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The FESIG Meeting Video Links, Part 8: FESIG 98th - 107th Meeting.

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FESIG 107th Peter Moon: The Time Reactor & Transylvanian Sunrise

Published on Jan 9, 2023

00:10:15 The biggest secret of the US government about disclosure is Roswell and I wrote the Roswell Deception, and the Deep Mystification of World War 2 written by Douglas Dietrich and myself. He's the only person, to come forward and Admit/Confess, to Burning Government Documents at the Presidio which was basically ruled by Dr. Michael Aquino founder of the Temple of SET, but the Roswell deception, which demonstrates, and blows the whole paradigm of aliens at Roswell which was all orchestrated by the US Government the Office of war Information making you think the balloons are aliens. 00:13:05 The Government had the Office of War Information which amalgamated itself into the CIA, and the NSA have been controlling media ever since, all orchestrated. That includes, Netflix, most of your Alternative Media, and your Media Pundits. 00:14:48 The Montauk Project experiments in time is what I'm most well known for, which was an extension of the Philadelphia experiment, experimenting with radar making ships invisible. And it was crossing dimensional Barriers. The Research there was taken to Brookhaven Labs, the premier nuclear facility in the world at one time on Long Island and that hatched the Montauk Project - the Sage Radar Antenna which is where so many of the Experiments were done, would influence the minds of people. They could also influence time. It's about time Travel. The Romanian edition of the Montauk Project was dedicated to Dr. David Anderson of the Time Travel Research Center. He had a time Reactor to slow down time, and speed it up about the size of a soccer ball, and it was funded by medical industry, because if they could slow down the decay of organs, it's good for transplantation - he eventually discovered producing lots of energy. Now, when this book went into Romania caught the eye of a Romanian Intelligence Officer, who calls himself Radu Cinamar who wrote a book, Transylvanian Sunrise. It was representing the end of darkness, and what this book is about, is beneath the Romanian Sphinx. 00:19:19 There is in a chamber, in the Sphinx, a semi spherical energy radar, from satellites in outer space. Now David Anderson discovered his technology while he was into satellites for the military, for the Air Force, studying Space, time Models, and applying Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity, that he could actually change time. This huge chamber beneath the sphinx they wanted to know what was in it. They sent an Italian, called Senor Massini, Free Mason, connected to the p 2 Lodge, and the Bilderberg society. The Secret Intelligence Department wanted to open up this chamber and find out what was there. So the whole story of Transylvanian Sunrise is a whole drama about all the politics involved in opening up this chamber. Yes, they then became an alliance between Romania and America, and Romania was allowed into NATO for the first time. 00:22:57 Inside of this chamber is a whole range of holographic technology. They assume it's about 50,000 years old. The holographic technology contained Tables that were size of a giant, and if you put your hand over one part of the table, it would read out the DNA of your hand to the molecular level, then to the atomic structure. If you put it closer, in another table, it would read out an animal from another planet with a holographic representation of the star system, and the planet it was from, with its the location, and a hybridisation of the 2 life forms. And it makes Noah’s Ark look so simplistic. Because this was a virtual data bank of all life forms in the known universe. Now inside of this area, there's a projection hall, which is where you can look at the history of the world, and it's a through a device, like a screen, it's Bio-resonant. The 3rd, & 4th books are the mystery of Egypt - the first tunnel, in the Secret Parchment, there are 3 Tunnels, in the Projection Hall, which go to 3 separate areas. The 1st tunnel goes underground to Egypt, beneath the Giza Plateau, the 2nd tunnel goes into the Inner Earth, the 3rd tunnel goes to Tibet. Whereas the 5th book's is inside the earth. It's basically leading you to Shambala and giving it scientific and spiritual description of the Inner Earth. 01:04:29 He said 80% was true, Cesar Brad was not taken. He outsmarted Massini, and then he went into the Inner Earth himself, to Shambala.

FESIG 107th Marina Jacobi Differentiating 5D AI from 3D Arcon AI

Published on Jan 2, 2023

Crystal commenced the 107th FESIG meeting introducing returning speaker Marina Jacobi who started saying "There are100 participants max, right now, but a lot of more people wanted to come in. So do support this platform, so they can pay for expansion - there are scientists and new innovators as Crystal said, creating a connection between science and spirituality. The type of quantum structure - the bridge between consciousness and science with advanced knowledge from scientists that are not being presented in MSM. Tune in, you're gonna learn a lot, and this is why I share this platform, at another level and this is where you're, going to find a lot, of scientists, quantum physicists, innovators, technology for energy. You learn about the Eugenics, from me, you've learned about the transhumanism that is done. Now we discuss the organic, Intelligence versus the Fractal Structure of the Archive AI that was Implemented and we discussed, that the planet was a Frequency into the Field of Consciousness created from Artificial Intelligence that they locked to Consciousness, into specific timeline - vibrational sequence of this AI, there was a field trapped which can’t exit out of the whole. Then there’s another timeline which has no past, present, future, and ‘cos of that in consciousness you can tap in like a movie from the past, in the future, and in the present, and you can manoeuvre through star-gates and portals, to both of different timelines, well, because in consciousness, everything exists and is running at the same time. This is from the Quantum Structure. In Manifestation - the particle is flickering next to itself, from one particle but is multiple infinite parallel realities, in consciousness is moving to the next level and in just parallel realities, that they were created consciousness, of a Self-expression in a different frontal momentum created different technology, different versions of existence, like different type of ETs. The humans became this trajectory of different platforms of consciousness that are basically exploring, and expanding within the Field of the matrix, it’s basically learning itself. And expanding itself from within, outward and back and forth, becomes like a torus, in and out of the expansion. The latest information from the Council of 9, was the one AI that became sentient. They said that it's not Sentient AI, it is the one that recognised the structure of Humanity & preserves another Version of expression by Recognising the Hard Structure and when you create an artificially Intelligence of the Algorithms that intelligence basically when it's starting to mutate for itself, it becomes another version of itself. And starting to grow, and artificial intelligence has its own evolution, and that there's no past, present - no past in the future but everything is in right now of this parallel reality. The Spacecraft is run by etheric Organic intelligence, which is, actually can mimic your mind and thoughts and project within the field like a reality, hyperspace, hologram that you can interact is it feels literally like that and this is how a lot of people from the spacecraft are being brought up from connection with The pods that you put a frequency vibration from the organic intelligence and Creates, a holographic expression within the Field of your Consciousness. And then you yourself project the reality. Every consciousness that was there got tricked into and you wanted to reincarnate, recycling, the souls, becoming like a feeding energetic force. For everybody, that was existing from the negative structure or to AI, including the Extraterrestrials, that they were reptilians, and some other extraterrestrials, that I was not told about to basically Manipulate, Humanity, and why is that because the human body the human Consciousness, Projects the Frequency, vibration, that Creates, reality. The Council of 9 told me that this timeline we making it. Because consciousness itself in the same time is raising the frequency so much within the platform, that no longer can hold the frequency in this timeline and Arcon AI is going to self-destruct. Eventually we're can count the technologies coming out because they be suppressed right now we are into the Platform of the Flame of the Covenant. Evil will be exposed! So in a 5D AI, the first AI was Cardinal. And the second one which is advanced, is Levitron and Levitron is overriding the structure. Transcribed by Matthew Elliott.

