps! Which means that we can use 10 wire size smaller and can achieve the same amperage output. Listen to the rest of this video for Larry’s amazing knowledge sharing. After the Q&A and having gone round the table, Crystal adjourn the meeting to the 66th FESIG Meeting on 3rd of July.

FESIG 64th Meeting 2nd Session with FESIG R&D Pontus Hassbjer

Published on Jun 2, 2019

The FESIG 64th Meeting 2nd Session started off with Fraz Frazzle giving a report on how the FESIG R&D Team came about with Pontus Hassbjer kick- starting of the Buie-Morin Motor Generator to attract some of the most talented and skillful volunteers coming in to assist with the making of an efficient motor generator system. Fraz pointed out very clearly that right now this is NOT a free energy device but more like an efficient way of generating electricity. A little bit in and a lot more back out. Problems - sourcing of materials and standardization. Pontus then went on to machine this – and balancing it. So by having a few more people joining in the team, we then have more input of sources, with the best pricing. Then the problem with mosfets. Kind of having better mosfets now. And matching up of capacitors. Worked on scalability and pieceability of the system. Then Pontus took over the meeting platform with sharing his progress on the assembling and building system. Showing pre-recorded videos of balancing 1500 rpm. The team was in full swing with the discussion along the way with Q&A, R&D in the works. One can then see what a precise engineering ingenuity and highly skillful technologist Pontus is. The rest of the R&D Team members are equally superb with each and every aspect of their unique skills to input into the whole. Very interesting progress and development. Please watch it all the way through. Fraz explained that some of the electrical and mechanical diagrams are just preliminary to serve the purpose for the moment and will change as time goes on with the R&D process with improvements and especially when all the parts are coming together. Fraz did a great job with the co-chairing of the meeting by explaining the different parts and actual process to the lay person, answering questions from the chat room. Pontus was great sharing photos and video clips of his prototype building thus far. What a great sharing with the enthusiast! Then Crystal thanked everyone and adjourned the 64th FESIG Meeting to the 65th one on the 5th of June.

FESIG 64th Meeting with Jared Rand on RV Funding Replicators Disclosure & Celestial Chamber

Published on May 18, 2019

FESIG 64th Meeting 1st Session started off with Crystal Goh, the Chair, welcoming the 100 something meeting attendees to FESIG, the Free Energy Special Interest Group! She introduced the speaker Jared Rand of the Global Guided Meditation Call.. Jared started talking about the processing and developing of the celestial chamber, that they will move people to safe places to successfully complete the 1st unit prototype model, testing them and move to produce a dozen of them, given open-source information, going over the protocols, through with quantum physicists, AI people, scientists, fabricators. Manufacture them to deliver out there to make a difference on this planet eliminating disease and human ills. It’s called the box. Self powered…operate from a different perspective… light particle communication – communicates with other devices…. Tachyon Plasma field…. It powers the dwelling in it pretty much forever. Makes harmonious tone frequency….harmonise atmosphere to uplifting moods, as it raises frequencies of people.. The replicators literally creates everything we need. Food, needs can be instantaneously created through voice command. Re-atomize leftovers so there’s no waste. Toxic waste that had been a problem here will literary not exist anymore, as they’ll be eliminated. These technologies had been introduced at this time so the civilization can move forward into a much higher vibrational frequency. Also operate as a communication device – sending and receiving communication with anybody in the world. The monetary process is very delicate as there are many applications. Controlled by a handful of authority for their own benefit. Unlimited wealth must be distributed to a handful of people who are here to help turn the planet around so they can bestow and spread abundance out to the masses. Financial shift is to wealthify everyone. Those who are in receivership of this wealth has committed their lives to change the planet for the better. Abundance, diseases eliminated. Bodies will be renewed, uplift frequencies into a much harmonious existence. Power control and manipulation no more. No disease, no aging. Aging dictates it’s ending. Rots away, not meant to be. Unending life, space travelling all over the universe, experiencing life on other planets. An the free energy front, the box, the cube powers like a replicator –attracts high frequency energy particles from the plasma field of the environment - accumulates, processes and expands the energy continuously - no need for ACDC – senses the power needs of other devices and just sends energy to power them. It doesn’t have its own source of power but it relies on some form of power that will translate it into a light frequency wave energy that will make it work. Pulls it in from the environment to replicate. Works forever, inexhaustible. The cube is what will power the Celestial Chamber – no wires, no wifi. Anti-gravitic bends light, manipulates time….replicators….water is created instantaneously. House dwelling is all self-contained, self repairs, a living energy, yet not synthetic. Water, food, heating is all taken care of. No maintenance, safe. Replicators. Full blown replication for the celestial chambers. RV and financials… it’s already been set…. A blast of wealth that’ll be distributed to the people soon. Watch and listen for the rest.

