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The FESIG Meeting Video Links, Part 7: FESIG 88th - 92nd Meeting.

Most meetings have been recorded and there are many pictures and diagrams to be organised and posted in a Members Resource page if we can have volunteers to help out Crystal in the admin.

FESIG 92nd Michiko Hayashi on Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Water Consciousness work 8 Sept 2021 (2nd Session)

Published on Sept 29, 2021

Crystal Goh commenced the FESIG 92nd Meeting’s 2nd session on the 8th Sept by introducing Ms Michiko Hayashi, the Ambassador and Global Director of the non-profit organization Emoto Peace Project in Japan. Fluent in English, Spanish, French and Italian, she is a translator, who authored a series of 10 technical English books. Michiko started off by recollecting how when Dr Masaru Emoto was about to pass, he reminded her that she must continue with his work as it is the most important project for the world! As alternative medicine doctor he was treating people with a HADO machine and he neutralise the negative vibration of the water and made his patients drink it and at that time he knew that water carries the vibration to heal people. So from then on he wanted to prove that water can heal and kept thinking how he can do that, then one day he saw snow flakes and he wondered if water could be captured and seen that way when frozen. So that was the beginning of his water research and made it after 3 months. He came up with the world’s 1st water crystal photograph = visually captured the crystalline structure of frozen water – a visual proof of Hado which is vibration. In the form of crystal formed, it shows whether the water is positive or negative. Everything in water is information… as it stores memory and transport information. Water is deeply connected to our consciousness. Then she showed awful pictures of tap water from cities like Tokyo, London, Bangkok in comparison with those of the pristine natural spring water from Mt. Fuji, Lake Maggiore Switzerland and Fountain in Lourdes, France. A lot of sacred water is looking like the shape of a rosary… There’s only 1% of our Earth’s water left that is drinkable and yet we still continue to pollute it. When he played classical music to distilled water, it transforms into a beautiful crystal star design compared to that of the ugly formation from the heavy metal music. Water has memory… when we showed pictures of shrines to the water, it forms into beautiful designs. E.g. when the Izumo shrine was shown for 24 hrs, it emulated the shrine’s roof and rope design on its crystal. When we showed the heart symbol to the water for 24 hrs, the water crystal formed a heart design. Showing words to water. Should NOT use ugly words as it’ll manifest. Beautiful words create beautiful nature. Ugly words create ugly nature. This is the root of the universe. Disorder of words is self disorder, i. e. social disorder, of country, or world of space. Our body is a micro Universe. If we use beautiful words, means harmonious self, creating healthy being, country world universe – so we all should be using beautiful words. The beauty of the crystals formed with all the THANK YOUs in different languages are very powerful and beautiful! Peace and War – Peace is a beautiful whole piece but War is broken! Vibrational Pollution caused by the Gulf War reached Tokyo on January 17th, 1997. Due to the result of Hado (vibration) Measurement of tap water in Tokyo by Dr. Emoto. If he hadn’t done it we wouldn’t know. The most beautiful crystal that water has made was from the words “Love and Gratitude”. The world will be a beautiful place if everybody would be in love and gratitude. That the Creator made this world with love and gratitude. Before and after prayers water crystal were shown as evidence. Advancement (2014-2021) - where scientific experiments were carried out on the effects of Consciousness on water. Prof Dr Gerald Pollack guided and mentored Michiko to do these experiments more scientifically. Used Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) (invented by Dr. Serge Kembach) to measure how water changes with human consciousness effectively. Everything is Vibration, It’s Energy. Human are vibrational beings. Water is the superconductor of consciousness and all vibrations. Dr Fraz co-chaired the Q&A session with great questions. Crystal then adjourned this 2nd session of the 92nd to the 93rd Meeting on the 6th Oct 2021.

FESIG 92nd Dr. Gerald Pollack 4th Phase of Water 8 Sept 2021 (1st session)

