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The FESIG Meeting Video Links, Part 2: FESIG 18th - 35th Meeting

Most meetings have been recorded and there are many pictures and diagrams to be organised and posted in a Members Resource page if we can have volunteers to help out Crystal in the admin.

35th FESIG Meeting 17th May '17

Published on May 20, 2017

The 35th FESIG Meeting was held on 17th May, although there were obvious forces working against it happening! Adrian Espinosa was targeted and 'framed' but was eventually released once found innocent. We held our 35th Meeting, amongst ourselves, the EXCO regulars, Crystal, James Rink, Fraz Frazzle, Ron Crystal, Iosif Daniel, Piotr Ficner, Vince, and others. We discussed about the probable release of the Non-Human exotic technologies from the Secret Space Program. Crystal probed into James's knowledge accessed from his association with Peter of the ACIO and his Super Soldiers network, on the demise of the SSP in a couple of years time and what will become of the exotic techs if not to be released open-sourced for humanity? Suppression and repression to be lifted once the tables are turned or is it just a 'change of management'? And so Crystal questioned on, whilst James came out with what he knows or was informed. Iosif Daniel asked important geoengineering questions which were answered succinctly by our resident scientist Fraz Frazzle. Watch all to find out more.

34th FESIG Meeting 3rd May '17

Published on May 4, 2017

The 34th FESIG Meeting held on 3rd May, introduced guest speaker, Michael Upstone, Chairman and Founder of The Universal Trust, contributor to the Model of Sustainable Organisation - MoSO, a holistic model designed to invert common, flawed organisational practice, to create organisations that work with nature and human nature. The Universal Trust supports co-operative relationships with partners who share the intent to bring paradigm changing technologies to the world. Mike is a former FTSE 100 management consultant. He explained The Universal Trust has a concept for technology providers and community where notes are printed and denominated (measured) in kilowatt hours – this makes us conscious creators of our own currency, and makes the connection between currency and energy conscious. The details of which are found in this pdf link. FESIG's key members Crystal, James, Fraz, and regular Ron indulged in a deep dialogue with Mike on the practicality of bringing about the new paradigm shift from the old dysfunctional hierarchical monetary incentive model to the the new conscious currency paradigm of abundance and freedom. Thus a meeting of futurist thinkers deliberating on the freedom ideologies!

33rd FESIG Meeting 26th April '17

Published on April 27, 2017

The 33rd FESIG on 26th April was with a surprise guest speaker as the scheduled one, Adrian Espinosa wasn't well. Thanks to James Rink's quick thinking and fast action, he immediately got Jessica Marrocco to fill in for Adrian! Jessica is Beyond Smoke & Mirrors Radio show Co-host at www.paraspeakradio.com. She's a Psychic, Intuitive, Medium, Author, Life coach, Lemurian healer, Celtic shaman, Radio talk host and a futurist. Learn about her at Jessica (Arael) Marrocco. In the meeting we discussed free energy devices and technology of the future, the rate of evolution and progress made by humanity in the perspective of the big picture intuitives like Jessica could see... She described what she 'saw' - the metallic alloy used in the space crafts and devices. Crystal asked about the Light body Lightships versus metallic alloyed Space Crafts, what we have to alluringly attract the Alien Controllers here? James Rink gave us an excellent update on the Secret Space Program's future and how they are releasing their free energy technologies to humanity in just a short couple of years when they'll cease their operations! What a disclosure update! Thank you Jessica and James!

32nd FESIG Meeting 5th April '17

Published on April 12, 2017

The 32nd FESIG on the 5th April, started with Crystal, the Chair, introducing James Gilliland of the famed ECETI Ranch, FESIG's special guest speaker. James, Founder of ECETI or Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence, is a minister, counselor, an internationally known lecturer, best selling author with the books: Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, and The Ultimate Soul Journey. James G started off with acknowledging the fact that most of our free energy technologies are from the ETs. He talked about his Ranch, which is the portal or 'gateway' to the ETs, and how the benevolent ones are usually from the 5th Dimension and above – how evolved they are and how keen they are to help us through the process of transitioning from the 3rd density to the 5th. James Rink discussed the secret space program with James G and Crystal brought up the subject of ascension for humanity, either via technology assistance or just simply the natural time coded process of the activation of the dormant DNA codes embodying the higher self. Crystal revealed her idea of organizing a mini conference at the ECETI Ranch sometime in August, FESIG on Free Energy technologies in collaboration with James Rink's SuperSoldierTalk.com's Secret Space Program and ECETI.org's ET Connection. This is a super charged meeting with our last speakers, Kevin Hay & Dr. Whodini, William Alek, in attendance, adding to equation as well. Fraz Frazzle succinctly summed up the session in a superb closing statement.