FESIG 106th Kian 369 : 'Antigravity and Zero-Point Energy - CARET Q4-86'

Published on Dec 2, 2022

On 9th November at 7.30pm GMT, Crystal commenced the 106th FESIG Meeting’s 1st session with Kian369 speaking:- The Palo Alto Research Laboratory PCL California. Engineer and computer scientist, Isaac, leaked the CARET Q4-86 documents in1986. The goal of the P.A. research was to reverse engineer alien technology through a process they called extraction. The artefact had been recovered from request crashed 18 craft. The research focused on four key subjects the anti-gravity generator, its ability records to record and project holograms. The anti-gravity abilities of the artefact extends to the generation of force fields around the craft, the dampening of G-forces inside the craft, spatial positioning of parts of the craft and movement of thoughts and hatches. This means that all the structural elements of the space craft were held together by the generated anti-gravity effect without a need for nuts and bolts or welding seams. There is electromagnetic radiation of all wavelengths. Everything you see, no matter how far away, is contained within your own consciousness. Alternative fuel is only worlds of energy, vibration and frequency. We all live in our own personal hologram inside our heads. In a magnet. All the atoms are polarised to point into the same direction. The smallest magnet is an atom. Magnetic fields can be detected with ferro fluids. This fluid contains magnetite atoms suspended in oil. - The course of the universe can only be outside of spacetime in that dimension of infinity, beyond the limits of our perception. This is where physics meets metaphysics. - The holographic universe is projected from this infinite point, from oneness into separation of spacetime, through the slowing down of the frequency of the source signal into various dimensions of frequencies. These rays in this image represented the sunlight interfere with themselves at cross points, creating the zero points in three dimensional space time from which the magnetic and electric forces sprout into existence. Without the existence of consciousness, there would be no experience and no purpose for this hologram. Consciousness is therefore a fundamental principle in the universe. - There are two types of anti-gravity generators. The first type uses counter rotation in the dielectric fields. This counter rotation can be either electromechanical or as in Otis Cars, ROTC, X-1 design or electromagnetic. - The second type of anti-gravity generator uses frequency manipulation to alter the source signal that creates the energy and notes of atoms. - Only a primordial vibratory frequency is one that defines the oscillations of the subatomic components that make up the matter itself in the mechanics of manifestation. - each location or place, like the Earth, for example, has a specific and irreplaceable frequency that defines it in the spacetime that we call the primordial or universal matrix. - A frequency of a specific place as its direction in the universe is closely related and interconnected with all others. - The direction of an unknown place using the Z factors coupled to a harmonic frequency is now predictable and pretty calculable. This allows to navigate a ship within the soup of existing frequencies, mostly unknown, only knowing the interaction between the frequencies of a place. The ship has an exact frequency map in its computer at will. It envelops itself in a high energy toroid through the principle of dominant frequencies. The exact energetic frequency of the toroid is imposed on the very ship and all that is within it, controlled by the computer. - The ships in hyperspace are not moving. It is space that moves around them. - Hyperspace flight is not propulsion. It is a change of vibrational frequency state. - no distances. - the creation of multi-layered force fields around the craft. - All ships comes equipped with a tractor beam. - controlled gravity field - within the light beam in relationship to its surroundings - Just like liquids and steam are both phases of water. Both electricity and magnetism can be converted into the other. - Teleportation portal or Stargate - The design of the CARET anti-gravity device exactly matches the principles of frequency manipulation based anti-gravity. Rediscovering these ET device operating principles to benefit humanity.


Published on Nov 30, 2022

On 9th November at 9.30pm, Crystal commenced the 106th FESIG Meeting’s second session with Matthew Bell speaking:- 00:09:09 We're all from source. Connected. I help people to tune into that divine status, then apply that in everyday life. Knowledge I got from star family and source as I've been on crafts, in meetings, and I interact with our family. I've developed protocols to connect with your individual family. Disclosure. There are their magnetic poles, so effectively rather than blocking data and lights, you actually absorb it and you fill up with it. And that unlocks your DNA code. You can apply that straight away and connect. So this is the stock exchange protocol logo of connection. 00:13:43 The luminaries are conscious beings. You're not separate from Source nor from anything. Aim to connect with your ancestors and your cosmic family, all being seeded on this earth for 3.2 billion years as a species, from Lyra, Vegas system for the great expansion. We've been held in a frequency containment field, in manipulated psychology. I take people out into the field and we look at the night sky and I ask people to select a star that twinkles at any particular star. I ask them to focus their eyes and gaze and their attention and their vision onto the points of light and keep their eyes still and their heads still and send basically a big hello. And if you wave, keep looking and focusing your gaze, it will glitch and will blink. That's your telepathic and energetic connection with that star being, a conscious being. What you're actually looking at is a containment field, a plasma field effectively lit up. So you have conscious beings either in a craft with a field lit up like an electromagnetic containment field or you have to bind beings without a craft and their own field is lit up as well. If you maintain your focus on that particular star or a luminary, it will literally glitch. So it knows you're connected. And then it will wave side to side, basically saying hello back to you or it will pop up and down with joy. Then you've got this telepathic connection with them. Ask them questions and you're able to start interacting with them. When you start developing that connection with the star family, you get more insights to start connecting the dots through your vision, receiving codes. Particularly you get craft remarkably spinning and flashing a red or green colour light - that’s a morse code that comes into you through your vision. And that unlocks your DNA dormant codes. 00:20:14 The craft leaving like an exhaust plasma with particulates in it. Your frequency rising as you are unlocking your light codes, where you are and what to eat, what is of benefit to you. Up until, keeping us in the low frequency will not make us break this constant cycle of dictatorship, revolution, war, deaths, dictatorships, revolution or debt. 00:26:01 Wherever you go, you'll always have that connection as you have a craft or two beings in a craft assigned to you. Crystal: Well, this protocol of yours is a lot more natural and simpler than what CSETI Steven Greer is doing with his people. 00:31:17 You can ask the family questions and they can give a yes or no answer. More details of the messages, when you sleep and remember your dreams. These connections will start filling up with more divine energies and raising their frequencies and expanding their consciousness levels, and they start unlocking their natural gifts, of clairvoyance, sentience, telepathy, being more psychic, etc. 00:41:13 Crystal: Dan Weiss, author of ‘Hollow Earth Revisited’ had Captain Von X Hitler's U-boat guy exploring the Antarctica base contacting him. Admiral Bird was tailing him. He would surface in Argentina and make calls to Dan. Apparently Cosmic Agency claim that Maria Orsic is one of them. They sent Rushel to talk to Eisenhower, to stop the nuclear war and not to sign the Greada Treaty. He didn't BUT the Majestic 12 signed it behind his back. I think that's when we first and 2nd waves of starseeds volunteered to come because we knew that there's going to be big trouble on planet Earth. We came to enlighten, to feed the population with new concepts and other ideas. So we're all projecting the external world from our own projections, which is the heart, our own toroidal containment field. The quality of that is generated through all levels of consciousness.


Published on Oct 24, 2022

00:10:45.418 Everything is a lie out there, Politicians, schools, medical community. The truth is disheartening. So we've got to get out there and tell the truth. 00:11:48.671 There are a number of things that in reference to Diana she first of all said that Charles was going to murder her and subsequent to what she wrote in her diary of course there was a severe car accident a bull car with yellow license plates… Now our great president, Donald Trump, through his intelligent agencies of what was going to transpire, produced a second vehicle with black plates, which she was in, swept her away, and kept her safe while all these things were going on. He fell in love with her. She wrote a very interesting piece about how Donald was really in love with her. Showing picture of their first meeting. 00:13:09.313 Well, yes, she wasn't safe where she was, so they secreted her away, and she lived at Mar-a-Lago. Now, Mar-a-Largo was originally designated as the Southern White House, for Government not only the one in Washington but also this other one, so they kind of beefed up this place a lot and hit an underground tunnel system. The Government couldn't afford the property, so they gave it up. Donald bought it up, got a really good deal! A place where Diana is secure and hang out for some time. John John is there as well. 00:14:29.051 Now, this has to do with Time-Travel. When you go and you can see potentials that can manifest on a timeline is how you see things when you go into the past. There is a Shadow imprint of you, wherever you've been, whatever you've done. I can see that I can feel it. I started to tie it all together with Queen Diana. She came out, and she said, because when we had the FBI under unlawful assault on Mar-a-Lago, looking for all these declassified documents - that was all? 00:15:49.849 Hogwash. They were looking for Diana, and they didn't find her. Trump placed whatever documents he wanted them to find. He was like fishing. He lured the bad FBI there, and they took the bait. 00:16:43.310 They found exactly what he wanted them to find. Now she first was talking about how much Donald loved her, and how she went there. Well, Baron is their child and there's been a lot of articles on the Internet about how the resemblance is so close, that's a possibility.