Published on Sept 21, 2021

Crystal commenced the FESIG 92nd Meeting on the 8th Sept’s 1st session by introducing Prof Dr. Gerald Pollack, our 1st Session Speaker. Prof Dr. Gerald Pollack,PhD, is Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Washington. Amongst the many distinguished awards he received in 2015, he won the coveted BrandLaureate Award & the Lifetime Achievement Award and he is included in the 2019 listing, OOOM Magazine, as one of the “World’s 100 Most Inspiring People.” He talked about his newest book, "The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor" which won the Society for Technical Communication's highest "Distinguished Award", & the World Summit Excellence Award. Fourth phase water filling in the cells of your body, is charged; creating a battery that can produce electrical current. Light, which charges this battery, helps power your body, just as it helps power plants. The talk considers the potentially broad implications of this phase, not only for nature and spirituality, but also for health. As we are made up of 2/3rds of water, the 4th Phase kind, this will lead the way to better understanding how cells function! He said a 100 yr old Chinese, Dr Gilbert Ling a nobel prize winner on a biological water discovery hypothesized that inside the cell is different - each molecule stacks upon another molecule which changes our knowledge on all our cell biology. He showed a demonstration of little bean like things representing water molecules or dipoles which has water molecules to line up like the effect of Brownian motion or thermal motion so we actually looked at an experimental model that could demonstrate this when you have order like a crystal as they form, they tend to exclude solutes and particles - he calls it Exclusion Zone, EZ, because it excludes. Many of these charts or hydrophilic surfaces generate exclusion zones and many solutes are excluded so it's very general, in fact he showed one in plants that you can see these tubes that run from the bottom to the top of the tall tree. Is this water really different from bulk water from ordinary water and the possibility of the evidence that exclusion zone or EZ water is physically different from ordinary bulk water. With nuclear magnetic resonance we found that the EZ water molecules were more constrained than ordinary water molecules. There's a lot of evidence that this EZ water differs substantially if not completely from ordinary liquid water using micro electrodes - little electrodes invented by Gilbert Ling. Then he explained and demonstrates how the water molecule splits in their experiment how ordinary water undergoing a radical change to EZ water with negative charge. Could EZ water contain information? What are the distinguishing features of this memory which is generally built of silicon and transistors so the transistors are laid out here in a planar fashion in a very regularly disposed way like a crystal lattice so that's the first requirement, the second requirement is that each of these transistors can undergo a change from zero to one or on or off. Does easy water contain similar features and that's a necessary condition for it to store information and as you can see here. It does exactly it consists of oxygens and hydrogens all laid out in a very regular array and actually three dimensions rather than two dimensions so first requirement is met. The second requirement is that either the oxygen or the hydrogen needs to have at least two states it turns out oxygen has five states. It is possible that EZ won't contain information which, Michiko Hayashi will be presenting in the next presentation about Dr Emoto who puts intention in water and shows the crystalized design. Luc Montagnier actually demonstrated it more scientifically. That EZ water can be solidified at room temperature. Really pure EZ water that's a solid at room temperature which lasts indefinitely – constitute a water memory. Essentially all the water inside your cell is EZ water and therefore it's subject to the influence of these kinds of subtle energies that people have been demonstrating can affect water and can affect us so healthy people are absolutely filled with EZ water. We didn’t have time for much of a Q&A so Crystal adjourned this 1st session to the 2nd session where Michiko Hayashi speaks on Dr. Emoto’s water crystals.

FESIG 91st, Speakers Panel Session on Vastu Sastra, Galactic Astrology & Cymatics (4th Session)

Published on Sept 5, 2021

On the 4th Aug 2021, Crystal the FESIG Chair, commenced the 4th session of the 91st FESIG Meeting with inviting our regular meeting attendee, Professor Dr. Manisha of India, to talk about the India Temple Architecture based on the sacred Vastu Sastra Geomancy could be related to cymatics designs... . Hindu Temple around the sanctum or shrine follows a geometrical design called a vastu-purusha-mandala . The name is composite Sanskrit word with 3 of the most important components of the plan. Mandal means circle, Purusha is universal essence at the core of the Hindu tradition, while Vastu means the dwelling structure. Vastupurushamandala is a Yantra. Every temple is a square and inside the square is a circle, Purush is the Supreme Universal Power, which is the main important part, the core centre is where the entire energy of the temple is, the core of the Cymatics design. A Hindu Temple is meant to encourage reflection, facilitate purification of one’s mind, and trigger the process of inner realisation within the devotee. The 4 pillars of life is represented in the square. The 4 principles of the pillars of life. Known as the Purusharth ; the pursuit of Dharma (Virtues, ethical life) the pursuit of Artha (Prosperity, wealth), the pursuit of Kama (desire), and the pursuit of Moksha (liberation form life cycle of birth & death, release, self-knowledge). Every temple are in a mathematical equation which has a very important symmetry of representing the entire cosmic energy which comes as a transference from the universe or cosmos down into the sanctum area to activate our kundalini, energy rising up as a sanctum fire that goes up through the other chakras right up to the crown chakra. In the yoke and meditation context, Patanjali yoga sutra mentions these (the chakras) are the 7 portals, the gateway which every human has to cross – as above so below – the entire doctrine is there. – where every human tries to get their salvation possible reaching out to the portals of the different chakras, energy transference from the top, from the crown chakra to the base chakra, or the other way round from the base to the top, and then ultimately, salvation and awakening. The Chair thanked Prof Manisha. Shawn then talked about the symmetry of the statue of Shiva, where the positioning of the chakras and the alignment of the mudras, which is significantly showing sacred geometry. Looking through the DNA helix, as Grayham F the Galactic Astrogologist was showing the Golden Ratio Spiral. The Golden Pyramid has the same symmetry, the Egyptian, Mesopotamain and other cultures too. Then Crystal pulled out the Fractal Design Buddhist Temple of Samut Prakan Province Thailand showing a pronounced symmetry which is spectacularly beautiful! The Angkor Watt is another stark example! Cymatics is in other cultures’ architecture as well such as the Italian township based on Cymatics, Shawn P was illustrating on screen. Co-Chair, Dr Fraz added that there are more examples to quote. The relation to 3,6,9,12 symmetrics were discussed as well. It was such a fun forum with many creative ideas brought up and discussed by our regular attendees, such as Trishia, Prof Manisha, Scott, the EXCO team with the speakers, Shawn Picarsic, David Schiermeyer and Grayham Forscutt. (37.15 mins to continue…) and then David and Shawn did more live demonstrations which were so exciting and we were having so much fun with it! Crystal adjourned this 4th session to the 92nd Fesig meeting to be held on the 8th Sept. 2021.