31st FESIG Meeting 15th March '17

Published on March 18, 2017

Kevin Hay shows a pathway for self exploration and for the understanding of force functions, inertia, gravitation, and the electrification of matter. These functions explain the light inside of us. It explains space and time and matter. Kevin explained how sacred geometry is in everything, especially in simple mathematics, in Victor Schauberger's vortex, in crop circles, etc. Basics of schematics, speech, put mathematics to algorithms, expand our understanding to the universe, excitation of the pineal gland…. The Flower of Life schematic can be seen in a lot of the building blocks. He explained the bi-toroidal induction mechanics applied to hydrodynamics, function of water, function of electricity, molecular structure. He explained that Inductive Refraction is Electrification – the back EMF of this electrical event is felt as gravity. Then Kevin showed graphic pictures of his baseball bat accident that made a huge, gaping, long slit on his scalp, that got healed quickly with his Ormus cream concentrate (just generously smearing it onto the badly cut living tissue) - timeframe between 1st application on the gaping wound to the almost healed state was 12 short days! Magickal! Fraz gave a quick update of the Australian breakthrough.

30th FESIG Meeting 1st March '17

Published on March 2, 2017

The 30th FESIG Meeting was chaired by Crystal at 8pm EST (PST - 5pm). Our guest speakers, Aurora Light, Vice President of AuroraTek and her partner, William Alek (a.k.a. Dr. Whodini, a.k.a The Wizard of AZ) were introduced very well. William, CEO and President of the AuroraTek, Inc., a company that is pioneering advanced exotic energy technologies and sustainable green holistic community lifestyles, and President of INTALEK, INC., specializing in research and development of FREE Energy, Antigravitational, Time Travel devices and systems, did a great presentation of his technologies in a power-point presentation. . Aurora is a renowned intuitive metaphysician, an expert on "Trespasso," the ancient art of remembering and seeing past lives. She produces and hosts VortexNetworkNews.com, was informative with what she does.
There were interesting discussions about what and how to proceed with the works on hand, with the EXCO team brainstorming the nitty gritty of taking in Free Energy projects as they come in, be it a patented/copyrighted one or open-sourced.

29th FESIG Meeting 15th Feb '17

Published on Feb 20, 2017

The 29th FESIG Meeting, chaired by James Rink (introductions and commencement) & Fraz Frazzle (wrapping it up), started promptly at 5.30pm GMT. Although Crystal is still away, she has invited and arranged for this meeting with a great speaker! James commenced the meeting well, introducing guest speaker, William Alek (a.k.a. Dr. Whodini, a.k.a The Wizard of AZ), who has more than 25 years of experience as an embedded computer hardware and software engineering consultant to companies such as Motorola, Honeywell, General Electric, Bendix, Rockwell International, Mack Trucks, Cummins Diesel, etc. He is CEO and President of the AuroraTek, Inc., a company that is pioneering advanced exotic energy technologies and sustainable green holistic community lifestyles, and President of INTALEK, INC., specializing in research and development of FREE Energy, Antigravitational, Time Travel devices and systems. William Alek talked about how he got started with his amazing work and how one thing leads to another and he explained the vacuum, the anti-gravitational and magnetic fields, the toroidal fields and free energy. Visit AuroraTek. (Aurora Light herself will speak in the next FESIG Meeting - our 30th, together with William) and INTALEK.com for more information. Then our chief scientist Fraz Frazzle came in to deliberate with William on the scientific technicalities of these fields. Fraz, took up the chairing of the meeting to finish off.