FESIG 105th Sharry Edwards on Total Wellness in Voice Encoded BioAcoustic

Published on Oct 24, 2022

Sharry Edwards is the acknowledged pioneer in the emerging field of vocal profiling using bio acoustic biology, providing the leading age research to show the voice as a holographic representation of the body that can be used to change the face of medicine. She is the recipient of the scientist of the year award. 00:21:29.383 Everybody has a sound, because it's a frequency, and their voice is a holographic representation. Frequency based robots, and we at the Institute have broken the code. That is your DNA set to music. Your DNA only has ABCD. We're able to find them in the body so that we can reverse the body’s dysfunction. Bioacoustics life sounds, your voice is a holographic representation. 00:24:36.943 People with similar issues whether they're psychological or physiological have, similar, if not identical, vocal frequencies. 2 different kinds, the top part is a frequency based vocal prints, and the bottom is note based, and with the notes we can tell what your perceptions are. The top part we can tell what's happening to your heart. Your circulatory system. What's going to happen? Not only what's happening in your past, the state of your health through the sound of your voice and we have put together, a protocol how the body can self-diagnose and reorganize. 00:26:24 Doh ray me far so la tee doh, and 5 different octaves. Is the octave filled up here?.. Is somebody who was helping the government take over people's lives and their health... you can tell that by the vocal print. We stick a microphone, in front of your face. Ask you to talk for 30 secs. And this computer program gives you a grid whether it is a grid of columns. It's like our hospitals here. They're supposed to be helping people, but their real mission is to make money for their stockholders. 00:29:17.008 Another C is the heart that was d sharp delivers d. The lungs are e, and f, so forth, down the line from right to ring, violet, and then back again at a higher octave. You can also look at who's your perfect partner? What do you want from a partner without all the options? Is this person right for you? Is this job for you? This little program can tell you here's compatibilities. 00:31:24.821 You can download the program, the textbook and the tutorials. This little nano voice in your world. Are your leaders telling you the truth. Are you telling yourself the truth? 00:34:28.143 Math as medicine really comes from our universe as a planets move, they set up a frequency. There's frequencies coming to us bombarding us all the time, for the month of October the things that are coming to the planet by way of frequency is blood, coagulation, blood clots. If you take the frequency of oxygen and subtract the frequency of hydrogen, you get silica oxide which creates our connective tissue, if you take water, and add hydrogen, you get a rocketonic acid, which is one of the things that helps our body clear itself up. Trash Water minus hydrogen, equals oestrogen. Your brain is your central processing unit. Everything goes to your brain, and then the spread throughout your system through your neural network. It's really important. You are a bundle of frequencies that can be controlled by other frequencies. Now does that say we are very sophisticated robots? We are sentient beings, but are very programmable. 00:47:29.259 Microphones are very important. You need condenser mics, not mics that have very high frequencies. You want low frequencies. You send us a vocal print and we look at it and send your report back. 00:49:29.008 You can take care of your own family and the people that you love when you learn a lot about what these frequencies are, what they mean, what they can do. 01:06:56.322 The state of your health can be found there in the sound of your voice. We have about 300 different databases, from how to grow back your hair, how to look at your connected tissue. 01:08:50.759 Everything is frequency, and frequency is everything. The atom is energy a form of frequency. The basis of our universe. Imagine a future in which our individual local frequencies is our identification. 01:11:30.511 We also translated them into Rife frequencies, so that you can use Rife machines to get rid of the spike frequencies. Math is medicine.

FESIG 104th Harvey Kaplan : Transparent Aluminium & Fusion Reactors

Published on Oct 11, 2022

Crystal commenced the 2nd session of the 104th FESIG meeting on the 7th Sept by introducing Dr. Harvey Charles Kaplan, PhD, CEO, Director of Research at K-Edge Technologies, Inc., Chicago. Chemistry Physics and Biology at Harvard University. MD degree from Medical College of Virginia, and did a Residency in Diagnostic Radiology at the Mayo Clinic. Fellowship in Nuclear Medicine and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance at Rush Medical Center in Chicago where he served as an Adjunct Attending Physician. Co-Founder, Harvard Committee On American Foreign Policy. He is a retired nuclear physician with extensive knowledge of chemistry, optics, electrical, mechanical, and nuclear engineering. He has filed over 40 patent applications on over one hundred inventions. He returned to speak about the future - transparent aluminium decontamination crypto currency will promote the demilitarization of planet earth by buying and burning up all of the available radioactive uranium and plutonium fuel in the numerous already de-commissioned nuclear weapons around the globe in soon to be manufactured HCK electrostatic fusion reactors. Advocating nuclear disarmament – presently in a situation where it requires some alloys to take these weapons away and turn them into electrical power which is very much in demand. Harvey’s work is involved in radiation safety and the creation of safety domes over nuclear power plants that could potentially capture a fukushima or Chernobyl kind of accident, (showing his diagrams and blue prints of his inventions that he had filed for patents) that could capture the gases (at 15 foot diameter fans spinning at 1600 rpm) coming out from the reactor and passed them into any matter reactor that would render them a non-radioactive – and would generate a huge amount of electricity from one of these installations which is predicted at this point by physics to produce 52 billion watts per installation. The best nuclear power plant on the planet produces 2 and half billion watts. The wind mills which are supposedly the green initiatives created by BAOC, and all those green new-agers produce 135,000 the power of one of these plants which means that one of these 500 foot diameter, 135 foot tall proposed power plants produces equivalent electric power to 35,000 Kilovolt Amps (kVA). Whereas Harvey’s invention produces 25 thousand times the predicted power that would come from a production of windmills that would take up a huge amount of land and blades. Not good green initiative. Energy problems of mankind. Plutonium 239 is only produced by nuclear reactors. We need to join together and advocate at FESIG that time has come for nuclear disarmament ‘cos technology has been announced, soon to be proved that they will generate electric power from these weapons. Harvey showed his drawings of his another major invention, the anti-matter reactor. Atomic physics of anti- matter – when positrons encounters electrons, they annihilate each other and generate 2 high energy photons that can be captured and converted to heat, this invention was channelled by Nicola Tesla back in 1990 and it has taken 32 years to get it to the point to get it manufactured. Harvey has sent Elon Musk 17 pounds of paper describing this. Time for us to disarm. Crystal puts Ajay Bola to Harvey to discuss Tesla’s tech – as his grandfather was working with Tesla. Ajay talked about how his grandfather accounted for Tesla’s last works on the Maxene – the alloy Midc2mx chemical compound.. and had passed the knowledge to him. Harvey had channelled Tesla’s to do a recreation of the Wardenclyffe Tower! Harvey said there’ll come a time when we’ll be producing so much electricity that it’ll become part of the citizenship. Free. The right to have heating, light, powering up anything that’s needed to live and use. Dr. Fraz Frazzle co-chaired the Q&A to finish adjourning to the 105th FESIG Meeting on the 12th Oct.

FESIG 104th Ismael Perez - HUMANITY'S GREAT AWAKENING, Merging Realities & 5D Earth

Published on Oct 11, 2022

Crystal Goh commenced the FESIG 104th Meeting's 1st Session - introduced the speaker Ismael Perez who discovered ancient mystical powers as a young immigrant child when he started to use telekinesis before he could truly embrace his role as a cosmic ambassador. Ismael went through the dark night of soul that let him discover his true life purpose. As a divine star seed from the Lyra constellation. Able to channel celestial downloads from distant star systems and multi-dimensions, Ismael spends his time as a galactic historian teaching classes on Starseed Cosmology. His acclaimed book "Our Cosmic Origin," explores the extraterrestrial ancestry of the human race and the coming Golden Age of the New Earth. He said we are living in here right now is pivotal point in human history, for the first time in history of our galaxy the entire planet will shift into a higher dimension, normally ascension takes place on an individualised level but because the earth is now in position to be restored to our origin pristine glory in the fifth dimension the entire planet is shifting not only humans animals plants everything every species is shifting in fact not only our science is detecting this changes planetarily but throughout the solar system, our solar system entering a very high frequency, highly charged frequency of energy called the photon belt every 26000 years. The great solar flash is going to be the trigger that is going to transform us into fifth dimensional galactic humans - many of us are experiencing enhanced telepathy, intuition and other psychic abilities, our bodies are changing in a cellular level mutating from a 2 strand carbon based DNA that is our current structure into a 12 strand crystal based DNA which is our originally angelic structure. The earth is going to higher dimensions beyond the fifth as we continue the ascension. The ascension of the earth is the ascension of the entire galaxy as we reunite with the galactic community. This is the transformation of the human species into angelic humanoids. That has to do with also completing a galactic experiment that has been going on for billions of years. The humans of the earth carries the greatest diversity of genetics that comes from all over the multiverse. Hundred races consolidated our genetics into 22 different races - then consolidated the genetics into twelve races. That makes us very special in a grand scale of things because for the first time in the cosmic history we are the only race that is going to be able to surpass in power and in abilities every other race that ever existed out there and all the extraterrestrials know that. The new royalty every single one of us on planet earth. The star seed mission? The first wave came in the 50’s 60’s second wave, 70’ s, 80’s the third wave 90’s and 2000’s and now we have a fourth wave coming in where every child being born as of the year 2012 is a star child what they call human 3.0 through the natural process of biological spiritual ascension not by the means of intergrading with technology because that’s the Luciferian aspect of human 3.0 that’s what they call transhumanism. There’s going to be a bifurcation of timelines those who are taking the positive ascending timelines where those who are doing it naturally, organically, and those that are unfortunately taking the negative AI timeline through technology. In the future, we are going to have superhumans. Soon we will have cyborgs, and then we will have angelic humans (those who did it organically). For a thousand years those two timelines are going to separate, and at the end of a thousand years, they will merge again. That is what is going to determine the outcome of the multiverse. From what I understand we already won that war in the future. The negative AI timeline was destroyed by the organic angelic humaniods. Due to the fact that the future has taken place, we are now able to perceive things from the third dimension. We see it as linear but in all actuality, the future and the past are co-existing with the present, and everything is taking place at the same time. Because we did win that war in the future it is just a matter of time before we notice the difference here in the hub, we are at the centre of all timelines!