FESIG 91st Grayham Forscutt - Astro-Genetic Galactic Astrology decodes the Akashic Records. (3rd session)

Published on Aug 31, 2021

On 4th Aug 2021, Crystal, the FESIG Chair commenced the 3rd Session of the 91st FESIG Meeting introducing Galactic Astrologist Grayham Forscutt who also works closely with Dan Winter illustrating his work. During the past 4 decades Grayham's work included developing a new Galactic Centre oriented Astrology - where he has blended the latest discoveries from astrophysics, quantum physics, quantum mechanics, solar mechanics, plasma cosmology, the new chakras the 12-Strand DNA and more - decades of focussed OBE and Remote Experiences lead to a connection with the Galactic Federation at our Milky Way Centre, he went on to be first to plot the major Stargates and develop the advance Collective Diamond Lightbody, preparing for our next step into the galaxy as explorers and ambassadors. In this presentation, Grayham explained and present evidence how this new galactic astrology becomes a useful realtime approach allowing us to tune into the intelligences operating from our Galaxy Centre. Galactic Astrology is a unique approach to reading Starseed Akashic records. This new form of astrology is incredibly accurate at reading the Akashic memories or future skills that Starseed travellers bring into this incarnation. He provides examples of group assignments (like the Beatles and Theosophists). He revealed how Astro-Genetic Galactic Astrology uses the phi geometry that underlies our ETHERIC DNA helix and molecule, necessary to decode the Oversoul Akashic Records. In a meditative state, the human heart generates a sequence of frequencies based on the Golden Ratio. In Cymatics, basically it is the decagon which is the perfect cymatic shape – when the heart generates its own frequencies it creating plasma around itself and it forms the aura, the cymatic pattern - at almost the equator of the dodecahedron and the other Golden Ration geometries. The science behind the psychology that we sort of put together in these decades to apply it in this astrology. He then presented the overview via a collection of his beautiful illustrations to bring things in context, starting with the Milky Way, the star system, our galactic Sun in relation Lyra, Ophiuchus, and the Pleiades forming a pentagon. We are relating the pentagon of this star system to the galactic centre. The Golden Ration Universe – Planets, stars, galaxies, clusters of galaxies, super clusters, are all mapped with DNA geometry! Grayham overlayed the decagon over some of the actual astro photography and saw that they planets are aligned perfectly on the decagon! We get to see the plasma cosmologies or the Electric Universe, a cluster of galaxies are nestled inside a larger cluster. Watch the whole video for the rest of it........ After a brief Q&A session co-chaired by Dr. Fraz Frazzle and James Rink, Crystal adjourned this 3rd session to the 4th a Forum with the 3 sessions’ Panel Speakers.

FESIG 91st David Schiermeyer- Multi-dimensional Holographic Cymatics Sound Art 4Aug21 (2nd session)

Published on Aug 29, 2021

Please note that the next FESIG Meeting, our 92nd, is postponed to the 8th of Sept, the 2nd Wed instead as I needed more time to set up my new hi-end ASUS laptop a gift from our dear FESIG Brother Fernando Vossa. Crystal commenced the 91st FESIG Meeting’s 2nd session introducing our speaker, David Schiermeyer, a researcher at Sympathetic Vibratory Physics David says “It’s the evolution of consciousness itself which will evolve humanity.” David's Holographic Cymatics Sound Art Created by Living Information, like a magician, demonstrates the geometric pressure fluctuations which underlie organisms via noise-temperature calibrations.” David says “Frequencies are only patterns to their own surroundings, just like us. As beings we can only experience what our surroundings offer. David SchiermeyerWhat matters is how we use that experience. We tune into different channels just like a mixing board, our minds separating current and frequencies. We can auto-tune our mind by adjusting our tone, our thoughts, our actions. We are the living experience of cymatics. We are the experience of living information. We are the experience of our surroundings, and our surroundings are experiencing through ourselves. Once we grasp this as a species there will be a true evolution of being.” This spirit of the moment encapsulated so clearly. He only started exploring plasma and frequency relatively recently, teaching himself through trial and error in an attempt to rewire his brain and heal himself from years of depression. He says “I felt and saw function itself. In this I saw and felt function within me. Just the process of learning by experience changed my life, changed everything about me. Now I can just let intuition do its thing through me. One minute he’ll be sharing handy hints about how to produce cymatics at home using nothing more than a $10 blue tooth speaker with a plastic shot glass glued on, or explaining how he uses a free audio function generator app to change frequency and his use of amplification to create waves and patterns. The next he demonstrates how to create a more complex a home cymatics rig on a very modest budget, or be showing fellow enthusiasts how to wire up a Rodin vortex coil. The methods and material might be basic, but the insights they provide are profound. He said he needed to study so many aspects and ideas about cymatics as he had to do it himself, building something which he can control… we charge our body, nobody explained it, self taught, but Shawn who just started as well at that time helped him along. Watch the rest of the video for David’s awesome live demonstrations right in front of your eyes, while he talks about it! He said the frequencies were being used without understanding it, that’s why we get so easily controlled. Now with cymatics, it helps him understand how frequencies are being used in applications. The geometry is coming out of this thing. Frequency is current. Everything from technology is nature that’s being absorbed. Even function itself is from nature. For David, Cymatics became a physical reality when he started using magnetics and plasma and understanding electrons in the air, how they can be collected from static resonance and when you use frequencies with plasma you can transform the plasma field over each other, so instead of using one plasma field, you use two plasma fields and connect them together with audio frequencies through - kind of feedback resonance and so what you are doing is, you are collecting the sound wave through a coil like a microphone and then you are sending them back into another coil like a speaker and basically that resonance of the frequency kind of allow the plasma to transform itself and become collectively much more powerful and stronger rotation. Then we had a very brief Q&A session co-chaired by Dr. Fraz Frazzle and Pontus Hassbjer. After that Crystal adjourned this 2nd session to the 3rd session where another Grayham Forscutt speaks about Galactic Astrology.