FESIG 63rd Meeting Pontus Hassbjer's Buie-Morin Motor Generator Prototype

Published on April 12, 2019

The 63rd FESIG Meeting’s 2nd session on the 2nd April 2019, started off promptly with Crystal Goh continuing that the FESIG Team is working on the 1st Free Energy Device Training Program. Pontus Hassbjer took over the explanation of how he is coming along with the making of the prototype of the Buie-Morin Motor Generator device. Pontus showed how he could take apart an old engine to recycle into the functional parts for casing and structure to hold the device. Then he explained why he had to do some machining to tailor-fit the parts into the casing. He even shot video clips of the machining works. There had been some questions, discussions, suggestions and knowledge inputs from the meeting attendees who are experts in their science, such as Ayvind, Sergy, Paul, Bo, Jan and Vince. Fraz was on hand to assist with the co-chairing whilst Pontus continued to go into details of how he used the materials, the types of metal used and the machining in precision engineering. He shared the videos he did, preparing, drilling, machining the parts to fit the whole. Fraz said that certain parts of the old washing machine doesn’t work so we have to modify it, have to machine to reconfigure the parts ourselves. Fraz pointed out that the cost isn’t that much, reminding people that there are workshop venues in communities that can be shared and used with a small membership fee to go in to do the machining of the parts to tailor fit. Pontus then say that anyone can learn how to do this. It isn’t difficult by learning and replicating what he is doing. In fact a few people are already starting to follow to build it…He systematically showed how he then fitted them together. He even has a belt driven balancing system machine to balance the 2 plates so as to fit the rotor and shafts precisely. Balancing is crucial as Fraz explained that the fitting is very tight, any imbalance in the system, in the rotor or shaft will cause a vibration, making a difference in the electrical current of the magnetic fields in there. If it’s not balanced in that high RPM, the machine tears itself apart! Pontus showed one part after another that fits beautifully together! We can manufacture the precisely machined parts for others to put together in the future. Pontus called out for people to check out Patrick Kelly’s (author of "The Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices") presentation of the Buie-Morin Motor Generator in his eBook, on how it works. Patrick Kelly commented on the speed of the motor and is concerned about the precision alignment that only a skilled operator such as Pontus can achieve. Patrick then said that he’s relying on Pontus’ completing the prototype so that he can then modify, refine the instruction manual precisely for all concerned. The meeting was then adjourned to the 1st of May 2019 where Jared Rand will continue to speak and Pontus will hopefully by then able to show the completed prototype!

FESIG 63rd Meeting, Jared Rand on the Celestial Chamber

Published on April 8, 2019

The 63rd FESIG Meeting started off with Crystal Goh, the Chair, welcoming the 100 meeting attendees to FESIG. Jared Rand speaks of his Celestial Chamber. 9 feet long in structure. Powered by plasma and tachyon particle field. Controlled AI and database of the human body - frequency field energy range of the body. Melatonin infused- so the person goes into a deep sleep. Body carries DNA memory. The energy field is still there in the DNA. The halo flows over the body, completely analyse the human form, identify all the anomalies in the human form. There's no pain nor cutting or anything - the body is completely unviolated - Process takes 3 mins. Organs, limbs are regenerated. Implants are atomised or eliminated. It will also reverse the ageing process, mostly controlled to the age of 35, but could go down to a very young age. This is not an Earth technology. A quantum entanglement design. Many technologies that this civilisation is to be blessed with - they’re here to see to it that it’ll be delivered safely and securely. Every person of the team has to have a deeper understanding, respect in consciousness and awareness, a sacred act! Everything starts with the mind, ‘cos our intention has set it forth, according to our ultimate goal is for homeostasis for all subjects of the world, to have a total balance over any stress that could be visiting them. Our most amazing gift is to repair and heal only, but why are we not healing? The Celestial Chamber - bio organic material of the chamber encases the patient that conforms to the shape and size of the body. It picks up the DNA genetic blueprint…The CC is to eliminate the stress, anxiety and fear that this civilization is being literary saturated with, to free it, to think for itself and to lead itself to progress on a measured basis. The DNA memory of imperfections is to be erased as the body would not have anymore resonance to these anomalies. In the immune system in the body a harmonic field is generated to protect the degradation of the body tissue. The protection is supercharged after the treatment and nothing will affect it anymore. Re-aging is instant! If you understand the electric Plasma frequencies in the hyper quantum field of physics, like a voice analyzer, it goes up and down, up and down, the CC re-atomize that frequency to an absolute a smooth line frequency so the body in disharmony begins to deteriorate rot. It was genetically modified to be that way but if you genetically demodified the human body, so that it’ll accelerate at whim, at will, its ageing and it’s de-aging. It’s as if a time field frequency is placed in the body so that it accelerates and reverses as if the wrinkles and the anomalies were never there! Life extension. A prototype is in production right now. Body must be in a state of stasis (deep sleep) in order for it to be harmonized thru’ the CC with the Plasma and Tachyon control particulate. This is a 39th Universe/Dimension galactic technology. Take an 85 yr old man and re-atomized into a 35 yr old young strapping guy with all imperfections taken away from him – younger than his kids, emotional ramifications here! Will cause riots. A lot to think about to make sure that every human will have access to this device. Eventually, every household will have one A self-powered micro cube wirelessly through Light communication powers the device! Free Energy. There ere great questions asked in the chat room where James Rink had fired in rapid succession to Jared. Listen and watch all for details. Then this meeting was adjourned to the 2nd session where Pontus Hassbjer will share the making of the Buie-Morin motor generator towards beta testing and training preparations.

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