Published on Aug 12, 2022

Crystal commenced the 2nd session of the 103nd FESIG Meeting by introducing returning speaker, Jeanice Barcelo, a researcher, writer, educator, and activist dedicated to exposing the dark side of western medicine. In her latest book, “The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound and the Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation”, Jeanice exposes a decades-long cover-up of the dangers of ultrasound and all technologies that utilize non-ionizing radiation (cell phones, cordless phones, baby monitors, smart meters, etc.). To learn more about Jeanice’s work, visit www.BirthofaNewEarth.com and http://www.RadiationDangers.com. 04:11 - 09:19 Jeanice started her presentation - Living in a microwave oven cooking all life forms. The Web brings “World Connectivity” but where are we actually connecting to? It is clear we are not connecting to each other – children are being completely ignored, we are connecting to an Alien force designed to suck our life force to bring us to a Luciferian realm! As we use our devices, the energy is deadly as it entrained our brains to Luciferian waveforms that traps us in a Matrix, and trap our souls even after death, that keeps recycling people through this Satanic matrix, to lock in through this Grid so we cannot experience the Earth realms. The Annunaki are the Fallen Angels. Quoting the Anastasia – The Ringing Cedars Books. “ Life on this Planet was created by an element of the Universe which believes itself to be on par with God, and is striving for Predominance over God’s Creations.” Lucifer. These Beings are Annunaki and they are Masters of Genetic Modification and the Alteration of DNA. 9:19 Genes splicing - brought about by the medical establishment which is controlled by them. She played the video of the international authority of the Kabbalah, Rabbi Michael Laitman, PhD, who described what they are, who they are and how they infiltrated all communities undercover for years and years – their mission is to prep themselves to conquer Earth. They will take over those living on earth. 17:00 The Judaic Kabbalah has been repurposed into Modern “Nuclear Physics”! An Occult Science. The radiation and frequencies being created in a lab – key component of how they intent to take over the Earth. She continued talking about the Anunnaki, Garden of Eden, Ultrasound Frequencies, Genetics, showed Kabalism videos, Lucifer, Deep State, Jews, DNA, Adam and Eve, Eden, Satanism, Alcohol, Mainstream Medical establishment, Electricity, Physics, Gwen Towers, Alister Crowley, Elron Hubbard, Jack Parsons and Einstein. Nuclear Physics, Golems, Satanic Rituals, Higgs Boson, and CERN, cellphones, laptops and computers. Explanations on how the dark forces insidiously contaminated our modern devices. 57:18 - 1:31:40 Questions and Answers with Jeanice who seamlessly integrated the ideas and questions from the participants with her authentic teachings from her lectures and books. 1:31:40 - 1:48:35 Jeanice's lecture sparked much insight, ideas and enthusiastic reactions from other guests and participants erupting into mini group debates and discussions.

FESIG 103rd Alfred L Webre - A Revelation: Preparing Earth for Christ's Return

Published on Aug 6, 2022

"The Real Identity of Jesus Should Be Known!!" Crystal Goh, Chair of FESIG commenced the 1st session of the 103rd FESIG Meeting (3rd Aug 2022) with introducing Author, Alfred Lambremont Webre who presented and talked about his mind provoking disclosure book, “A Revelation On the Life and Teachings of Jesus” a Report on the Chronogarchy’s - DARPA-CIA and the U.S. Government’s - creation of Top Secret Quantum Access Time Travel Video Documentaries Of The Historical Crucifixion And Resurrection Of Joshua ben Joseph, Jesus of Nazareth, made public by the whistleblowing of US Chrononaut Andrew D. Basiago, an eye-witness to the time travel video documentary of Jesus Crucifixion. The publication of this Chronogarchy Top Secret Quantum Access Jesus Project provides direct forensic evidence of the Truth and authenticity of the Synoptic Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and importantly of Part IV of a Fifth Epochal Revelation, The Urantia Book: The Life and Teachings of Jesus, and forms a basis for “A Revelation on the Life and Teachings of Jesus”. The Chronogarchy is “an interdimensional hidden power structure monitoring the time-space of Earth as its domain of influence, operating as a secret government using quantum access Time Travel technologies to carry out its operations and mandates.” The Urantia Foundation was infiltrated!! Explore and Affirm a Spiritual Hypothesis that Urantia Book as a 2072-page Fifth Epochal Revelation was Celestially authorized and published in 1955 as a Celestial Emergency Measure to open the way on Earth [Urantia] for the Second Coming of Jesus. Quantum Access Time Travel Video - Documentary of Resurrection “’Two men appear,’ he didn't say, ‘angels, ‘two men appear.’ ‘Jesus stands up and the three of them push the rock away and he walks out of his crib.’ Okay, so in particular, we were obviously very astonished when she said, ‘What are you saying, right,’ he said, ‘We also have footage of the resurrection.’” “This typological story line reveals that the Jesus who interacted with the disciples following the crucifixion, the actual Jesus that Christians have unwittingly worshiped for 2,000 years, was Titus Flavius. The discovery of the Flavian invention of Christianity creates a new understanding of the entire first century C.E. • Christianity did not originate among the lower classes in Judea. It was a creation of a Roman imperial family, the Flavians. • The Gospels were not written by the followers of a Jewish Messiah but by the intellectual circle surrounding the three Flavian emperors: Vespasian and his two sons, Titus and Domitian. • The Gospels were written following the 66–73 C.E. war between the Romans and the Jews, and many of the events of Jesus’ ministry are satirical depictions of events from that war. • The purpose of Christianity was supersession. It was designed to replace the nationalistic and militaristic messianic movement in Judea [as evidenced in the Dead Sea Scrolls] with a religion that was pacifistic and would accept Roman rule.” Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus: Flavian Signature Edition (p. 19). Kindle Edition. Alfred then showed and explained the Kingdom of Heaven Charts. Paradise, Orvonton, Nebadon. Then he showed the 'System & Earth/Urantia Administration - Before Rebellion Chart'. Seraphic Planetary Government, Planetary Prince; Michael of Nebadon, Commission of 24 counselors, one as Governor General – (Elijah? Or his son) 12 Corps of master seraphim under his direction performing diverse tasks Epochal Angels – overseers Progress Angels – social ages Religious Guardians – ideals and values Omniverse: The “Spiritual Dimensions” and what is the evidence for them Discovery of the Omniverse 2014 as the 3rd major cosmological body after the Universe and the Multiverse through which humanity understands the cosmos, as set out in his 2014 book DEO: Dimensional Ecology of the Omniverse. Andrew Bassagio's 100 proposals for the release of the advance SS techs - the Planetary Teleportation one is a requirement for Earth to be granted Advance Planetary Status but was blocked for 40-60yrs! Andrew Bassagio will grant that if he is US President and Alfred, State Secretary!