FESIG 91st Shawn Picarsic - Cymatics & Geometry vibrating water with sound 4Aug21 (1st session)

Published on Aug 27, 2021

On the 4th Aug 2021, Crystal Goh Founder of FESIG chaired the 91st FESIG meeting, opening the 1st session, introducing Shawn Picarsic, a Gnostic Druid, Builder, Cymatics Researcher, Luminary/Maker at Luna-Well Cymatics, Founder, President at EnergySponge, Lead Visionary at The Geometer, from Charlotte, North Carolina - United States. Luna-Well Cymatics offers a unique viewer and accessories to explore the world of sound and vibration made visible. Shawn sets out to use cymatics to discover the secrets of creation and our Cosmos. The result is stunning imagery produced by vibrating water with sound and capturing the patterns produced by reflecting light off its surface. Sound made visible is a new art form. A strong believer in interconnectivity, his work is specifically aligned around this fundamental, so he can cater to nearly any subject with Cymatics and Geometry. Cymatics is relevant to literally everything. He proves the tangible existence of the Ether and a method of interaction. The Waters speak All languages and know All Faiths. When he first started applying the Vitruvian resonance to the real world he found Cymatics was the vehicle. He doesn't think anyone else has produced as wide of an array of n-fold symmetries as himself, discovering the connection the Cymatics Alchemist has with the water. These symmetries are rare, to say the least. They don't just come by chance...or even calculation. They must be willed. Water Cymatics can out define even the finest digital computers and their renders. Analog, for the win! Why are some things "beautiful"? Is it all in our minds, a certain prerogative? Or, is there something deeper to it? Cymatics offers us a way to explore this. Because, unlike the sketches of man, its form is created by the Cosmos, directly. It is objective, really. Of course my edits, like above, certainly make it a work of man. But, the base cymaglyph is there still and those proportions are divine, i would say. The water holds truth in its motion, and it cannot lie or otherwise skew the output because of selfish reasons, or even altruistic reasons. It cares for nothing, but the Truth. I believe this is where its beauty lies, and the beauty in everything we observe is really the same. So, perhaps we can see the Cosmos, the World...as All beautiful? Shawn P July 31st 2021 Water Cymatics appears to be 2D, but that is just the orthographic projection of their 4D+ structure. Cymaglyphs are orthographic projections of 4D Hypercubes. Cymatics produces 4D hypercubes, which can also be understood as 4D toroids. Cymatics teaches us that everything has a fractal hole in it's center. 🙂 An expression of the whole. I believe Cymatics can show us the roots of Morphogenesis. A sound wave Cymaglyph translated to a 3D representation of Buckminster Fuller's Vector Equilibrium, a cuboctahedron. Straight from the Ether.What other creation can claim this? Just the beginning of a whole new era of technology and understanding. A Cymaglyph of 33hz translated to the physical manifestation of a monofilar electromagnetic torus coil. This design did not originate in the mind of man nor was it drafted by his hand. It was cast by an intelligence much greater than ours that holds truth objective. Welcome to the Age of Ether Science! Cymatics is the Gateway to Source! It's been staring us in the face all along! Listen in to the rest for lots more details from Shawn! Then we had the Q&A session co-chaired by Dr. Fraz Frazzle and James Rink. After that Crystal adjourned this 1st session to the 2nd session where another Cymatics Alchemist, David Schiermeyer speaks.

FESIG 90th Meeting With Ted Mahr On Time Travel And Disclosure 7 Jul 2021

Published on Aug 1, 2021

On 7th July, after Gene Decode and CirstenW had spoken in the 90th FESIG Meeting's 1st and 2nd sessions, Crystal started the 90th Meeting's 3rd Session with Theodore ‘Ted’ Mahr speaking . He is a highly gifted psychic. He is an expert in psychic phenomena, UFO’s and vast sundry metaphysical subjects. His psychic gifts were greatly honed and sharpened under the tutelage of his foster mother Teri who was a master psychic herself. He also comes from a family of psychics. He is constantly in contact with the spirit world and beings from the higher dimensions. He developed close associations and friendships with beings such as numerous guardian angels, ascended masters, JFK Sr., Albert Einstein and Leonardo DaVinci whom he has regular conversations with! He is a close friend of Adama, the High Priest of the subterranean city of Telos beneath Mt. Shasta who gives him deep insights into the ongoing events of this planet, our galaxy and beyond. Ted is also very wise unto the ways of this world. He has four bachelor degrees in five different subjects such as law, anthropology, urban planning, library science, and international economics. He won various awards for writing and research. He was a four time international scholar to India, (where he received two Fulbright grants to study law) and Australia (where he was a Visiting Research Fellow at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia). Ted currently conducts time travel forays into earth’s different epochs and timelines. He also teaches this uncanny skill to anyone on a one on one basis. Every Saturday he has a radio show on BBS radio called ‘Out of this World with Ted Mahr’ in Spanish and German. After the Q&A co-haired by James Rink, Crystal adjourned the 90th FESIG Meeting to the 91st on 4th Aug 2021.