28th FESIG Meeting 1st Feb '17

Published on Feb 1, 2017

The 28th FESIG Meeting started promptly at 5.30pm on the 1st Feb., 2017. Kevin Hay was unable to avail himself at the last minute due to heavy commitments and work overload. It got to be too much for him, and he simply had to let this one go. Our brilliant Fraz Frazzle not only chaired this meeting but also took over the speaker's platform to share his amazing developments with Mike Nashif's fueless car device. Fraz is a PhD scientist, and knows his stuff! He's certainly on top of the Plasma science that Keshe had been exposing for some years now, as Fraz hardly ever missed those workshops, and he gleaned the most important eureka moments of the 'discoveries' in progress of the Plasma technology! Fraz revealed his fantastic development of his fueless car device that had given more than 20% savings towards 50%. This is literary a blueprint exposure, open sourced, as he revealed how the device was put together with the specific GANs in their specific combinations with the 'spinal pipe' and the copper coils, explaining in very clear concise manner on the toroidal flow of the magnetic and gravitational flow of the energy, interacting with the infinity conceptual science of Mike's. Nobody would've explained it better!! You're superb, Fraz! Brilliant! In this meeting he also expounded upon the very nature of Scalar wave forms, scalar energy and scalar frequencies explaining them most succinctly more than anybody we have heard before! James and Ron were on hand to assist with the questioning and directions. What an revelation! Please visit our website, http://truevisionofpeace.com/fesig.html, to find Fraz Frazzle's write-up, where you can get links to his Youtube channel, to learn his science step by step and to read his papers.

27th FESIG Meeting 18th Jan '17

Published on Jan 19, 2017

The 27th FESIG Meeting was well attended, with special guest, Kevin Hay, saying: "THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CREATING FREE ENERGY. We cannot create it. Energy is everywhere already."
Kevin's current expertise is in cannabis production.
"I understand how our bodies work and how our cells function, at the atomic level. I learned this through dream state, after taking monoatomic gold compounds for 18 months.
I utilized this function of inductive coupling and de-coupling of atoms, in order to understand the electrical functions of torsion compression and polar magnetism. I can now explain this as electricity, gravity, inertia or magnetism. This is all spinor, scalar torsion functions, force. Pure force. Through movement.
"Ormus elements are what our bodies are made from, being the atomic materials that are used to recouple DNA strands into the magnetic codex, that is the back EMF wave. Magnetism is information. Magnetic fields are compression fields generated by moving atomic oscillatory functions, which we call matter."
"Ormus elements, when consumed, transmit these fields directly into our bodies, accelerating the cells, and increasing the electromagnetic functions inside of our bodies. Our brain hemispheres synchronize and accelerate. This is Pineal Excitation."
Kevin talked about Mr. Keshe's Plasma Science, and GANs in comparison to Ormus. Then Etienne brought up the discussion about the Veil thinning and how we can get the manifestation of the metaphysical to the physical, as Metaphysical Energy IS Scalar Flux, according to Kevin.
This meeting was abuzz with resonating high energy from some very special people present! A fusion and melding of great minds! Listen to the high level understanding of the metaphysical science discussions back and forth in the panel that's so inspiring, giving us hope that we're getting somewhere at last! Kevin's amazing metaphysical understanding of the true nature of science in his talk has prompted a lot of questions, so much that we could not find enough time to accommodate other presentations and updates. Then it was decided that Kevin's very interesting, wide ranging knowledge will spill over the next couple of FESIG Meetings. This exceptionally longer meeting was then adjourned to the next one on the 1st of February.

26th FESIG Meeting 4th Jan '17

Published on Jan 6, 2017

The 26th FESIG Meeting introduced Etienne Charland, a gifted clairvoyant self-transformation specialist and alchemist who talked about "The Context of Disclosure." Etienne said the shadow government, or the Cabal's weapons, used to stop people with free energy projects, are in 3 levels, the energetic, physical and psychic realities. If anyone undertakes to build something like free energy tech, the cabal will take the offensive to them; they will try to block & stop them by using mind control and these weapons. People must deal with both the energetic and physical planes. He gave examples of free-energy inventors' experiences in 'bad luck,' which was actually planned & targeted attacks, proving there are forces opposing people bringing out these technologies. How to protect ourselves? Use muscle testing for truth, clarity, guidance in protection. Fraz added "Tap into the Universal Consciousness…" To avert or minimize attacks: Attack happens more if you're working out of alignment – such as those who are trading their souls for power. Ways to defend ourselves: Full alignment with God will get full protection - 3 things: Integrity, Alignment and 'Spine' - if you side track, you lose the protection. Protection is only to the extent of being in alignment with God in these 3 values. As you watch and listen, you'll find Etienne's amazing clairvoyant abilities demonstrated live!  Join us on the 18th Jan for the 27th FESIG Meeting!