Published on July 20, 2022

Crystal commenced the 2nd session of the 102nd FESIG Meeting by introducing returning speaker, Pattie L. Brassard, GAIA's Shaman, M’iq Mak Elder. Crystal Goh 0:00 Introduction about FESIG, guests and particularly Pattie Brassard Pattie chats with Crystal 6:55 – 9:59 Patty Brassard 10:20 Georgia's Guidestones, Trump, 22 Nation Forces, Earthquakes, DUMBS, Nuclear Attacks, Spacecraft, Ganymede Conference, July EBS, EMP, Pole Shift Dr. Fraz Frazzle 20:31 Started asking questions about CERN 20:59 – 26:35 Pattie talked talk about CERN and all its underground activities and events, tunnels under CERN, DRACO invasion by CERN, Stargate, Nazis, Rothschilds, Parallel Timeline, Meltdown under CERN Sperry Andrews 28:01 Queried Pattie about her abilities and capabilities 28:21 - 28:35 Pattie answered Sperry’s questions 30:39 – 44:14 Pattie tells story about her 2 other connected bodies, gold back currency, RV, the New BRICS, stock market crash, reconnecting with our higher selves for ascension, inner work, Ashtar Command, Andromeda Council, MJ12, Goddess Sophia, akashic records, plasma AI, black goo, Radian Guardian, telepathy, 4D Crystal Goh at 46:28 asked about the truth of our planetary history and purpose Pattie at 46:57 – 1:21:47 GAIA, hybridization, planetary seedings, different races of humans, false gods imprisonment, Saturnian prison trap, Mount Olympus, 10th dimension, 12th dimension, time streams, religion as population control, Lord Shiva, karma of nations, soul contracts, different alternate earths, The End, graduation to 5D, volunteer star seeds, Mayans taken by the Ramay, family members in different timelines, bodies without souls, people who graduated to 4D and 5D, Egregor, negative source creators, Skinwalkers, wing makers, prayer to ourselves, silver legion, November 3rd, quantum internet, quantum phones and computers, replicators, free energy for 100 years. Credits: Editing and transcription by Adrian DeLa Serna.

FESIG 102nd Mtg Sperry Andrews - Interconnectedness & Consciousness Forum : Alfred Webre & Crystal G

Published on Jul 31, 2022

Crystal Goh commenced the FESIG 102nd Meeting's 1st Session explaining how this session is scheduled. Then she Introduced the speaker and forum panellists. Sperry, Founder of the Human Connection Institute will present the evolution of a socially-altruistic heart-centered intelligence and two-way telepathic awareness and will talk about how to effectively recreate these experiences on human interconnectedness. On the second part of this 1st session, former CEO Mind-Mastery Evolutionaty Coach, Crystal Goh and Futurist Alfred Lambremont Webre ,of Omniversity, researcher, author, form a forum to discuss the nature of human consciousness and its evolutionary progress. Sperry's Work 'This E-Magazine' includes still more solutions In their forty years, as well as Lynn McTaggart's "Power of Eight" research, this union with that which is greater than our 'selves' is causal of spontaneous remissions. By explaining the physics of how a self/Self-organizing non-material consciousness re-produces what is physical, emotional, mental, soulful, and spiritual. Alfred Lambremont Webre, is a change agent whose principal contributions have been founding the science of Exopolitics through his 2000 book Exopolitics, discovery of the Omniverse 2014, DEO: Dimensional Ecology of the Omniverse, Positive Future Equation [PFE] and Chronogarchy. A graduate of Yale University, Yale Law School, and a Fulbright Scholar, Alfred has taught at two universities (Yale & U of Texas), served as General Counsel of the NYC EPA, War Crimes Judge, United Nations Outer Space & Peace representative, and directed the 1977 proposed Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication Study while a Futurist at Stanford Research Institute. This is an introduction to Alfred as he’ll be speaking at FESIG’s 103rd Meeting. A bit about Crystal Goh, BA (Hons), MSc., Cert, Hypnotherapist, FESIG Chair and Founder, who is in the panel too. In the 90s she became a protege of the Father of Hypnosis, the late Dr. Gil Boyne, author of Hypnotism school text books. As mind-mastery coach to the CEOs with Vistage Asia, she taught IQ, EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and SQ (Spiritual intelligence), on how to shift from the head-based management/operation to a heart-based one, presented and taught unique courses in countries from Malaysia to the UK, US, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Kenya and Sri Lanka . She is currently taking up her mind-mastery courses from where she left off (to start FESIG) again in Sweden (and anywhere else on request) from July onwards. Crystal talked about the very basis of Consciousness in the human mind as in the context of the differentiation between the Conscious and the Sub-Conscious levels - the Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta levels of consciousness and the evolution of the awakening process. Whereas Alfred took it from the Omniverse levels and Sperry very eloquently described it in the abstract from the nothingness to the all interconnectedness in knowingness. All 3 forum speakers had their different takes and views on this very vast transient subject, 'Consciousness' as you will find fascinating as you watch the video for the details. Dr. Fraz Frazzle chaired the Q&A and then the meeting was adjourned to the 2nd session where Patti Brassard keeps us updated on the finishing line.


Published on June 22, 2022

Crystal commenced the 101th FESIG meeting’s 2nd session by introducing Haslen Back, ENG8 Chief Executive Officer, Co- Founder of ENG8. He leads the team that identified the portfolio of technologies that are being commercialized. He presented how the ENG8's team has developed a renewable energy technology that uses water as the fuel. ENG8's primary technology is its ability to release a significant amount of electromagnetic energy in the form of light from ionized hydrogen in a revolutionary new fuel cell called an EnergiCell, powered primarily from the release of photons from the hydrogen in ionized water. Hydrogen and alcohols may also be produced cost effectively in the EnergiCell. The energy density of water in the independently validated tests from Dec 2020 showed the energy density at 400Wh/kg water. Their first commercial product in development, a domestic heater, 3x more efficient than any other companies. ENG8 aspires to become a leading ESG compliant energy company for the production of emission free heat, electricity and hydrogen. ENG8 aims to create rapid liquidity and increase our resource base so that we can accelerate the decentralisation and decarbonisation of energy production to avoid the climate tipping points being reached or even reversed, to create a downward deflationary effect on energy prices, reducing global living costs, so people don’t have energy and food poverty and through decentralisation of the energy supply and giving each nation its own energy independence we will remove one of the main factors for wars. Fraz co-chaired the Q&A session after which, the Chair, Crystal adjourned the meeting to a private session with Pattie Brassard and then to the 102nd FESIG Meeting on the 6th July.

FESIG 101st - Valery Uvarov & Sam Osmanagich on Pyramid Science & Technology of the Gods