FESIG 90th Cirsten W of 'Intel Drops' exposing CCP-CIA operatives 7 July 2021

Published on July 11, 2021

On the 7th of July, 2021, Crystal commenced the 2nd session of the 90th FESIG Meeting introducing Cirsten Weldon - "Inspired from her experiences as a model and actress, as well as from her personal faith and political worldview. She lived a very interesting and, to some, coveted, childhood. Her father was the Chairman of the Singapore Stock Exchange and her mother a Cambridge-educated attorney. At 14, she left her very affluent family in Singapore to go to boarding school. It was a tough decision for a young girl, but one she has never regretted. As she says in Singaporean Thoughts, it gave her a strong foundation to do her Second Book #inteldrops#1 Best Seller which is info that is behind the scenes what is really happening behind the Election Fraud and Reinstatement of our President." Cirsten W began by explaining how Amazon attempted to destroy her book, ‘Intel Drops’, as it exposes a lot of things they don’t want to be known. Amazon censored the book and destroyed the 200 odd 5 star reviews, she had 456 reviews! It was no.1 on 3 platforms and then it just disappeared! Although the book is still available on Kindle. Intel Drops was dedicated to Donald Trump. Cirsten discovered her protégé, Mel K who did a lot of digging to help bring the intel out… She went on to talk about the book exposing the most corrupt attorney in the US, Mr. Andrew Weissmann, Ilhan Omar, the Jewish attorneys with pictures, Jack Ma of Alibaba, Ee Tiang, who gave paedophile Hunter millions of dollars, the extraction of adrenochrome from the children by the Clintons, top defector in China, Dong Chiang Wei, a top security officer that worked with Admiral Rogers who was the Head of the NSA and Secretary Pompeo - If Donald Trump isn’t in charge of the country why would there be 20 over SUVs when he went to the border? Biden does not have anything close to that! Why would Secretary Pompeo be meeting 32 corrupt governors and only 18 good ones out of 56 to show them all the information from the servers against them and why would they go into the Pentagon? General Flynn is in control of all the arrests…700 CIA operatives in the US, Europe and the EU and the CIA is cracking… The CIA created CNN, called the CNN syndrome and that’s to brainwash you…so CNN controls Newsweek which controls Amazon, that destroyed her book. They don’t care about anything else but control! And they try to cancel you! The she talked about the Evergreen which has weather warfare Op, weather weapons, with 1368 dead children on it, and more… She disclosed the latest updates - The Chinese Patriot intel – the CCP highest level defector, what’s beneath the 3 Gorges Dam, GESARA-NESARA roll-out and the RV, and more when prompted with our Q&A session co-chaired by James Rink and Fraz Frazzle with attendees asking a lot of good questions. Watch the whole video for more details… After the Q&A session co-chaired by James and Fraz, Crystal adjourned this 2nd session to the 3rd session..


Published on July 24, 2021

Crystal Goh, the FESIG Chair was delighted to find Gene Decode attending the 90th FESIG Meeting on 7th July, so she got Gene CoSensei to speak in place of Ted Mahr, the scheduled 1st session speaker, as Ted wasn’t reachable since 28th June! Gene gave us an update –“so much going on”, he said - 25K troops in Hungary, 20K US troops in Germany that are taking out underground facilities there and another 25K in the other parts of the world, doing something major, additionally 2 dumbs taken out in the border between China, Myanmar and India…The Chinese are grabbing children through their colleges, to go into their military because they tried to take a facility in Taiwan and also around in the South China Sea off the coast of the Philippines. There are lots of earthquakes in Antarctica and that's on the eclipse that happened. The Alpha Draco were able to open a portal over the north pole which is over Antarctica just for those that forget opposites attract magnetically so the north pole is actually Antarctica because that's what the negative pole of the compass goes to so that's the positive pole of the earth they opened up a portal. The prime Draco left the Dark Fleet - most of them left the bases in Antarctica Neuschwabenland, all of that are abandoned so the Chinese, the Turkish, the U.S Military, The Alliance are flooding down there too… that's why the earthquakes, where they're blowing up stuff they couldn't take with them so they wouldn't leave technology for The Alliance behind. So they took the upper of the fourth and the fifth ranked types but they left all the peons that are just their slaves and the lower Nazi types they left them behind and so my informants said that they are seeing a lot of German-speaking people coming through to get passage either through aircraft or through ships to go to Chile and Argentina where there are still any Nazi underground facilities and above-ground facilities – they can't get on the dark fleet ships as they're not worthy in the upper echelons of the at the Nazis 4th & 5th Reich types. Also the moon is almost completely locked down by the Alliance now almost completely cleaned up and they're still working on Mars so a lot of ‘earthquakes’ and now they're calling them ‘sky quakes’ or you know earthquakes that sunspot activity. They're making this really interesting also causes earthquakes at two kilometers lined up with stars in the constellations! They're trying to get off out of the facilities they're taking back that they had lost 22 percent of what they had originally via a betrayal within The Alliance and started trafficking young people again, humans, and so they've gotten back 4%, there's 18% still - mostly in Stanley and Shasta which is also the Agarthan's and the two other Inner Earth groups are helping. The top of the AI in the in the multiverse has been taken out, so essentially the head of the beast is gone! It's like a headless chicken that's running around because it doesn't have a direction and knowledge what to do anymore and so there's chaos and grabbing for power so the AI will start to change its behavior and fall down that's where we're going to continue to see internet glitches because that's coming down too. As for the massive morgellon's attack I'm developing new protocols:- If the dust (shedding) gets in your skin use alfalfa powder - the morgellon's feeds off that because it's made of heavy metals and magnesium - use oatmeal in a bath or a pack, and then before it dries wash it off and that'll help pull that out - along with protocol 1000 and the mud mix and then the essential oils are pivotal.. fast and four day cleanse - I saw those little broken open sacks come out so if you do the cleanse every three weeks instead of every four weeks because they're on a 28-day cycle you want to get them out of you before they hatch out and then do the mud mix which is activated charcoal, diatomaceous earth zeolite and bakelike clay which is extremely important as the zeolite, the bakelite clay and the charcoal in your gut actually causes reverse dialysis where it pulls the toxins and the AI into it and the bakelite clay surrounds it and the zeolite takes out the heavy metals of your body which built on so you're removing those! Watch the rest of the video when the Q&A session prompts Gene onto many important intel! Thanks to co-chairs James, Fraz, Pontus and attendees, Dr. Johnny Delirious, Adrian, Will, Ron, Scott, Trishia, Thomas, Norman and the rest of the 40 attendees. Then the Chair, Crystal , adjourned this 1st session to the 2nd Session where CirstenW speaks.