25th FESIG Meeting 21st Dec '16

Published on 23rd Dec, 2016

The 25th FESIG Meeting takes a look at the work of the living legends of Free Energy! The meeting started off promptly with Crystal opening up a meditation circle for David to say a prayer. Then she introduced the President at Hydrogen Garage, Andrew Batty, who manufactures HHO WATER cell systems, that were originally designed by Bob Boyce®, which can run a car on 100% water. Andrew talked about Bob Boyce, Bedini, Stan Meyer, and how dangerous this work can be. He touched on the H2O cells, Bob's 100 cell box, the WaterSmacker healing water, water car inventor research, etc. It's so exciting to hear from this wonderful, kind-hearted man about how a person without a scientific background can be at the forefront of the free energy revolution, coming up with the HHO Water cell systems, Boyce's longitudinal toroidal energy systems! The whole zoom room was abuzz with our scientific team excitedly interacting with Andrew and Ulf (lectures in Free Energy), Andrew's knowledgeable friend, who was visiting London! Fraz and Stephane were updating their work too. FESIG's site is now revamped for easier navigation. Look out for the super fantastic new information from FESIG's amazing line-up of brilliant speakers! Join us on the 4th Jan for the 26th FESIG Meeting! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

24th FESIG Meeting 7th Dec '16

Published on 8th Dec, 2016

Crystal was seeking brilliant scientists to assist in FESIG's endeavour and 'met up' with Pattie L. Brassard on Zoom a week prior to this meeting. Although Pattie was scheduled to speak at this 24th FESIG Meeting, she did not turn up, so Crystal ran the video recording of their 1st conversation as a fall-back plan in the meeting. NASA whistleblower, former Sgt. Pattie L. Brassard, US Army Freedom Team/NASA Black Project Computer Communications. A brilliant scientist, she worked for NASA, Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, Polaris - built robots used in Fukushima (worked for Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO). This 1st prelude of a conversation led to some amazing disclosure of information and illustrated pictures of space, ETs, the Human triple strand DNA - 48 chromosomes, the Controllers, Dracos, Reptilians, Archons and other races are interested in the 3 elements of real Free Energy, Plasma AI, PPAI, Original Flower of Life being part of the fractal virus, the Milky way and the imprint of the Akashic Records, Eden on Avelonn where GAIA was made. Pattie's manifesting crystal prisms - frequency changing crystal forms she puts on all the planets to get all the low frequency dark life forms locked up, setting GAIA's repair frequencies.... about 50mins of Pattie's info. Mike Nashif commented on this information, and talked about his new Infinity 888 workshops coming up. Our FESIG head scientist, Fraz Frazzle, was super sharp with his presentation of his breakthrough findings of the compartmentalisation of the GANses in the Gravitational & Magnetic nature, into 3 separate states Gases, Aqueous and Nano (GANs). James Rink talked on the different Aritificial Inteligences, be it Plasma AI, Pathogenic Predatory AI, the White Goo and Black Goo. Tom Van Keulen presented his wonderful update on a video. Christian Leithner shared his GANs science with Fraz. Look out for the super fantastic new information from FESIG's amazing line-up of brilliant off-world knowledge speakers! Join us on the 21st Dec for the 25th FESIG Meeting!

23rd FESIG Meeting 16th Nov '16

Published on 16th Oct, 2016

The 23rd FESIG Meeting started off promptly. Penny Bradley, former super soldier fighter pilot based on Mars for 60 years, was a ship navigator on a cargo transport ship for Dark Fleet. Crystal asked her about the kind of power or energy that's used by the secret space program - and how they power their ships/crafts and the living techs there in Mars and other off-planet bases....she said it's a combination of anti-gravitational tech, plasma and Tesla-based techs. A lot of new information was revealed here. The point hammered home is that Starseeds must drop their egos to unite and work together to free humanity - our task is to take down the firmament the controllers put around planet earth to trap us in perpetuity. Then Tom Van Keulen presented an update of his hydrogen powered free energy device through a video he produced. Fraz Frazzle shared his developments with Mike Nashif's fueless car device and reported succinctly the dropped bombshell of Keshe's 144 & 145 KSW! Stephane Fyfe unveiled his beautiful creations! James Rink and his super soldier pals will be giving us some insights into some off-planet free energy technologies of the future in the forth-coming meetings. Join us in our meetings to also catch more off-planet info from Penny and others!