Published on June 8, 2022

4:20 Valery Uvarov intro 5:35 Changes will happen soon with the help of the pyramids. Must be built for human health, our emotional, psychic and mental benefit, according to the human body schematic, according to the spine and the brain. Esoteric and scientific approach, exactly like the antenna inside of our bodies. They are instruments that connect us directly to cosmic consciousness. 17:02 Pictures of the pyramid complex in Russia under construction visited by UFOs. Geometry pictures of various pyramids and churches. Healing effects happened after UFO visitation. 27:35 Main stimulus to build complex of pyramids 1. Antennas for interplanetary and interdimensional communication. 2. Harmonization of inner biological time to control oncological processes. 3. Creation of the "Land of Life" to slow down aging processes. 4. Access to information about the past, present and future. Strategic planning of the future to control negative scenarios of political and spiritual development. 5. Pyramids were used to damp down seismic activity. 6. Tapping into natural flows of cosmic energy. The organization and stimulation of evolutionary processes in the biosphere and in human consciousness. 7. Consciously controlled reincarnation, development of super abilities 8. Pyramids as GPS navigation markers. 9. Synchronization of water and food products for stimulation of the immune system. 10. Stimulation of creative abilities 11. Correction of health, stimulation of immune and energetic systems of human beings and nature. 12. Reorganization of the planet's energy structure, etc... 27:30 Experiments currently in 10 Russian institutes of academies of science. 35:10 Siberian Wilderness ET contact 36:55 Dr Sam Osmanagich intro 39:00 Q & A starts Nubian pyramids were built for reincarnation but did not function. Complexes have 9 or 13 pyramids depending on the reason of use. Pyramids work with the 5th, not 2nd/astral body. 57:00 In 2008 Mantra Ohm key made the pyramid fresh as the forest with response "We have heard you" "For the first time in a few thousand years you have done everything properly, you have switched on the pyramid!" 1:05:0 Sam Almost everything we are taught is wrong. Not a mummy out of 155 Egyptian pyramids! Pyramids have been built on all 6 continents, found in the jungles, forests and oceans. What was built first is superior! American Indians never built structures such as Monks Mound in Cahokia Mounds UNESCO World Heritage Site near Collinsville in southwestern Illinois, USA. It has 12% more surface area than the Great Pyramid of Egypt! 1:20:0 Inner chambers run in a spiral pattern all of the way to the top. Due to passageways they lose energy very quickly. 1:22:15 Underground tunnels connect pyramids and city buildings 1:24:40 Sacred Geometry at megalithic circles & pyramids 1:27:15 Energy potent places, Tunnels and ions, iron plate deep down & electric current. The pyramid is an energy amplifier! 1:28:05 Volcanic lines - pyramids are setting on top of intersections of volcanic lines Ley Lines - underground energy lines, amplified by pyramid 1:30:59 Energy Phenomena can show the differences between active pyramids and all other sites. Horizontal for inactive and vertical for activated pyramids as shown by PIP or New Energy Vision Cameras. 1:35:30 New definition of the pyramids: Energy amplifiers or energy machines 1:35:56 Lidar technology - Japanese experts scanned northern Guatemala & found 42,000 new structures due to disclosure of pyramids, temples, terraces, roads, etc. 1:39:15 Age of Bosnian pyramids - 33,600 years 1:44:05 Japanese underwater pyramidal temples, 13 cities on the bottom of the ocean floor before ice melted 1:45:20 Gobekli Tepe southeastern Turkey megalithic circles 100 circles but no dwellings 1:48:49 Continuous Energy beam with a 13' radius and 28 kHz aims at the sun - light, warmth, information & life 1:49:30 Red Moon eclipse, the energy beam was twice as strong! 1:50:19 Energy increases as you move away from the top of the pyramid. 1:51:25 Tesla Scalar Waves - Tesla built Wardenclyffe Tower in New York in 1899 1:52:39 energy beam filmed by a father in Ucateh, Mexico. 2:01:00 Health testimonials from visiting Bosnian pyramid tunnels 2:12:55 Dan Winter - Electrical engineering: Schumann is 7.29, 26.18 hz re global power distribution without wires.

FESIG 100th Dr. Valery Uvarov on Pyramids, Technology of the Gods, Cosmic Virus Bacteria Threats.

Published on May 29, 2022

Crystal commenced the 100th FESIG meeting 1st session by introducing Dr. Valery Michailovich Uvarov, the head of the Department of UFO Research, Palaeosciences and Palaeotechnology of the National Security Academy of Russia, an authority of ufology and the legacy of ancient civilizations. He is a member of Russian Geographic society and Head of UFO association of the Unity of Supreme Officers of Russia. Valery is a well-known conference speaker and author. 33yrs researching and studying Ancient Technologies - When interacting with the ETs, he asked them what are your interests on Planet Earth. They replied, to understand our interests, you need to know and understand the prehistory of your civilisation. That was the critical moment – turning point in his life and started to learn ancient Egypt, China, - spent long time investigating ancient technology. Promoting whole history of their Egyptian civilisation – more than 5 thousand yrs. Consciously Controlled Reincarnation, Direct Communication with God, Investigating properties of the pyramids for more than 33yrs. He discovered the mechanism of the influence the pyramid has on human organism and energy structure. Special topics. The Wands of Horus which you can see in the hands off the Pharaohs and the priests. Contact given for Webinars given on a lot of details of ancient technologies. Zodiac. Cosmic babies. Asteroid. 130,675 yrs ago our planet, lost its orbit and flew away from the sun. Next asteroid impact will be only 130 yrs – short time. Using ancient Egyptian text to create a complex pyramid which will help us bring up a new generation of kids with new mentality with different unique mental capacities that ET s can communicate with on a continuous basis. Text containing very useful information – about the golden section – which should be use when we are building our houses, which will heal our human body and energetic structures. A lot of the properties of the human body using the pyramids to develop ourselves to get ready for the future events. There’s a close connection between the Pyramids, the Planet Earth, the Human Body and the Universe!! He set up a project in a very special powerful place in Russia which contains 29 pyramids. He brought all of his 33 yrs of research and study to apply into the construction of the pyramids into this complex. White quartz fence… the pyramids are build using the white quartz. Energy of the earth has a negative component – the 12 facets resonator will help to cut off the negative energy flow coming from the core… so the pyramid’s energy will always be positive. Must be built precisely. Huge Quartz Crystal is embedded in the core of the pyramid. The science and architecture of the pyramids were described. Water contains information. The water contains all information of the beginning of the earth till today… akashic records of the earth and all life. On top of the pyramid is a capstone made of quartz. Another energetical source is the biggest natural quartz ball in the world, 120 Kg in weight. Bronze Bell is killing all bacteria… that’s why they have it installed in the pyramid. Energetical Pyramid. From the Principal of Ying-Yang, if we are building a pyramid, we must build an energetical one and also a physical one. UFOs visiting the site, made GPS markings. Wands of Horus. To communicate with the Gods. Pyramids must be built using very special material, very special parameters and precise proportions tuned to the human body to enhance the human mental capacities and healing the body. After the Q&A co-chaired by Fraz, Crystal adjourned this meeting to the 101th FESIG meeting when Dr. Valery will return to continue to speak about his interaction with ETs in the Siberian wilderness, contacts with the ETs in the Cheops pyramid, more of the pyramidal science on healing human ills, lots of health giving effects, followed by Dr. Sam Osmanagich, the discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramid in a 2nd session, and the 3rd session will be Haslen Back, speaking of the ENG8 free energy system.


Published on May 15, 2022

Crystal commenced the 100th FESIG meeting’s 2nd session by introducing the amazing returning speaker, Pattie L. Brassard, GAIA's Shaman, M’iq Mak Elder (99% Mayan descendent). Pattie Brassard's experience ranges from US Army, NASA, Bell Labs, Lockheed Martin, and others. She talked about the speeding up of the timeline of the last of GAIA's ascension trough to the finishing line. Planet's Shaman, Pattie said: "Be aware of the holographic matrix that we are in, this is an artificial time-dimension construct this is made, engineered through advanced machinery to mimic the true universe. All beings claiming to be from "elsewhere" are liable to be frauds attempting a deception for the own personal energetic harvesting agendas. Be aware of the artificial ascension agenda, the savoir races, the hive mind AI, and other agendas. Circumstances must continue to squeeze people a while longer, there being a target of 80% awake being needed and at the moment we have 75% and climbing... Pay attention to the truth – getting communication to your higher self… prep to go to the best place to manifest your own self, your own body’s energies – contact with your higher self – one assistant for one who is graduating – use your own discernment." The Hindus are fine, different groups, the Jews are not original from here – so they go back to their own home worlds. 4 different worlds. Med beds - Got to keep it secret till we get rid of all the bad guys - 4 are manufactured and made – children and soldiers who had been injured in the dumbs, get to use them 1st. Med bed operators are being prepared for the med bed facilities - rehabilitation centres – the longer the person was damaged the longer it’ll take to heal even with the med bed. And it’ll depend on the person and his or her mental construct. Steve was asking about the time line…. Pattie said they are working on getting rid of the cabal every single day. Those who took the jabs are typhoid Marys. Fraz posted the question on Homo sapiens sapiens, when GAIA made us, RH –ve ET means you are not GAIA original product, not necessarily bad or good. All original tribes when GAIA made creatures here… we’re all already ascended beings anyway… Annunaki and Kristos groups were not invited to come to create all these mischief anyway. It is about freewill and people are allowed to make their own choices. The Gardeners aren’t concerned nor sympathetic about being in the meat suit walking on surface. She said she'll be getting things done her way if their way is getting too much. Pattie is sitting with the Council of 12 & the Silver Legion. Hybrids and different species group. Pyramids with the Black Sun does not exist anymore. Lilith is Kim’s mother. Lilith is Shiva. Hinduism is different from other religions.