FESIG 89th Jason Shurka on The Pyramid Code & the TLS 2 Jun 2021

Published on June 24, 2021

On the 2nd June, 2021, the 89th FESIG Meeting 1st session commenced with Crystal Goh, the FESIG Chair introducing Jason Shurka to answer questions on "The Pyramid Code" and the TLS (The Light System) Mission updates (eg the children rescued from the DUMPs, the malevolent organisations, TLS & Extraterrestial life, ET Technologies, both physical and spiritual technologies, etc). Shurka has created an online community known as “The Academy of Divine Knowledge” where he teaches individuals from all around the globe who are seeking access to higher levels of awareness. He was approached by a clandestine organization known as The Light System (TLS). TLS is a powerful, undercover, and Divine organization composed of roughly 7,000 initiated agents (not all are human). In June of 2020, Shurka was given a document, known as “The Pyramid Code” and on September 9, 2020, at 9 AM EST, he went public with it. Since then, he has appeared on several TV shows, sharing in-depth information about TLS and other enlightening topics. Some of the questions I asked were: Is the TLS working together with the Earth Alliance and the Military Alliance to smoke out the cubby holes of the DUMBs? Could you tell us more about the Fattasols’ magnets, lasers and Light technologies used to build the pyramids? The Pharoahs brought with them their Spiritual and physical tool that would manipulate gravity – to lift megalithic stones and EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulsation called ‘Meggan’ ) and EMLP (Electro Magnetic Laser Pulsation called “Maggia” ) to build massive pyramids.. 666,666 pyramids originally.. but now leaving only 1000 now, pointing north? Does some govt have these technology? Russia? The force of energy – the desire for union – the love between creation and nature – must work for gravity instead of against it! If we work against gravity everything will fall apart! Electricity is vital energy is necessary for the survival of the universe. Integral part of the universe. Part of our body.. operating at different frequency. 7.83 Htz. Symbolizing life. 400 terrawatts power used in the west is poison affecting power of thought. Electricity produced - help from water – 70% of our bodies – 100 thz - 5.9642Ghz. Everything within the universe receives life force and beingness from natural electricity – scientists have yet to find the source that powers the heart brain, earth or sun that keeps us vitally alive… and until we find this naturally occurring source of electricity, we can unlock the secrets behind creation and all that is sacred. Please watch the whole video for the answers and details. After the Q&A session co-chaired by James and Fraz, Crystal adjourned this 1st session to the 2nd session.

FESIG 89th Dr. Johnny Delirious on his Abduction and The Master Survivor Program

Published on June 20, 2020

On the 2nd June, 2021, the 89th FESIG Meeting 2nd session commenced with Crystal Goh the FESIG Chair introducing Dr. Johnny Delirious Laboratory Naturopathic Doctor, Johnny Delirious, PhD, who talked about his abduction experience and his official death sentence from the medical doctors and how through his laboratory work, recovering from hepatitis, cirrhosis, his cocaine addiction, entering the group mind of the greys and assisting his patients recover for over 38 years helped him develop The Master Survivor Program. He talked about his most unique recovery and abduction story! “In 1983, I was managing an analysis laboratory and did not know I had life threatening hepatitis c. After 1991, I sold the business because I had no energy and went for treatment -- the doctors tested and examined me, I had 12 million hep c viral load and 96% scar tissue (cirrhosis). They said I would have to have a liver transplant because I had less than 6 months to live. When I choose not to get the transplant because I wanted natural therapy they said I was not thinking right and called me delirious. That was over 27 years ago. Nobody in my life including doctors, friends and family thought I would live passed 1992, they all said I was going to die, but, I chose life; not death and learned how to heal my body, mind and spirit from the knowledge from working the laboratory and developed new protocols of natural therapies I found in the group mind of the greys (that I call the Resourcery Archive) during my abduction experience in 1989”. In this talk he recounted his ET abduction experience in detail, where he had an implant inside an Adromedan mothership, with 2 military Greys, communicating via telepathy, entered the group mind, he was able to tap into their hive mind Resourcery Archive with a lot of information that was written into 14 spiral notebooks! “From my laboratory work and training doctors, from my own recovery protocol and coupled with wisdom from the Resourcery Archive, I have helped many others including professionals - doctors, dentists, lawyers who don't want chemical drugs or surgery recover from the same conditions that everyone said were hopeless and fatal. Today, I am still delirious but have no viral load and no scar tissue. All verified by medical tests and MRI. I am a best selling author, Radio Host and have articles in peer reviewed publications. Here is a recent description of me by an international reporter and journalist - 'Johnny Delirious worked with the first pioneers of the scientific modality - Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), finding the right diet to experience life free of disease. The guessing game to achieve good health is over. Today, he gives his expert advice with 38+ years of experience as a professional in the health industry. There is only one Laboratory Naturopathic Doctor Johnny Delirious, Master Survivor ™ his work is truly beyond Ph.D.' Dr. Johnny said until he gets the chemistry from the HTMA, he doesn’t know what’s right for you! Now, here’s a bombshell dropped for our followers!! He is offering a cost savings discount of $36 for our viewers if they want a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) done, so he can design the protocol to get them healed!! So instead of the full cost of $236/ for the HTMA, our viewers/followers only need to pay $200/! As for those who have extras, we’ll be grateful if you would pay forward to help us out in our work here at FESIG. After the Q&A, co-chaired by Fraz and James (James asked about the Med Beds and Dr Johnny wish to come back to talk about it later as he’s under an NDA now. James was saying the DARPA med beds has got black goo in it!!!), Crystal adjourned the meeting to the 90th FESIG meeting on the 7th July 2021.

