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The transcript of the Chairman of The Foundation, Mr. Martin Burger's speech during the 48th FESIG Meeting on the 3rd Jan 2018

The Chairman of The Foundation first address in FESIG 3rd Jan 2018
48th FESIG Meeting

Martin Burger began his talk by stating his appreciation to Gene Manning who helped Martin become a public figure in New Energy Space via Blue Eagle precious metals and Blue Energy.   Precious Metals being Martin’s 1st white paper into this new ICO space is not part of this particular program,  what we’re doing is a new ICO  white paper that involves bringing together stranded technologies, valuable beneficials, scalable game changing technologies,  that he had been aware of and working with various inventors for years.

The Cryptocurrency: This will be with the ICO and the whole emergence Block-chain Crypto space finally be where we deal with this burden of the controllers’ vested interest gridlock, which can’t be stopped now.  Energy should be like air, you breathe it and it’s yours to use for free.

When the block-chain cryptocurrency hit the $10K mark, it became the natural evolution, populated by the brightest, the most resourceful, creative and passionate people.  People worried about the block-chain being shut down and taken over by the New World Order, & many disaster scenario….but it’s the nature of the confusing chaotic phase.   People are now becoming a lot more discerning where they participate in the crypto space…

What we have is totally unique where it’s more card relationship focused than coin focused – permits us to issue a very valuable coin … more intimate in the connecting with the vision, the tentacles and the laterals….

The Vision : There are more than half a million of scientists and creatives  supporting inventions, progress and solutions and they all have equity in this.   So Martin, the Visionary’s crazy thought is, if they have equity in this, they are no different from the equity that Martin holds in his 30years of his patents and the rest of that. They have equity too and they should be acknowledged.  And they’re valuable to have as members inclusively in this consciousness domain that will form around this community. 

The Gift: So he asked who would be airdropped? That when he came across TVoP/FESIG website and the wonderful work we do  - he found it to embody the essence in targeting the airdrop.  When we do the ICO, we’ll issue coins to a select list of people and will be very careful in selecting that list of people.   We certainly will NOT deny anybody who has had 10 years or a lifetime of service in this sort of solutions as Martin thought  they hold equity as much as he does.  We’re going to start gifting $250 million dollars worth of  Energy Innovation Coins, he said!!  He gets to play Santa Claus, to give all of this stuff out!  His goodwill gesture – an invitation to join a very special community, a community of like-minded people just like all of you here. 

The Technology : In forming that community there’ll be a coherence that these Gatekeepers in their vested interest have used against us strategically and tactically, they can stop a Nicola Tesla – the papers in the Hotel Astoria are still in the National Archive, locked for purposes of National Security and at the same time the same government, will say adamantly that Tesla has no value in the free energy devices he’s talking about and does not exist and it’s not practical! But sorry, people have spent many years on it and Martin’s  close associate John Milewski had redesigned the Tom Bearden’s motionless electric generator called MEG. He said, although there were problems with that device while the concept was reasonably sound it wasn’t fully appreciated  by the Bearden team, so we’ve picked it up and taken it to the next level, fixing  the defects and flaws in the design and preliminary tests are very exciting .

The Solution: We're talking about a year or so away where we’ll be able to provide 5, 10, 20 KW with that hand held device of free energy!  They are not very expensive to build – so with that, we’ll launch our energy innovation coin, we’ll raise $250 million, the coin will also be backed with a $45 million US dollar treasury note and then the equity of all of these innovations. We’re starting with presenting four technologies initially, 3 of them energy related, one of them is a very exciting solution in nuclear waste scenario.

The Problem: We’ve all seen the Chernobyl disaster consequences which suggested 30-40,000 lives were lost but the reality is over 800,000 or a million and it as a terrible experience and even worse than that we now have the Fukushima experience and the contaminants still flow like Niagara Falls into the Pacific Oceans, we are seeing masses of species change, population changes, the health and viability. Then he talked about the solutions that were blocked -  energy focus – expanding to major problems confronting us. 

The Bo Hai Tidal Project: When Crystal asked about his Blue Energy Bridge project in China, he talked about The Bo Hai Tidal Bridge Project, apart from bridging 2 important cities together, it will generate in access of 70,000 MW of clean reliable power of the coming and going of each tide, allowing China to become a world leader in sustainable energy!

The Visionary: Martin then quoted his mentor/friend/master visionary, John Leslie Brodie who has a prolific vision – a 10yr mentorship, whom he learnt from this man’s extraordinary faculties (his ability, wisdom and vision) to be a true visionary himself!   John is a ‘Walk-In’, who had not been a victim of the ‘Veil of Forgetfulness’.  Martin said that if he can pay homage to John, he’ll make this mission a success!  And he is very confident it will be so.  He said, when he makes a choice, it’s done, Engineers make decisions, but Visionaries make choices!  A choice has, in cosmology a divine aspect imprint. The Visionation Principles are quite simple but very powerful  and  unique in the sense that all the molecules in the universe acknowledge your choice from your divine aspect! 

Walking the Vision: And so the vision part is unique – the coin will take the Crypto ICO blockchain technology to a whole new level that’ll be much more greater indepth, with longevity and valuation. This will be a very valuable coin.   From that initial 200million dollars, we’ll start with the Blue Energy Tidal Bridge and likely choose the Orkney Islands of Scotland ‘cos we’ve got some wonderful history there. The UK has seen the emergence of all kinds of sustainable technologies in harnessing tidal waves energy in the last 20yrs.  It’s certainly burdened with the process of approval, they played and participated – the ancient Law of the Norse that prevails over the common statute of the Greater UK, established claim over the Orkneys, that means the Ocean bed and the Ocean there I owned by the Orkney Council!  This is the way we could move the technology beyond the barriers.

The Alchemist: Crystal asked Martin to talk about his team of scientists and their technologies. From engineer to alchemist, Martin expanded his variety of interest and skills. Ended up working with John Milewsky making gold out of brown beer bottles, using a microwave technique….so alchemy is now a game changer…  please watch the rest of the video for more details! https://youtu.be/KP8Ti6TbHaU

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