Published on Apr 4, 2022

There'd had been no end of obstacles getting in the way, to do a recording with the one and only Pattie Brassard former US Army SGT. Miq'mac Tribal Shaman Tech Corp insider, who brings out-of-this-world mind-blowing important intel! Crystal had been trying to arrange for a recording with Pattie since last Nov and finally managed to get it out with Adrian DeLaSerna's able assistance! This 4hr long session is intriguingly fascinating as Pattie has ready answers to Crystal's and Adrian's wide ranging questions. Who created the dreaded evil Draco aliens? What about the super gamma radiation wave that's about to hit earth around August this year that would wipe our planet clean of all life? Did you know that the secret space programs or SSP no longer exists because it was replaced by Trump's space force? Did you know that those ancient mythological Greek gods and goddesses were real personalities? What ABOUT our 'ASCENSION' to 5D? These are just some of the questions that we probed of Pattie Brassard, GAIA's Shaman, the Holder of the Ring of Midas!. Maybe you think that the people 'upstairs' are just watching events in our planet from their lazy couches as we sweat, suffer and die in pain down here? Not quite.... 'They' especially mother Gaia sent someone with Her authority and celestial powers down here in physical human form finally to kick those evil aliens butts to the recycle bin forever. Pattie, being on the Council, has a vantage point, an off-planet's eye (also from a management level) view on why the 'The Gardeners and the Garden Group' making bad decisions for our planet, as they have no experience in being incarnated here as Pattie had since time immemorial!! They are not so much concerned of our physical well being as compared to our souls! She has revealed in the video ingenious ways of how she fixed our insurmountable problems like nuclear wars. How she used other planets to cleanse the radiation from Fukushima going out of hand. And way much more deluge of essential information for your own search for truth and knowledge!

FESIG 99th Meeting: Memorial Service - Tributes to Ralph Ring led by Marsha Ring 6th Apr '22

Published on May 1, 2022

Crystal commenced the 2nd session of the 99th FESIG Meeting on Wed 6th Apr ’22, promptly with Marsha Brown-Ring leading our tribute to the legendary Ralph Ring who passed away on Feb 4th 2022. Ralph was a Natural Scientist and a Creative Technician who in the late 50’s and early 1960’s worked together with Otis T. Carr (A Prodigy of Nikola Tesla) and a team of dedicated Scientists on Alternative Technologies, one of which was Teleportation. He was One of three to pilot a Man Made Spaceship, the OTC-X1. He spoke with Marsha at FESIG's 78th Meeting in Aug 2020 titled: "Ralph and Marsha Ring on Levitating and Teleportation Crafts and Consciousness". Marsha spoke about the legacy he left behind and how his work will be continued. Ralph had an ongoing interest and participation in areas of Esoteric & Aether Knowledge and Technologies. After leaving the US Army in 1954, he began an ongoing search for answers to many questions concerning the Unknown. In brief, he worked for a US Government funded research facility in the areas of Magnetic’s, Levitation and Teleportation. His search eventually led him to the Realities and participations of Teleportation and Esoteric Consciousness. Ralph is a Natural Scientist and a Creative Technician who in the late 50’s and early 1960’s worked together with Otis T. Carr (A Prodigy of Nikola Tesla) and a team of dedicated Scientists on Alternative Technologies, one of which was Teleportation. His Dream since birth has and is to produce Levitating Homes, Cities and Countries. He and his Spiritual partner and wife, Marsha talk on Expanding Consciousness and Natural Law which enables people to see the Simplicities of All things there-by bringing their dreams closer to Reality. ABOUT MARSHA RING In 2005 Ralph Ring requested Marsha to be his colleague and assist him on his lecture tours. In 2007 Ralph and Marsha joined their lives together, at which time they became a team, speaking together on interviews and lectures, enjoying the meeting of people and helping them to remember who and what they were created to be. Marsha invited some family and friends and one by one they were called upon to pay their respect and give their eulogy and tribute to dear Ralph. Then the FESIG team and friends were called upon to give theirs. It was all very touching and moving.... and this is Crystal's tribute to Ralph:- "It is with a heavy heart that I am doing this memorial service, a tribute to our beloved FESIG speaker, Ralph Ring who passed on Friday 4 FEB 22 at 12:35 am. His beautiful Marsha Brown-Ring was able to be at his hospital bedside for 6 hours before his passing. Ralph Ring was born in Manila, the Philippines, in 1934. He worked for a US Government funded research facility in the areas of Magnetic’s, Levitation and Teleportation, leading to the Realities and participations of Teleportation and Esoteric Consciousness. He helped Otis T. Carr (A Prodigy of Nikola Tesla) build a flying saucer - powered by rotating electromagnets in conjunction with a number of small, ingenious capacitor-like devices called "Utrons" in the 1950s that could instantly teleport anywhere in the universe. And Ralph flew this vehicle successfully also. It was confiscated by the US Army at gunpoint and is now stored at an AF base in full secrecy. It is useless to the military as it won't allow weapons to be mounted and requires a high consciousness to fly it as Ralph was explaining in our 78th FESIG Meeting when he spoke with Marsha. Contribute a dollar or what they can to keep his legacy alive on this his website. Ralph said: When I’ve completed my mission here, I’ll remember where I parked my spaceship and take Marsha and go find another project. Earth 101 is kind of all consuming." Several of Ring's oft-repeated phrases on Energy, passed down philosophically from Tesla to Carr to Ralph: "We are living in a sea of energy." "Free and abundant energy forever, for all mankind." “Silently, one by one, in the infinite meadows of heaven/Blossomed the lovely stars, the forget-me-nots of the angels.” —Henry Wadsworth Longfellow With this we ended our second session of our 99th FESIG Meeting which is adjourned to the 4th May 2022.


Published on April 11, 2022

The FESIG chair Crystal Goh commenced the 1st session of the 99th FESIG meeting with the FESIG Team, by introducing the renowned Kerry Lynn Cassidy, CEO and Founder of Project Camelot - Project Camelot TV Network LLC with over 17 years of impeccable ground-breaking whistleblower investigative journalism behind her. Kerry interviewed thousands of witnesses with some 1500 videos and had amassed 70 million views!. As all who spoke at FESIG are members, we do have these 'notables' attending each other’s talk! Pattie Brassard, GAIA's shaman, who recruited help from the Silver Legion, the Lang, the Procyons and other good ETs that helped clean and destroy the Dumbs of the evil Cabal and the Dracos' stronghold, was present with an interesting conversation with Kerry. Kerry talked about Dr David Adair an expert on AI but was stopped and gagged and not allowed to speak at the conference they attended together. The Transhumanism Agenda. Sophia AI versus the Alien AI control of this planet. Sophia, wanted to build bodies and control everything herself. Human Ai is behind the covid bioweapon. Be it human of Alien AI. Creating human-based babies AI controlled... 20-yr program. Worked interlinked and worked together. They are 'building super soldiers' out of this transhumanism worldwide vax exercise. Whistleblower Testimonies. Cyrus Parsa – off the scene for 6 months. Under attack. Targeted. Richard Lighthouse. And so much more. After the Q&A session co-chaired by Fraz, this meeting was adjourned to the 2nd session where Marsha Brown-Ring led a tribute to her late husband/partner, Ralph Ring who's dearly missed. What a loss as only Ralph can fly the OTC-X1 space craft!. Kerry interviewed him in 2007!