FESIG with Gene Decode on The Dumbs, the Bloodlines & the War 8 Jun '21

Published on June 11, 2020

On the 8th of June 2021, Crystal Goh the FESIG Founder & Chair, invited GENE COSENSEI DECODE back to speak with the team at a private meeting, the last speaker at the 2nd June 89th FESIG Meeting, Dr. Johnny Delirious, a friend of Gene's also joined in. Gene who had spoken at FESIG's 3 meetings since end of last year (please check out our FESIG channel for his video recordings), is a former U.S. Navy Decoder with highly valuable intel being most popularly interviewed widely about ancient civilizations buried underground, Antarctica, human harvesting, God and The Great Awakening. In this meeting, he talked about Majestic 12 documents, The Alliance, advance technologies : particle beam, neutron bomb, liquid nitrogen, boring machine & the latest updates of the state of world affairs. He described how the boring machine cutting through, building Dumbs within a month. Major Dumbs, tunnels. Ashtar command, Ashtar Alliance, Commander Hatton - negative… BUT the TRUE Ashtar Command are the good guys. The Netherlands Dumbs coordinator shared great maps and intel. Ever-green ship…Ever-given’s ugly evil secret contents – operations in Germany and the Netherlands. It has the weapons of mass destruction… Rotherdam’s the deepest port in all of Europe. A lot going on. Trump’s doing a lot, people don’t see and don’t know. The starseeds and the 100% human are immune to their ‘cognitive dissonance’ agendas, as we are incorruptible… Mono atomic gold, mana…Getting really sick from the Jab. How even the soul is corrupted.. Gene then showed the maps… the underground facilities, the underground tunnel operations all over the US and the world. The Alliance taking stuffs out under the lakes. He described how the system to traffic what they do…how this 'unnoticed by the masses' war is panning out, looking a little into the near future and the human evolutionary process. Ending with a beautiful divinely guided meditation and prayer by Gene with the group.

FESIG 88th Alёsha Lynoff on Bio Geometry & Permaculture Wautillarium Home 5 May 2021

Published on May 31, 2021

On the 5th May, 2021, the 88th FESIG Meeting 1st session commenced with Crystal Goh, the FESIG Chair introducing Alёsha Lynoff to speak on Bio Geometry & Permaculture Wautillarium Home Alёsha Lynoff started his Bio-Architectural career in 2000 with curvilinear decor for clubs and events (3D Deco). This set him on a journey around the world in search of Gaudi Vaulted Curves. In 2007 he attended a series of workshops on Fying concrete, Super-adobe and air-crete domes, Earth-ships, Bio-Geometry as well as water treatment living machines. Implementing all he learned, Alёsha created an off-grid homestead in South Africa. Recently having relocated back to Russia he is building Passive Living Bio-Shelter for Subzero freezing climates. Alёsha & his wife Zoya Lynoff are bio architects and founders of Bio-Veda Academy developed a revolutionary autonomous eco-home designed to withstand the extremely cold climates of our planet, He says, we are losing 5 billion acres of forest each year, used for heating our homes. Emulating the models, systems, and elements of nature we have developed an affordable DIY home, for cold climate. Wautillarium passively achieves year-round comfortable t°, using laws of physics and compost producing thermophilic bacteria. This Living Bio Shelter Organism is an innovative, game-changing building technology, inspired by and in alignment with nature. We invite you to co-create the 1st prototype, to be used as a creative & experimental communal immersion LAB, that will inspire others to tread lightly on the Earth" without the use of firewood or fossil fuels. He spoke of their Architecture of Relationships as well as Bio-Architecture as one whole necessary component for our thriving life. For as long as we keep on separating then, trying to speak of communities, healing our waters, building natural shelters, vegetarianism, free energy or any other external transformation of our reality; it will lead us to a closed loop circle within our imprisoned inner state of being. We need to move away from this imprisoned closed loop TOWARDS A SPIRAL of conscious evolution, and this is only possibly when we start seeing the internal and external as inseparable. He describes how they will integrate Bio Geometry and Permaculture eco systemic design into our small town concept. If you have been wondering how we will turn linear old school suburbia into a geometric food forest paradise. Please watch the whole video for details. After the Q&A session o-haired by James and Fraz, Crystal adjourned this 1st session to the 2nd session where Dr. Harvey Kaplan speaks about his Transparent Aluminum & Nuclear Fusion & Fission.

