Current & Upcoming TVoP Events

Our inaugural soft launch event had taken place on February 19, 2015 at 00:01 AM (GMT : Greenwich Mean Time), joining the celebration of the Chinese New Year, with the releasing of the sky lanterns into the sky to symbolize sanctification of planet earth for true peace.... that was the starting point.

A lot had happened since then. In a nutshell, TVoP had metamorphosized from its beginnings with Crystal's vision of the TVoP W.A.R.E.S. in February, setting up and creating TVoP with the Ambassador, who brought in the project funding idea shortly after. Putting on her business consultancy hat, Crystal translated his ideas into a workable business structure of the business plan and pitch presentation workshops and elevator pitch on the website to extend an opportunity for people to present their projects for funding, to be sustained by basic fees required to allow for underwriting these projects as well. Then with alot of sheer hard work by Crystal, designing, writing contents and putting it all together, when everything was up and running, although not joyously so, as too much pressure and stress on the skeletal original team showed cracks on the seams...

By end of July, a new camp was secretly formed taking advantage of the 'cracks', to divide the Ambassador/Crystal partnership, and covertly (with character assasinations and slander) strategize a break-away, to seize and divert the funding opportunity with its business structure into 3 new websites that were being created by them for the Ambassador to hold on his own with them. Come end September, there was a complete take-over or hi-jacking of the business part of TVoP along with all of those who presented their projects.

The Wednesday Symposium and Thursday Gathering where they all gathered regularly to bond in a cohesive group, were not only made inaccessible by Crystal but was also moved out of TVoP, all carted away with workshops and payments diverted (on 21st August, whence the day before, during the 7th Volunteers Meeting chaired by Crystal who was spitefully accused by their leader publicly of diverting TVoP funds - a best defence strategy to justify their very own action the very next day!) into these newly completed websites upon their launching on the 15th September, leaving just the Visionary Founder to continue with her original TVoP Vision without the Ambasador project funding business. Payments had always been paid to the treasurer, Radagast, all along from the start in TVoP from 25th April (before that it was Gwen) and now continues so in their new websites as of the 21st of August 2015. Accountability on TVoP funds rests on Radagast and the Ambassador as Crystal had no access and no privy to it since the start, although it is she who bears the burden of the administration, maintenance and sustenance of TVoP, being the creator and owner of the website.

End of September 2015 sees TVoP making changes, as the Ambassador has moved his project funding activities to his new websites with his followers and the 150 project holders who originally presented through TVoP under Crystal's tutorship, guidance and administration.

Starting in October new pages were created to accommodate TVoP's attempt to inform and inspire! The Truth-Exposed page was launched to expose lies, revealing the truth and to provide information by posting, archiving videos, articles, and links.  In alignment with our vision, we seek to raise awareness on numerous issues, inspire critical thinking, activism and involvement to help make our world a better place to live in.

This website and our work is an investment in the future of humanity. We do not have all the answers, but do what we can to seek knowledge, inspire, uplift consciousness, expose people to new ideas, (as we hope to do so in our News and Newletters pages) pool initiatives and resources together to foster strength in unity activism to effectively make our world better.

Bear with us, as we process the unprecedented break-away of the Ambassador's project funding business group, with just the visionary founder, Crystal, at the steering wheel, adapting to the changes, gearing up as we pull back on track with TVoP's original true vision. TVoP as a peace initiative is left to accept the blessing to be free to focus on its original vision to grow from its own resourcefulness, without the business funding support, wishing the best for all consciousness activists, regardless, who intend to serve one way or other, knowing that every effort brings a piece to the whole in freeing humanity from ignorance, slavery and lack in the co-creation of the New Earth.

There are exciting ideas beig explored with plans in the pipeline towards fulfilling this vision in collaboration with some of the world's leading awakened Light-workers/Light-warriors along their relevant divine missions to converge together as a whole in completion, on time for humanity's ascension, in alignment with Creator's loving Light.