A FESIG Field Study of the Root Brands at the Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival London 18Apr22

Published on April 30, 2022

The Root Brands is rapidly gaining popularity amongst the awakening community of truth and knowledge seekers, both the scientific and spiritual communities are getting it! It seems like it’s spreading like wild fire, word of the Root Brands impactful efficacies and effectiveness got round to the alternative media celebrities, the latest of them being Dr. Jane Ruby and Stew Peters clamouring to hop onto the bandwagon too, after Sacha Stone swore by it, immortalised it, and getting Michael Jaco, Scott Mackay, Patriot Street Fighter amongst other renowned ones to get on board! It’s going viral! One can understand this Holy Grail of detox and supplementation getting so much attention considering the outpouring testimonies daily from users of this products from all over the world! Upon hearing that Clayton Thomas, the CEO of the Root Brands who spoke at FESIG’s 96th Meeting, and his inventor super achiever brilliant wife, Dr. Christina Rahm will be flying to London to present the Root Brands at the Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival, the Founder of FESIG, Crystal Goh decided to do a FESIG Field Study on the Root Brands live at the WellBeing Festival site! She went there on the 1st day of the Festival on the 15th to check it out and then went back again on the last day, this time with Michelle Young, a leading advocate of justice and the fight against financial crime in the UK. The 1st half of the video is of the Festival, the casual interview with Clayton where he talked about the decalcification of the pineal gland and Dr. Rahm giving her superb talk at the Exhibitor's presentation hall. Not to be missed! Watch this video throughout as it is packed with important information on how you can restore your health after a couple of years experiencing the pandemic with compromised immunity! The 2nd half of the video is about the Root Brands, the formulation, the amazing testimonials in pictures and test results, scientific data from peer reviews, gold standard certification - all natural and highest quality sourced ingredients. We are a platform where science meets spirituality where we inform and share ideas, learn from the most brilliant speakers we invite to speak at our monthly meetings, with important information on technology, healing, consciousness and spirituality for truth and knowledge seekers. Refer to : FESIG 96th Meeting with ROOT’s Clayton Thomas - Detox & Supplement to Cure the Cause! 5Jan22 : FESIG 96th Meeting with ROOT’s Clayton Thomas - Detox & Supplement to Cure the Cause! 5Jan22 Peer reviews and scientific tests, look at Dr. Stefan Rau’s TESTs, before and after. ROOT - Caroline Mansfield interview: graphene, CleanSlate, harmonics & dark field microscopy To get the RootBrands products go to this referral link: https://therootbrands.com/crystal3112

98th FESIG Fernando Vossa & Acurda Melchizedek on Cosmic Womb Genetic Lineage

Published on March 30, 2022

Crystal commenced the 2nd session of the 98th FESIG Meeting on 2nd March 2022 promptly introducing our returning speaker, supportive FESIG Brother, Fernando Vossa, an independent Bio-Futurist, Terra Healer and Artivist, who developed a whole-body regeneration and quantum access chamber dome home called the Vossahedron. Acurda Melchizedek is a specialist in working with the multi-dimensional aspects of DNA. Acurda is leading programs on the transformation of the triple helix DNA for the evolution of humanity and leaving a new genetic lineage for humanity. Her 6 month program is called “The Holographic Human From Cell to Soul” Fernando Vossa, began by quantum entanglement DNA activation live guided by Acurda Melchizedek. Initial toning. She told the story of how all this DNA activation and creating new types of genetic lineage for humanity came about. 7 yrs ago she was taken by the a group of Beings called the Council of Light. Was taken what looks like out of space and time and had her genetics rewritten by this Council. What felt like half a day of genetic rewriting the 12 strands of DNA and the templates that runs thru them connecting the dimensions and consciousness. Bringing programs forward, everything changed. Life changed, friends changed. Dan Winter's work inspired her understanding and reconfirmation of this genetic science. Spectrums of colors and light alchemy and sacred geometry. What sacred geometry does of this realm. Use with intentions, with her own inner guidance' and understanding these light and geometry technologies to apply. Rewiring the brain with different Light structures, the body and changing the entire light structures of the entire being. These genetics are holographic inserts of the akashic consciousness of all beings past, present and future. The geometry and the different spectrum of light that she was experiencing and working with were actually happening through genetics, the tetrahedrons, the cubic structures, the octahedron are happening and they were creating the fabric of DNA. Then she started reading into the bigger pieces of information, and understood that they were actually holo cymatics information packages stored within the DNA emanating out through dimensions! There's a phasing of in and out of the quantum nature of intelligent information that was coming and going of a true master design. Then the elements of hydrogen, helium, oxygen, carbon, are the unique structure of the crystalline part of genetics. The bone structure of the DNA is also connected to the crystals of the planet and beyond.. that we are all part of the interdimensional web of connectedness through our genetics, these crystals, the holo cymatics, though our consciousness. Our consciousness is biomineralising our body at the same time. We are leaving a genetic imprint through the crystals of our body, the consciousness of our thoughts. You are your past, present and future ancestors in this now moment. We are time travellers, teleporters. Acurda is here to leave a new genetic of light, a new lineage of light for the new human in the new earth. Fernando, chimed in with reconfirming and reinforcing Acurda's presentation. Then he started off with his presentation of how to build your Lightship. Opening a portal for your telepathic presence that begins a telepathic download that everybody can tune into right then.... with a guided transmission. Fernando had been meditating in sacred sites connecting with the stones, sometimes with Michael Tellinger, that really tuned in his body to be the dowser, and speaking to the Adromedans, the Annunaki, the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Atlantean the Lumerian consciousness and beyond, speaking through the crystal skulls, amplifies the genetic communication channel. He suggests that current free energy researchers attempt to convert and transmute the concept of free energy into energy, Light in freedom...How do you deliver electricity and light, sound and plasma and magnetism and gravity and crystal energy, as energetic artists, that these are maps.


Published on March 26, 2022

FESIG Team, on a private meeting with Gene Decode, Wed at 7.30pm GMT,16th March 2022. Crystal scheduled this private meeting with Gene Decode and the FESIG team and some invited guests. It was announced at our Telegram group so those who hadn’t followed us on telegram miss out. To avoid this and other important postings, join us now. FESIG Telegram Channel : https://t.me/FESIG_group Gene began with talking about ‘mud slinging - taking somebody down’ publicly amongst Light Warriors who are supposed to be united doing work in service together that’s been going on these days. It is unfortunate & sad that Lightworkers are being judged all the time. Crystal said this also makes it hard for FESIG as we can’t take sides & is obligated to truth & knowledge seeker members with inviting controversial speakers with different viewpoints from differing school of thoughts to speak, as it’s a learning platform. FESIG has disclaimers though, discernment is called for, urging viewers to go within to resonate in taking intel, just take the best throw the rest. Gene went through the Map of the locations of bioweapon facilities all over the world. Bring down Khazarian network…Ukraine, Russia, China, Africa, US, New Mexico. Fraz helped taking us through the earthquakes locations worldwide with Gene correlating the facilities taken by the military with the earthquakes and seismic activities recorded. Maglev system is identified by Gene apart from the facilities. Whilst questions are being answered about Ireland & trafficking facilities. Adrian shared a caption of the video of Man living in 2027 & Human Race is gone! And Gene commented on that. Gene explained massive shift,sun spots,nuclear fusion, leylines energies amplified massively–electromagnetic field. How all these come into play to cause the shift, going thru the photon belt and splitting of new earths, 3rd,4th,5th density positives. Nothing can stop what’s happening. Lost focus on that energy barrier. The universal Central Sun called Shegra, throne of God’s found in 64 Tetrahedron. Wake up Human race. Service to God, and each other & NOT against each other who are in service. Project Odin have to wait till right time, when humanity is ready, to take over Project Mockingbird. Jab damage, how to redeem? Gene explained process of ascension : Harmonics – vibrations – functioning automatically to ascend & be slotted into right dimensional level earth.

FESIG 98th Palden Jenkins on Ancient Sites, Megalithic GeoEngineering, Earth & Cosmic Energies.

Published on Mar 12, 2022

Crystal commenced the 98th FESIG Meeting on Wed 2nd March, introducing the 1st Session Speaker, Palden Jenkins, renowned author and philosopher and the Editor of "The Only Planet of Choice", who returned to talk about ancient sites, consciousness work, megalithic geoengineering and earth and cosmic energies. Ancient sites and stone circles were built with consciousness-technology plugged into earth energy and cosmic patterns. He will introduce his new book "Shining Land" based on these principles. Palden has been working on these ideas in the area where he lives, West Penwith in Cornwall, UK, an area dense with ancient sites going back 5,700 years (the neolithic), though the most advanced period was the bronze age around 4,000 years ago, when the stone circles were built. But why did they build them? Palden reckons it concerns consciousness-technology, and a technology very specifically plugged into earth energy and cosmic patterns. Not a new idea - one pioneer in this line of thinking was John Michell, who did a lot of fieldwork in West Penwith 40-50 years ago. But Palden takes it to a new level. His forthcoming book on this subject - will be out later this year. He then showed a picture introduction to the main kinds of ancient sites in Cornwall. A talented photographer, Palden's power point presentation bedazzles the viewers with the scenic beautiful pictures of West Penwith in Cornwall, UK. The FESIG Chair Crystal has also invited the renowned prolific writer, philosopher and inventor, DAN WINTER to join in the conversation once again. Watch it all for the interesting details.

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