FESIG 88th Dr. Harvey Charles Kaplan on Transparent Aluminum & Nuclear Fusion & Fission

Published on May 31, 2021

On the 5th May, 2021, the 88th FESIG Meeting 2nd session commenced with Crystal the FESIG Chair introducing Dr. Harvey Charles Kaplan PhD, CEO, Director of Research at K-Edge Technologies, Inc., Chicago, a retired nuclear physician with extensive knowledge of chemistry, optics, electrical, mechanical, and nuclear engineering. He has filed over 40 patent applications on over one hundred inventions. Dr. Kaplan talked about his inventions, particularly about making electricity and Nuclear Power Plants safer, removing the Radioactive Contamination from water and his transparent aluminum inventions. He has devised a means of Removing the Radioactive Contamination from the 100 million tons of Tritium contaminated water the Japanese are currently preparing to dump into the Pacific Ocean at Fukushima. He talked about his Transparent Aluminum "Slam Dome" Nuclear Safety Apparatus. THE “APPARATUS FOR THE CONTAINMENT OF NUCLEAR MELTDOWN DEBRIS” depends in part upon a unique corrugated Transparent Aluminum alloy “Slam-Dome” that is mounted over a super-plastic-lined, 16-sided, reinforced concrete, 1700 foot diameter circumferential “trench-subway” foundation that is excavated 30 feet deep and 20 feet wide around a conventional nuclear fission power plant. This Dome Design, in combination with the 14-inch-thick alloy-reinforced concrete, hexa-decagonal trench-subway foundation, serves to provide earthquake protection to the underlying nuclear fission power plant for earthquakes of intensity up to at least Richter 7.6, as well as serving to capture escaping radioactive gases and particulates in the event of a “Chernobyl-like” nuclear accident in the underlying nuclear fission power plant. After capture and containment by the auxiliary external containment dome, these radioactive gases and particulates are captured, and compressed by 16 unique synchronously rotating hyper-compression impeller fans at the tops of 16 Turbo-generator Impeller Fan Containment (TIFCAT) Tubes, under the dome, and then NEUTRALIZED by a fourth important and integrated invention, comprised of 3 "UNDERGROUND CIRCUMFERENTIAL HCK ELECTROSTATIC FUSION REACTORS" which rest below ground level within the circumferential reinforced concrete trench-subway. This plastic-lined concrete subway can also act, in an emergency, to contain millions of gallons of radioactive water. In addition, the proposed HCK Electrostatic Fusion Reactor Plant Design derives its power from 10 Independent Physical Processes, three of which are based on "Fusion Reactions", and NONE of which produce a significant amount of hazardous long-lived nuclear waste. The reactors utilize NEW means of producing power that produce no neutrons: NO FISSION. MELTDOWN IS IMPOSSIBLE. Apparatus for Capturing, Filtering and Containing Radioisotope Release from Nuclear Fission Power Plants. In a Loss of Coolant Accident, such as those which occurred in TMI and at Fukushima, without effective cooling, the reactor core quickly overheats and begins to melt. This releases volatile radioactive elements into the pressure vessel atmosphere. Cooling water brought into contact with an overheated and neutron-embrittled steel-reactor-pressure-vessel can cause cracks which lead to release of radioactive products. Within a matter of hours, increasing internal steam pressure, can lead to failure of the Containment Building, POSSIBLY through a tiny opening or crack, but WITH CERTAINTY BY BUILDING FRACTURES, once the internal pressure reaches 7-10 atmospheres, (EVEN IF NO EARTHQUAKE DAMAGE IS PRESENT). The Radiation-Shielded Charcoal-HEPA-Ferrate-Filter-Canisters are made of Transparent Aluminum Alloy, surrounded by a "Kaplan Crystalline 'Room-Temperature' Superconducting-Wire Solenoid-Electromagnet". Internal Ferrate-Powder acts to Chelate and Magnetically Trap radioactive particulates from the condensed water flowing through the central chilled pipe. Filtered liquid can be contained within an expansible fiber-reinforced plastic-containment-bag anchored in the nearby lake, river or ocean from which the reactor obtains its cooling water. After the Q&A, co-chaired by Fraz and James, Crystal adjourned the meeting to the 89th FESIG meeting on the 2nd June 2021.

FESIG 88th Meeting Memorial Service for Mark McCandlish May 2021

Published on May 31, 2020

On May the 5th, 2021, in between FESIG's 1st and 2nd session of the 88th Meeting Crystal Goh conducted a brief Memorial Service for Mark McCandlish, with tributes offered to him in celebrating his life, honor his memories, and recognize his achievement by FESIG. Mark McCandlish passed away on April 13 from unknown causes. (...suspiciously) Mark McCandlish was an internationally-recognized artist, specialized in aviation and conceptual art within the defense and aerospace industries, serving the needs of many of the top American corporations in this regard. Having had literally dozens of UFO sightings since 1966, Mr. McCandlish has spent most of his life trying to discover the science believing there is a plausible answer to interstellar flight without violating the currently-accepted laws of physics. He felt certain that this carefully protected technology has been co-opted by an as-yet-unknown group, and the sequestration of this technology has provided that organization tremendous leverage in world politics, finance and international conflicts over the past five decades. Mark spoke at FESIG's 43rd Meeting on 20th Sept 2017, but was still in communication with FESIG's Crystal till January 2021. His talk then: "Based on eye-witness accounts and insider information, Mr. McCandlish took the audience through a series of revelations as to how remarkable breakthrough technology, may have been back-engineered from recovered or captured off-world vehicles, enabled aerospace and defense-related corporations to hijack control of governments world-wide, create a special access only, secret space program and develop a break-away civilization with its own goals and agenda." "Though our spirit be but the feeble glow of a single flame, for the one who keeps it burning bravely to the end, death is not defeat. We light our candle today to honor the life and living of Mr. Mark McCandlish deceased"

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