22nd FESIG Meeting 2nd Nov '16

Published on 2nd Nov, 2016

The 22nd FESIG Meeting started promptly at 5.30pm GMT at West London online on Zoom. This meeting was graced and well attended by special people of Free Energy scientists and Plasma communities. Guest presenter Tom Van Keulen, (James Rink's super-soldier comrade), started early with electronics – he was 8 yrs old when he first programmed his own video game! Researching metaphysics & the occult, he came across free energy and studied under John Bedini, the God father of Free Energy, (John Bedini is one of the few "living legends" in the free energy field!) and then later, inventor Bob Boyce®, who can run a V6 engine and a 2.0L on 100% water! He ran speed boats on hydrogen. And now Tom, under the supervision of Bob Boyce, has come out with a free energy device possibly running 600% over-unity! Tom was using his phone, so he did a video to present his free energy technology. Then Fraz Frazzle & Stephane Fyfe deliberated on techniques while Stephane did a progress report on his amazing devices. James Rink co-chairs this meeting with Crystal.

Alternate chair for next meeting is Fraz Frazzle.
Adjourn to next meeting on the 16th Nov '16

21st FESIG Meeting 19th Oct '16

Published on 19th Oct, 2016

The 21st FESIG Meeting started promptly at 5.30pm GMT on the 19th Oct '16. Crystal went through the motions of the Agenda, which included a report of FESIG activities & the last meeting. Fraz Frazzle updated us on Mr. Keshe's latest KSW, summing it all up, meticulously drawing diagrams, explaining how plasma technology works, whilst Stephane Fyfe explained about amperage and voltages that figured in his secret awesome devices! One can learn a lot here, thanks to these 2 brilliant passionate plasma scientists! We further explored and deliberated upon the subject of ingesting GANs, and that it is not regulated for safety and how one must value this sacred temple of a human body! No more self sacrificial carelessness in the name of Science! Members were urged to question everything and not just follow blindly.

Alternate chair for next meeting is James Rink.
Adjourn to next meeting on the 2nd Nov '16

20th FESIG Meeting 5th Oct '16

Published on 18th Oct, 2016

The 20th FESIG Meeting held on the 5th Oct '16 was chaired by Fraz Frazzle who also taught a workshop. Crystal was abroad in Croatia but managed to return to her hotel room to get online for the 20th FESIG meeting, half way through. Although Ron, Fraz and Trishia, with Piotr and some others popping in earlier, were at it for 4 hrs already, without a recording! This short recording of a recap/summary of what transpired earlier was recorded by Crystal when she came in. Fraz did a talk on circuitry - increasing the voltage and amperage on solar type batteries, plasma batteries, crystal batteries. He came up with the pros and cons, looking at the dynamics of nano system and palsma system, rather than the nano state of copper wires, talked about capacitors and how they work, examined ways of working wth capacitors - demonstrated plasma flows with diagram - to get the amperage up. They were discussing the relationship of the planet moving on a higher frequency... and plasma flow... GANs production was being discussed and what to do with the left-over GANs washed water. Fraz said new GANs must be properly washed - for either organic or inorganic use - save the washes and use it to water plants or domestic uses in the house. Ron relayed his experience on how the GANs plasma energy blew the lids off their sealed containers.

19th FESIG Meeting 21st Sept '16 Part 2

Published on 26 Sept, 2016

The 19th FESIG Meeting started at 5.41pm GMT, on the 21st Sept 2016 in West London. It was well attended by special people of GANs and Plasma communities! Our resident teachers, Fraz Frazzle and Stephane Fyfe, started it off so beautifully, sharing loads of techniques and creativity! Then Mike Nashif turned up, followed by his followers, and he shared his journey from the East to the West Coast with us. It was great! Tune in to listen to the details! Kike Flames co-chaired this meeting with Crystal, taking over the second half smoothly. Take part in conversation with some of the most radiant rising stars of Plasma technology!

18th FESIG Meeting 7 Sept '16

Published on 8 Sept, 2016

The 18th FESIG Meeting was graced and well attended by special people of GANs and Plasma communities! Whitney Fisher introduced her new initiative, ManyHands4Peace.org, and the Goddesses of GANs, with Heather Bryant in the lead, Colleen, Carolyn, Yasmin. Heather introduced her work and activities, saying she loves to be in FESIG.  Jacky answered important questions, expounding divine wisdom and insights that'll certainly solve the world's famine problem!
Kike Flames shared some Buddhist principles and wisdom relating to consciousness. The Goddesses of GANs shared reassuring testimonies on the benefits of the use and ingestion of GANs water. Take part in conversation with some of the most radiant rising stars of Plasma technology!

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